Now that China is beating the US in every aspect such as technology, life expectancy, quality of life, infrastructures, resources such as steel and rare earth, smarter people, no homelessness, does this mean that its the new superpower and the best?




James Scott

Collapsed buildings and roads, poor technology and quality control for cheap, poorly made goods, scorching high water and air pollution, inability to innovate and the need to steal intellectual property….

Put it back in your pants Beiing Betty, it ain’t as impressive as you think it is.







I am sure the British Empire felt that way about the US at one time. But as history teaches us empires and superpowers wax and wane. I would like for China to take the reins just to have bragging rights. But afterwards can they handle a few serious recessions or a possible depression ? Not to mention the one child per family policy is going to age the work force and shrink the available labor sources. China could outsource to say Africa to expand. Then get into the problems the US gots into by doing so. Not to mention I seriously see NAFTA becoming a EU type North American Union as a response . With a combo of three top 20 economies, a shit load of raw materials and oil, and likely doubling ( or more ) the labor force. That's a hell of a tag term to try to beat.






Terry Loder

100% yes it sure does, what I sometimes wonder is what will be the fate of my race of english speaking Anglo Saxons will we become impoverished even though armed with nuclear weapons, or will we wake up and embrace the social benefits of . Probably not we will just say let's continue robbing Peter to pay Paul even though Peter is now only one of us.





Jason C


A more practical and meaningful question to ask is:

How many more people, internally and externally, are benefited from the policy and action of a country? Be it US, China or India.

Fame can't feed the hungry and cure the sick human.

Distance yourself from these empty title.








Suchindranath Aiyer

As I have explained often here on Quora before, there is no such thing as a “Super Power” beyond the admiring argot of Western Media to describe the US vice of committing war crimes to enrich it ruling elites on weak, defenceless resource rich or strategically located countries.

Yes, China is fast emerging as a greater power than the US.







Sound like they wng everything except how to get along with their neighbors, not to mention their previously biggest trading partners,

it seems like they also give up on having “free—er” chinese society, and instead they going for big , which i guess show they not exactly wng everything…



so i guess you could say the chinese still needs to finish learning how to read, get off all the crack and the drugs, and finally invent a way to stop all the $$$ flowing out of china,

because if i say that to keep the $$$ in china, what gonna happen??, everyone who read this gonna try and do the opposite, they gonna get they $$$ out of china ASAP, so this is really the problem the chinese  faces

there nothing anyone can say where people gonna keep the $$$ in china!!, not to mention the chinese milonares who leaving china like theres no tomorrow,




because you got a “run” on contry garden dolar ($$$) bonds,

then you got a run on the chinese stock market,

then you got a run on the chinese banks,

even if people say “dont do it”, then everyone gonna do the opposite,

so chinese still have a few challenges sharpen his intelliect









Alvin Lee

No ! China says it’s very tiring to be the superpower and the best !

China would just rather be quietly doing the best for it own citizens to uplift their livelihood and let the Chinese lead the happy lives they long deserved.






Carlos E. Martínez Martínez

I agree with this statement, but most Americans will most probably disagree with it.

It’s a pity they still believe they are the best in the world, when they can correct many errors in their economy and ways of life, in order to have a better life quality for all.






Alex Rowan

Nope. What quality of life?


Whereas the USA invented every form of modern popular music from jazz to rock to rap. Every form of modern visual media from comic strips to Hollywood to TV soap operas. Every form of modern consumer goods from blue jeans to vacuum cleaners. Mass production of cars. Coca Cola. MacDonalds and many other global consumer icons.

The USA invented personal computers, the Internet, social media, online shop.

The USA is the world leader in pretty much every aspect of modern life.

Nobody in the world is looking to China for leadership. Everyone looks to the USA.








On Hiatus

China IS a Superpower. But it trails the US in most meaningful metrics, and is unlikely to surpass it even in the far future, given current trajectories.

China faces enormous internal difficulties as it tries to grow into a fully developed nation. I think it is hobbled in facing those challenges by a government . But I wish them luck, and hope they handle their challenges as well as possible.






Irfan Shaikh

China is indeed making great strides in many areas, and it is possible that it will surpass the US in some of these areas in the future. However, it is too early to say that China is the new superpower or the best in every aspect.

There are still some areas where the US remains ahead of China, such as military spending, soft power, and innovation in some fields. Additionally, China faces some challenges, such as its aging population, environmental degradation

Ultimately, whether or not China becomes the new superpower will depend on a number of factors, including its continued economic growth, its ability to address its challenges, and the actions of the US and other countries.




Here is a brief overview of some of the areas where China is making progress and where it still lags behind the US:


Technology: China has made significant investments in research and development, and it is now a leader in some areas of technology, such as artificial intelligence and robotics. However, the US still leads in other areas, such as semiconductors and quantum computing.

Life expectancy: China's life expectancy has increased dramatically in recent decades, and it is now higher than the US. However, the US still has a lower infant mortality rate.



Quality of life: China's quality of life has also improved in recent years, but it still lags behind the US in some areas, such as income inequality and access to healthcare.

Infrastructure: China has invested heavily in infrastructure, and it now has one of the most extensive transportation and communication networks in the world. However, the US still has a more developed infrastructure in some areas, such as airports and seaports.



Resources: China is rich in natural resources, such as steel and rare earths. However, the US still has a larger economy and a larger military.

Smarter people: China has a large and growing population of college graduates. However, the US still has a higher number of Nobel Prize winners and other top scientists and engineers.

No homelessness: China has virtually eliminated homelessness, while the US still has a significant homeless population.




Overall, China is making great progress in many areas, but it is too early to say that it is the new superpower or the best in every aspect. The future of the US-China relationship is uncertain, but it is clear that these two countries will continue to be major players in the global economy and politics.





Bob MacKenzie

It sure is looking that way with the US taking a complete back seat in 2025.





Patrick Chong

No, it means the old hegemon, the US, is in decline and slowly wasting away and dying.


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