India, Canad :trade talks amid Khalistan row


NEW DELHI: Amid tensions with the Trudeau government over inaction against Khalistan supporters, India and Canada have "paused" trade talks due to "certain political developments", a top official said on Friday.


While officials suggested that too much should not be read into the development, it was quite clear that the government is not impressed with the way Canada has repeatedly ignored India's concerns, preferring to make domestic politics paramount.


Earlier this month, Canada announced that it has paused the negotiations for the agreement, without assigning any reason. "India has shown a strong resentment against certain political developments in Canada, and therefore, for the time being, till these political issues are settled, we have paused the negotiations," the official said.


Canadian PM Justin Trudeau's stance resulted in the Modi government giving him a cold shoulder during his recent visit for the G20 Summit in Delhi, where he was stranded as his 30-year-old plane developed problems and the replacement aircraft too developed a snag.


India and Canada were discussing an early harvest scheme or a preliminary free trade agreement to push bilateral trade with New Delhi interested in securing easier visa regime for students and professionals.


On September 10, PM Narendra Modi conveyed India's strong concerns about anti-India activities of extremist elements in Canada that were promoting secessionism, inciting violence against its diplomats and threatening the Indian community there.


Over half a dozen rounds of talks have been held between the countries on the trade pact so far. A trade agreement with Canada was among the high priority deals that India is negotiating, including with countries such as the UK and European Union with a full treaty with Australia and Gulf Cooperation Council also in the pipeline.




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Justin Trudeau is supporting Khalistani protagonists in his country due to domestic political considerations. But Trudeau is not realising that these very terrorist Khalistani elements will ruin their country as Frankenstein. Pakistan is the live example for Trudeau to see.



Indiana jones

Historically understand Khali-isthani....struggling with Identity crisis....bunch of crooks.....durgist....they have hijacked Khatri Gurus Sikhism...they don't have any affection to Sikh Gurus...they have affection for easy money & life by creating group of hooligans & grab land or subsidy....yesterday they were hindu...later become Buddhist...later become Sikh or now Christian or Dalit...or become muslim in Pakistan....



Vijayalakshmi Balasubramanian

A kalistanb referendum was recently held in canada. The canadian PM was in India. What is happening there. are the kalistanis so strong there to go to the level of holding a referendu. Is vote bank politics being practised there too.




"PM of Canada should resign and have new elections so that new PM should come and get over from Trudeau family . In the mean time india should not be talking with Canadian government and doing business until it come to its sense".



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Giving twist to the setback India has got from Canada when it cancelled its FTA negotiations without any reason. I wonder what other excuse goi will concoct vis a vis UK which has also done the same and i am sure more are to follow..



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India should stop exporting all cheaper items to Canada and discourage imports of Canadian goods. itihaas filed relations with India and China, and both countries should stop importing energy supplies from Canada.



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tur is puppet of khalistanis drugs money for his election to be used



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Indian students must boycott joining Canadian universities.



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No need to talk to a country which is bent upon breaking India by supporting khalistani animals. In the present case canada needs us more than we need them.



Indiana jones

Lack list...Crooks Khali-isthani with gobber mindset....Is a bunch of thugs...want easy hawala money through drugs....NIA should revoke Indian passport...confusticate property....let these crooks rot in Canada....don't allow remittance even in or out India...



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it is a matter of grave concern that indian rupee is become so week now a stage has come no body wants rupee



Myth Buster

Bharat need not have trade or ties with Canada and the UK.


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You should be advisor to PM Modi..India /Bharat progress, if any, will go leaps and bounds with people like you as advisors..



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Canada will be devastated for supporting Khalistani



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Canada PM Mr Trudeau is not a seasoned politician and certainly not a diplomat wh is proved by the way he answered India's query on how Canada thinks to tackle khalistani terrorists who have issued death threats to Indian embassy officials and indulge in anti India marches to n gheraos of Indian embassies and write bad graffitis on Indian Hindu temples, of which they and their ancestors have themselves been an integral part.



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Canada in the name of expression of freedom is harboring terrorists and phrase “kee snake in own backyard and thinking that it wont bite them” fits best to them. Sooner or later Canada shall become dangerous place to live like Pakistan




Trudeau is anti Indian and giving him cold shoulder is very commendable.



Pappu Yadav

Trudeau is Canada's Pappu!!!



Parige Purushotham

Bharat should be rigid with Anti India activities sponsored by Canada.

Bharat should stop all trade activities


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