Canada confirms 41 diplomats have left India as diplomatic tensions remain high



NEW DELHI: At least 41 Canadian diplomats have withdrawn from India amid a dispute over the murder of a Sikh separatist leader, foreign minister Melanie Joly said on Thursday.


Joly called India's move to revoke the diplomats' official status 'unreasonable and unprecedented' and clearly violated the Vienna convention on diplomatic relations.

"Given the implications of India's actions on the safety of our diplomats, we have facilitated their safe departure from India," she told a news conference.



Last month, the external affairs ministry had called on Canada to reduce its diplomatic staff in India amid the ongoing row that erupted following Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau's allegation linking Indian agents to the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar.


India rejected the allegations as "absurd" and "motivated" and expelled a senior Canadian diplomat in a tit-for-tat move to Ottawa's expulsion of an Indian official over the case. Nijjar, who was a designated terrorist in India, was gunned down outside a Gurdwara, in a parking area in Canada's Surrey, British Columbia on June 18.

印度否认这些指控是“荒谬的”和“有动机的”,并驱逐了一名加拿大高级外交官,作为对渥太华因此案驱逐一名印度官员的回应。在印度被指定为恐 怖分子的尼扎于6月18日在加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省萨里市的一个停车场外被枪杀。



• 2 hours ago

What a joke about safety in India, threatening by separatist and violence by their protected vote bank is safe ? Colonial attitude statement, needs more treatment to make them realise.




• 2 hours ago

Indian diplomats in canada are openly threatened and Canada watches without any action. So don’t lecture India about security!!




• 2 hours ago

Poor Pappu type leadership of Canada, getting its long over due treatments since Air India Kanishka plane crash. The rule of law Trudeau wanted is now enforced with parity




• 2 hours ago

Egoistic Modi is creating more enemies for India. Big countries need to be handled diplomatically. Maldives already turned their back to India, now Canada, Russia is slowly moving towards China so basically we are following america which is famous for back stabbing India in the past... A failed PM.




• 2 hours ago

let public not waste their money to study in Canada. Indians should not prefer Canada as they are supporting terrorists in their soil




• 2 hours ago

Canada should be declared a terrorist state, sponsoring terrorism.




• 2 hours ago

India calls a lot of people terrorist but that does not mean those persons are terrorist.




• 2 hours ago

Ms Joly are you high on pink molly. Who started and provoked Bharat. Who started the allegations. You are becoming anither Pakistan a terror rogue state. Shame in you guys.




• 2 hours ago

They will not reciprocate because they can’t afford to!




• 2 hours ago

Outstanding.No visas to students for studying in canada.




• 2 hours ago

white can't tolerate India rising, moon travel, economic rise etc




• 2 hours ago

This is what happens to a nation when a " PAPPU" is sitting on the highest post which he does not deserve it at all.




• Nitin Nonsense • 2 hours ago

Canada will come on its knees




• Nitin Nonsense • 2 hours ago

The title justifies the comments!




• Nitin Nonsense • 2 hours ago

The second part of your name aptly describe you.




• 2 hours ago

I wish the tensions subside through discussions without much hardened approach




yoppindia • 2 hours ago

Cannada forgot about Vienna convention when Indian diplomats where threatened.




• 2 hours ago

an allegation has to be substantiated.




Master Yoda • 2 hours ago

So Canada can't let in as many Indians because they downsized the embassy. Indians meanwhile will just wait longer.Modi will eventually succeed in turning NRIs against him and then he's gone in the next election. This is a big pro-Modi constituency.




• Master Yoda • 2 hours ago

then what do u want a meek surrender to white hypocrisy




• Master Yoda • 2 hours ago

So, Indians don't go to Canada for now!! Big deal. Don't go.




• Master Yoda • 2 hours ago

sir you have every right to day dream to see the fall of Modi government in 2024.




• 2 hours ago

Canada is fast becoming a safe haven for extremists and terrorists with Anti India agenda. Canada's economy is funded extensively by these Anti India organisations and has the highest number of Sikh immigrants in the world. Canada would go to any extent to appease these organisations even at the cost of their diplomatic relations with India . A very strong and apt response given by India . It is high time that India has a rethinking on it's immigration policy for Canada .




• 2 hours ago

Fellas commenting here seem to forget that every Indian jumps at the slightest opportunity to get out of India, and head, especially to Canada!,Perhaps the Canadians should kick out all Indians, not just the diplomats!




• Guest Login • 2 hours ago

Not every Indian does that. Only those who can't compete here decided to run away.




• Guest Login • 2 hours ago

On the contrary, remove the Indians and you will see how further irrelevant canada will become. Ifs a country which is on the down path and needs immigrants like Indians to grow. Average Canadians education is low and they are not interested in having families. Indians fill this big void. Who is asking them to import Indians. They can very well import syrians iraqis Pakistanis.




Rajesh De • Indianatheart • 2 hours ago

You're very mistaken. There are citizens of other countries who are equally in the Canadian race for immigration, and not just Indians. Btw become a specialist doctor in India and then see what your education compares to against the Canadian medical system or if you get a medical license to practicr. You might end up as a general physician at the most if you're lucky




• Guest Login • 2 hours ago

Fello Bhai, nobody will be left in Canada. Because everyone has immigrated. Natives are the minorities. Even justin is of French background. But would support if all khalastanis are deported...




Bhaaratha Naadu • 2 hours ago

What a ridiculous argument by the Canadian FM. She has intentionally omitted saying that the withdrawal of diplomatic immunity was due to requirement for parity with the number of Indian diplomats in Canada. These extra diplomats were also further interfering in India's internal affairs, especially in Punjab, were many of their diplomats were concentrated.




• 3 hours ago

Good that India has taken a tough stance on not giving space to Khalistanis. Trudeau shows racism in not anticipating such a plain speaking, direct, no nonsense response from India.


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