Are you feeling nervous about Chandrayaan-3's soft landing? Can India's Chandrayaan-3 do what Russia's Luna-25 failed to achieve? What's your gut feeling about it?





I am an atheist but I like the idea of “stithapragna lakshana” and try to apply this to every situation as far as a possible. Yes, being a nationalist, it would be a moment of happiness if this programme succeeds, but it would be momentary happiness though. If it fails, just shrug your shoulders and believe in the old adage : Try, try and try till you succeed. I am sure our Scientists have leant from past the mistakes and have overcome all problem areas to the extent they are known. Still there is the possibility of bad luck.


There have been varied reactions to the Chandrayan launch and progress today. Some people who always talk about meritocracy, have p-ped this whole programme pointing out to China’s successes in this field in the last decade or so. On the other hand are naive ultra-nationalists, who are found cheering at every step of this launch and raising their fists against perceived enemies. I sit somewhere in the middle of these extremes. The next three days would be somewhat anxous for me but mot to the extent of my losing sleep.





Anil Roongta

1.Luna 25, Russia’s first moon mission in nearly 50 years, has ended in a crash landing, the Russian space agency said on Sunday, once again highlighting the risks involved in a lunar landing. The crash happened due to a technical glitch.

2. On the other hand, Chandrayaan-3 the third and most recent lunar Indian Space Research exploration mission under the Chandrayaan programme of ISRO is expected to land on moon on 23rd August.

1. 俄罗斯航天局周日表示,俄罗斯近50年来的首次月球任务“月球25号”以坠毁告终,再次映证了登月的巨大风险。这次坠毁事故是因技术故障造成的。

2. 另一方面,月船3号—印度空间研究组织月船计划中的第三次也是最近的一次月球研究探索任务—预计将于8月23日登陆。

3. We in India are confident that this mission will be successful this time and the Chandrayaan will land on the moon.

4. But I am not at all nervous. Sending spacecrafts on moon is a highly complex mission and involves a number of internal and external factors. If for some technical reasons it can’t land, our scientists and engineers will try again. There is nothing to be nervous about it.

3. 我们印度人有信心这次任务能够大获成功,月船号会顺利登陆月球。

4. 我一点也不紧张。向月球发射航天器是一项高度复杂的任务,涉及许多内部和外部因素。如果由于一些技术原因无法成功着陆,我们的科学家和工程师会再次尝试。没有什么好紧张的。




Subhash Mathur

In the learning curve success and failure have the same meaning . But if proper lessons are drawn then the organization begins to succeed more than face failures.

Having said that let's hope India succeeds in soft landing and operational moon lander

Only today Russian craft failed to land properly and crashed on moon surface because the descent speed could not be controlled at appropriate levels .







Bishwajeet Narayan Deb

I am not sure whether you are asking about my personal feeling that am I feeling nervous about Chandrayaan-3's soft landing or not? Anyway I can not talk about others’ feeling. I can talk only about my feeling. I am no way concerned about Chandrayaan-3's soft landing or its failure. It has nothing to do my personal or professional life. Irrespective its success or failure we all be doing what we have been doing, making our struggle to meeet our end with limited means. Because Chandrayaan-3’s success or failure doesn’t impact our life immediately in any manner.

I could be a little happy that India has achieved a landmark. Thats it, not a penny more not a penny less. I will not be sad if it fails. I had been connected to the organisation who build the the GSLV rocket, roket engine and other pherifery for the Chandrayaan mission. So if it fails, they will get one more job in hand.



In fact the life of the ISRO scientist also will not be affected. They will get one more mission to work upon if it is successful. And if not they have to again work upon it. Nothing great going to come to them for success of this mission. They will not be given any specail incentive or reward. Last time Modi deducted their salary. He cut down budget of ISRO. ISRO was lined up for sale. I know some people will now jump up take credit. It happens.

Otherwise life of the general Indian will continue exactly the way it was yesterday. I don’t know why do you think that some people might feel nervous. As regards the 2nd part of your question - I simply have no idea about Russia's Luna-25.






Akanksha Singh


Did you watch the Chandrayaan 2 landing? How did you feel?

2:57 am.

ISRO has lost contact with lander Vikram. Scientists are presently analysing the data.There is a hope for planned landing.

It was extremely exciting to watch the updates.

The whole country still holds hope.






During this time..PM Modiji's gesture made me happy and the way he was encouraging the scientists when there were signs of uncertainty.

He so happily patted them . It was satisfactory to see this.

Later he interacted and encouraged the students present there.

He said to scientists ..life is full of ups and downs.whatever we achieved is not a small feat, I am with you..proceed with courage. These words of course had given scientists courage and strength at this time. This positive gesture made me happy , satisfied and hopeful.










How does Chandrayaan-3's landing velocity compare to that of its predecessor, Chandrayaan-2?

The landing velocity of Chandrayaan-3 is 3 meters per second, while that of Chandrayaan-2 was 2 meters per second. This means that Chandrayaan-3 can withstand a higher impact velocity than Chandrayaan-2. This was done to improve the chances of a successful landing.



The increased landing velocity also means that Chandrayaan-3 will be able to land in a larger area. The landing site for Chandrayaan-2 was only 1.6 kilometers by 1.6 kilometers, while the landing site for Chandrayaan-3 is 4 kilometers by 2 kilometers. This will give the lander more options and make it less likely to crash.

Overall, the increased landing velocity of Chandrayaan-3 is a significant improvement over its predecessor. It will make the mission more successful and increase the chances of a soft landing.






Vijay Vijayachandra


Which is better, Chandrayaan-3 or Luna 25?

Both Chandrayaan-3 (India) and Luna 25 (Russia) are moon missions that are planned to land on lunar south pole. We can’t say that one is better than the other. Chandrayaan-3 has a moon orbiter and a lander whereas Luna 25 is a lander. Both carry unique set of equipment. You can find the list of equipment carried by both these missions on their Wikipedia page. Luna 25 carries a soil drilling hardware to collect soil samples. We have to hope that both the missions succeed and contribute to the understanding of moon.






Balaji Akiri


How will Chandrayaan 3 be different from other Chandrayaans?

Chandryaan-1 - Objective was to launch a moon orbiter to study the moon from a distance.

Chandryan -2 -Objective was to launch a moon orbiter and a lander with a rover inside it to study the surface of the moon. In the last five minutes of the mission,the lander failed to soft land on the southern hemisphere of the moon and crash landed on it.



Chandryan -2—目标是发射一个月球轨道器和一个着陆器以及月球车来研究月球表面。着陆器在任务的最后五分钟失败,未能在月球南半球实现软着陆。

Chandryaan-3 - Objective is to finish the unfinished task of Chandryaan-2 by successfully launching the lander on the moon. All the defects that hindered the Chandryaan-2 mission have been rectified in this mission and set to launch in next 14 to 16 months.

Chandryaan-3 is just an extension to Chandryaan-2.






Balaji Akiri


How important is Chandrayaan-3 for India?

Chandryaan-3 is like a second chance for ISRO to correct its past mistakes in the process of soft landing of Vikram lander in Chandryaan-2 mission. As we already know,ISRO had sent Chandryaan-2 mission to moon to explore the southern hemisphere of moon which has been not attempted by any other country. The mission succeeded in placing the moon orbiter but failed to soft land the lander which lost communication with the ground control ,five minutes before the landing.



The Chandryaan-3 mission will be very important to India as it lets ISRO to master the soft landing on moon and that too on southern hemisphere of the moon where no country has been attempted so far and once the rover gets in to action,it will provide very vital information on moon's surface and evidence of any life on moon.


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