Per capita income rising, zero tax liability declining: Charts show ascent of middle income class


NEW DELHI: An analysis of the income tax returns filed from FY11 to FY22 exhibited a positive trend backed by the rise of the great Indian middle income class and a significant decline in the number of income tax returns with zero liability.


According to an SBI Research report, India's per capita income is expected to rise from Rs 2 lakh in FY23 to Rs 14.9 lakh in FY47.11


The report also said that 25% of income tax returns filers are expected to leave the lowest income strata by FY47, against 13.6% leaving the lowest income strata between AY12-AY23.

该报告还表示,25%的所得税申报人预计将在2047财年之前脱离最低收入阶层,而在2012- 2023征税估算年度脱离最低收入阶层的比例为13.6%。



ketan mohanty

the rise of ai, the current hype surrounding it, by 2047 people displaced due to AI ... all those factors have not been taken into consideration.



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Everyone pays taxes. Even the very poor. Petrol, GST, sales tax is inderect tax. Increase indirect taxes. No income tax.



Sudarsan Babu

What about people other than IT return filers which constitutes more than 90% is their income increased?



Datathreya Chitti

Harrassing, looting the salaried and middle lass is the first job of this Gujju 56"thuglak Dalal gang Govt.



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How much tax are the political parties paying? What happened to the details of PM care fund?



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Covid deaths- shown as only 5 lakhs. And now this data



Myth Buster

Lies, worse lies, statistics.



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India will not be able to provide jobs for its growing population. Leading to social problems.



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Huge inflation in housing making it unaffordable for poor people.




THE WHOLE THING IS A FRAUD. How a nation has 40 crore automobile owners, 20 crore flyers, 20 crore property tax payesr , 10 c freelanccateres to doctors to lawters, who make min 1 c per year and so on AND YET only 6 crore file ITR out of which hardly 1.5 c pay income tax and rest file to claim TDS refund. SOME THING WRONG IN POLICY. All income tax payers also pay all indirect taxes. I o not have an automobile but i pay petrol taxes whenever i use aito, tax, train whatever mode of transport as ... Read More



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Remove income tax and depend on sales and value added tax. Too many people evade income tax.



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GDP per capita shows india is still a very poor country. There are lot of rich people because of income disparity. .,In 2021, India was ranked 145th in a list of 193 countries for which data was available. India was placed above Kenya and below the Solomon



Suvle Seeker

Good news !!!,The number of Indians in middle class must keep increasing rapidly while the incomes of those already in the middle class also must keep increasing to form a stable and large core of the country. This happened across western Europe and the US in the late 19th century to early 20th and also in China post 1990.,There should be no income taxes for any individual making 7.5 lakhs. Those making less than this must be incentivised via vocational training for better jobs to raise their i ... Read More



Yogesh Jain

Did this report account for Inflation?


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Ofcourse not



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Population has already reached 1430 million. Take action to control that only then India can become a developed country for all. There is no space even to stand properly in public transport.


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It will take 20 years to control population once they have a scheme. If it is forced it will cause social problems.


Rakesh Dutt Sharma

Such problems are only in mind. The problem is people, leaders and judges all are blind.




Life has become gutter garbage, country is just big gutter garbage standard of living just big gutter garbage. The systems are at verge of collapse with the uncontrolled POPULATION of 160 crores and breeding. Really see civil wxxxxxx and big failed country.



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The middle class is the most susceptible to Govt tax policies/ cusoms duties, while the ruling elites escape.,That again, tax implementing authorities are insincere.,Eg.,A researcher from a lower middle class two years ago asked his friend in New Zealand to send a few of his used clothes to his residence in India. Customs authorities in Kolkata disregarded the OLD CLOTHES noting on the parcel and charged Rs15000/- for delivery of the parcel to the addressee.



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All manipulated figures just before elections .



Dhananjay Gandage

Another reason is rise in digital payments,now we are all paying teasellers and street food vendors small shopkeepers through digital payments which is reflected in their bank accounts and they have entered tax net,sknit is a good thing,imagine so many years they have siphoned off so much of cash and evaded so much of tax



Fatima Khan

Rahul Gandhi is the only hope of India. Whole India is eagerly waiting to see Rahul Gandhi as the next Prime Minister of India. he is most educated and smart




Philipose Kp

jai Hind Jai Bharat Jai Modigy. Modigy you are the last hope of India



True Indian

Bangladesh is also ahead of india in per capita income … BJp must be ashmed of that …



Swapnil Rao

In last 4 years, 12 crore Bhartiya brought out of Poverty into middle class. All round development be it Infrastructure development, job creation,Education,Healthcare, Exports ,Defence, Internal Security, Business, Economic development. Great going, keep it up


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