After decades, when India's GDP exceeds that of the United States, from what angles will the United States choose to discredit and sanction India? In order to maintain its leading position in the world.




Dr. Balaji Viswanathan

There is a famous standup comedy where the skit goes like “an Indian can never be a super villian; not with that accent”.

By accident or design, India has ended up in a nice sweetspot where almost nobody sees India’s growth as a threat. This is a key part of the unsaid Gandhian lesson: “let your opponents underestimate you”. Gandhi with his aristocratic origins and education at the world’s top legal school, deliberately let his opponents think of him as a poor peasant. From the dressing to buildings, that is the foundation of Indian public policy.



Despite having a $4t economy [similar to China’s in 2007] with a functioning nuclear triad and hypersonic missiles, both the west and China doesn’t even see India as a threat in the horizon. While China was seen as a major threat even when they barely crossed $1t GDP, India puts people in a lull.

(In 2012, India was not even in top 10, scoring a 12th. In a decade it moved from 12 to 5 and in another 7 years to go to 3. Not many pay attention to this relative change).



Even Pakistan [the only country that sees India as as a threat] often tends to underestimate India, giving significant benefits to India on the ground. For instance, Pakistan moved its troops too fast in 1947 and 1971, causing it to lose all of Kashmir valley and all of Bengal, respectively.

Other than a few ingoistic Indians who get so pissed that no one outside cares about India, the establishment itself likes this position of flying under the radar. It allows India to grow unimpeded without unnecessary distractions.



By the time the west tries to contain India, the country would have grown too big to be contained. And the end game for India is not any world domination or grou a bunch of nations to fight one side. Thus, even if people ignore India after it has gone quite big, it would not be a big deal.





Rajesh Kumar

India's current GDP is only 3.75 trillion in compared to US (26.24 trillion) and China(19.37 trillion) . So first of all it's totally impractical to think that we are going to cross them ever at least under the kind of corrupt politicians present in India. India can survive better against other countries in worst condition & main cause behind it is people are mostly not dependent on government, neither for earning nor for medical nor any other kind of financial support. Simply Indian government don't care about such things while in other countries public will not tolerate such government.


We should understand that other countries are also not sitting ideal. Even when they are bragging India, they are ensuring their own benefits. India is among the rarest countries where politicians sells country' s interest for their personal gain. India is continuously buying expired useless arms these days from west countries and that's why they are throwing fake praises. It's also contributes to gain in GDP but those weapons are never going to be used. Actually purchasing & selling arms were always biggest spot of scam in India.





Ferit Öztünç

It is difficult to predict how the United States or any other country would react in a hypothetical scenario where India's GDP exceeds that of the United States. However, it is worth noting that countries' economic policies and strategies are often shaped by a wide range of factors, including geopolitical considerations, domestic politics, and global economic conditions.

In general, when countries experience rapid economic growth, they often face both opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, a growing economy can lead to increased prosperity, job creation, and improved living standards. On the other hand, it can also create new challenges, such as environmental degradation, income inequality, and political tensions.



If India's economy were to surpass that of the United States, it is possible that the United States might take steps to protect its own economic interests. This could include measures such as imposing trade barriers, restricting access to technology or markets, or leveraging its political influence to pressure other countries to limit their economic ties with India.

However, it is important to recognize that economic relationships are often complex and interdependent, and that countries rely on each other for trade, investment, and other forms of economic cooperation. As such, it is unlikely that any country would take actions that would be significantly detrimental to its own economic interests over the long term.






Paul Rainn


Can India defeat the USA?

Can India defeat the USA?

Of course India can defeat the USA!

India can easily crush the US in Cricket!

Indian spices and dishes can defeat any American taste bud. The agony of spicy Indian dishes is unbeatable!






India can defeat the USA in population! The USA has no chance of outnumbering India!

India can stomp the US in space! India can launch an entire Mars mission on the budget of a Hollywood movie, while the US could barely pay its safety committee with the Indian budget!

India can blast the US to bits in the movie industry! India produces more movies in a year than Hollywood can in a decade, (give or take) and for less money too!




India totally defeats the USA in auto driving! Only Indians can fit a family of 5 on a moped while weaving through traffic and eating a samosa at the same time! American drivers would be defeated every time!

India absolutely pwns the USA in color! Only India with its Holi powders, Saris, and painted vehicles could put out such riotous colors that USA personnel would go blind in minutes!



India will race to victory in the vegetarian wars! The USA with its puny numbers of vegetarians won't stand a chance against the mighty Indian vegetarians!

India (almost) defeats the USA in the English wars! The largest group of English speakers in the world will soon be India, and Indian English speakers will be the Guardians of English!



Indian dancers totally wipes out USA dancers! India has thousands of years of cultural dances, and Indian movie stars and cultural dance troupes can dance complex, classical, modern, and high energy dances at the drop of a hat!

Just so the USA won't be too badly defeated the USA gets the win in Warfighting! The USA totally obliterates all others at full spectrum war and mounting multiple global operations simultaneously! (Sidenote: India wins a defensive war on its home ground, as it is virtually unconquerable, like the USA, China or Russia, once its people are united and determined to go down fighting)



Epilogue: The USA and India have conquered any reason to fight militarily (unless madness prevails!) so now the USA and India are down for some squabbling and shouting over trade, arms and political deals! More fun for all, and no need for defeating anyone!





Aakash Ranga

It will be the same tool kit west and especially America and it's lackey England has used in the past..they will rinse and repeat to browbeat or discredit India.


Religious freedom

Free journalism

Free hand to propped up NGOs

Free judiciary

Corruption (This one India has really earned it!!!)

Complex Taxation

Social disharmony

Rights for women, safety

LGBT representation

Laws around Intellectual property rights

Data security

















John Tan

If things go according to some economic forcast, by 2030, the world’s largest economies would be China, India, then the US in that order. So this would be a case where the US will not have as much time as the had in demonizing China, also, they may be too worned out by then to even do much about it.





Rudolph Hooker

Probably the same ones India will use when its GDP is exceeded by that of Pakistan - pillock.





Ralph Peter

The US GDP is 700% larger than India which is number 5 and only $3.5 Trillion. India is a poor country.





Eric Wang

The US will improvise new “rule-based orders”.


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