From weddings to conferences, trips from Canada under cloud as tension escalates


Since Thursday morning, immigration consultant Cyrus Sethna's phone has been buzzing non-stop with anxous queries. A couple that has planned a big December wedding in Mumbai is now wondering whether their 30-40 relatives living in Canada will be able to make it. On the other side, a delegation of Canadian doctors who were due to participate in a conference in India are trying to figure out whether they should cancel.


"The Canada visa process was already a nightmare, with long waits and rejection often on baseless grounds. We don't know what will come next."


The escalating diplomatic tussle between the two countries has left many floundering and unsure of what steps to take next. Students applying to Canadian universities, prospective immigrants aspiring for residency, those who have family in either country, are wondering what's in store.


The number of Indians travelling to Canada has been rising steadily, with students forming a sizable proportion. In 2022, Indians comprised 40% of total international students studying in Canada, with post-grad studies even more popular. The total number of Indian students in Canada on study visas has crossed 3 lakh.


"Canada has always been viewed as a safe, friendly country for college and for settling down thereafter," says education consultant Viral Doshi. "In the last 24 hours, I have received at least five calls from parents saying they'd like to look at other options, in case the diplomatic tussle aggravates further."

教育顾问Virv Doshi说:“加拿大一直被认为是一个安全、友好的国家,适合上大学以及毕业后定居。在过去的24小时里,我至少接到了5个家长的电话,说他们想考虑其他选择,以防外交纠纷进一步恶化。”

KP Singh, head of a Mumbai consultancy service, adds that parents who were looking at a January admission are planning to wait until there is more clarity.

孟买一家咨询服务公司的负责人KP Singh补充说,那些原本考虑1月份入学的家长正计划等到情况更加明朗再去。



Rajat Mahajan

Visa restrictions should stay in place. Most of the people who have given indian passport for canadian passport want to visit india for health or family issues. Problem is they want to curse india also and want to take benefits from both the world. We dont want these people back here. Let them stay in canada



User Raman

Mr. Canadian PM you are harboring terrorists who work against our Country Bharat. So do not say there is law in your country and want our help to find who killed the notorious terrorist,




The Canadian PM is responsible for the deteriorating relationship between the 2 nations. He is heavily dependent on other minor Khalistan terrorism-backed parties to remain in office. He has done zilch to address the concerns Indian authorities have highlighted. Many Indians are also fearful of these Khalistani terrorists targeting their families in Canada.




If 40% migrant students in Canadian universities are Indian, it will be good that they don't go there. Let them run their Universities with Khalistanis.




Stop students going to Canada, thier collages will starve for money.




Canada is debt ridden country with the economy heading south. Who wants to go there? Only failures and dropouts from India who have rich parents.



User Raman

Mr. Canada PM decide you want friendship with the terrorist or friendship with a peace loving country Bharat/



Ulhas Kulkarni

Like father, like son! His BAAP didn't shed a tear for the 329 innocent people who died in the AI KANISHKA disaster and allowed the culprits to escape unscathed. And now the son is making a big issue out of the death of a HARDENED terrorist. Time for the Japanese to rise to the occasion and demand justice for two of their baggage handlers who died thru' Canada's "DEMOCRATIC" indiscretions.



warrior king

it looks like india is feeling the pain. why is the media making such a big thing about it. trudeau is a illiterate PM of canada he is on his way out so he is creating unwanted attention. india should just ignore him and treat him like a common man. let him cry foul. india giving him too much attention. the same sikhs he is protecting will turn around and bite him. sikhs are like snake unpredictable. india should put a travel ban from canada and revoke the OIC card of all sikhs. teach them a bitter lesson. cut of communication from canada. being lenient is not going to work. you have to teach canada a lesson. i know a lot of indian traitors are living in canada. i don't care about them.





Sats Wachan

Those worried about marriages, admission, and getting residency there are the people who put their need before the nation. When your nation is insulated openly, and given space to the anti national elements, why would someone as an Indian want to even see such countries? We need to understand that our nation comes first.



Abhijit Ash

for A few students who r eventually not going to be Indians, why shall India hold diplomatic discussion. first canada declares khalistanis as international terrorists n take action against them.




Canada has been interfering in India's internal affairs for a long time now.

Actively supporting Khalistan, threatening Indian consulates and diplomats, supporting fake farmers agitation,supporting fake CAA, NRC agitation .....the list is long.

It's time to stop this nonsense.

长期以来,加拿大一直在干涉印度内政。积极支持哈利斯坦,威胁印度领事馆和外交官,支持假农民骚乱,支持假CAA、 NRC骚乱……这个清单很长。是时候停止这种闹剧了。


Antony John peter

Canada is a good destination for Indian students to study & get a Permanent Residency. But, looking at the recent developments, Indian students may have to look at other destinations, though Canada was the easiest & cheapest one.

Many Indians who want to visit India during the coming winter season, will be much affected.

The differences between two religious groups among the Indian diaspora has become the talk in Canada

Let us hope better sense prevails on both the sides, so that everyone in India (connected to Canada) and in Canada (connected to India) can have peace of mind.






tela seda

These Khalistanis just want to create a strong case for their Political asylum cases. Otherwise no Western governments will give them documents to stay and they all will be deported. They all want to show that their life is in danger in India if they get deported back




I have family in Canada. Despite this fact,

I completely support the Indian government.

In fact, in my view India has been tolerant with Canada for decades and it's high time that they step on the accelerator.

Kanishka bombing - Canada did nothing.

Threatening Indian consulates and diplomats - Canada did nothing.

Extradition requests for wanted criminals and fugitives - Canada did nothing.

Canada cannot unilaterally pass diktats and ask India to "join" the investigation.








Gary S

“Only One Man behind this is Trudeau” - he created rift between two countries within 1 week.



Milind Parulekar

With all due respect to Canadian Indians about their concerns about reaching their homeland, I guess more important is the false accusations by Canada on our own Bharat's integrity. The PM of Canada and his administration ,not Canada as a whole country must be taught a lesson they should never forget. Hats off to MEA for taking such a bold but just decision.



Ajay Gupta

I support the government of Bharat decision to stop visa to Canadian. I apeal to the government to abolish the OCI and PIO status of anti Bharat enemies of the nation living in Canada.




Canada is not a excellent educational country. Only 2/3 uni are good. Why people prefer ? To get PR and finally migrate. Job opportunities are less, taxes are super high, half of the life you can not own a house, struggle and struggle only.



aaaa bbbb

Nation comes first and then all these things.




As a Canadian, please forgive us! Our prime minister is viewed as a terrorist in many of our eyes.. He does not represent the vast majority of his, and we are ashamed of him. He is a complete disgrace and an embarrassment to our country. WE STAND WITH MODI!




Trudeau is an immature leader!


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