Can India, Pakistan and Bangladesh unite? What are the factors which will play role in or prevent this Reunion? Do you think, any other foreign Nation will Intervene this?




Sumon Ahemed Saikan

Reuniting is possible. Didn't East and West Germany reunite? After all, we all belong to the same race. It would definitely benefit both sides and could signal an end to cross border terrorism. If somehow, India overcomes its inherent weaknesses, grows into a powerful economy and ensures equality among all religions(benefiting all majorities and minorities), people from Pakistan and even Bangladesh might see the advantages of reuniting with us. After that, I believe India will enter a golden age.

统一是有可能的。东、西德不就统一了吗?毕竟我们都属于同一个种族。统一肯定对三方都有利,也意味着跨境恐怖主义的终结。如果印度能克服其固有的弱点,成长为一个强大的经济体,并维系各宗教之间的平等(惠及所有多数民族和少 数民族),来自巴基斯坦甚至孟加拉国的人可能就会看到和印度重新统一的好处,我相信印度也能跨入一个黄金时代。

1)The entire Indus basin will be back to India.

2) We will easily be able to aid Afghanistan due to better connectivity.

3) No visa while travelling from Amritsar to Lahore. Both Punjabs will be united. Balle Balle!!!

4) India will have the largest Muslim population(18 Crore + 17 Crore)

5)We will have two Hyderabads.

1) 整个印度河流域将重新归入印度。

2) 通达度提升,我们也更容易援助阿富汗。

3) 从阿姆利则到拉合尔也就能实现免签。旁遮普邦得以统一。

4) 印度将拥有全球最多的人口

5) 我们会拥有两个海得拉巴。

6) Kashmir issue will be resolved. Indian and Pakistani army will stop violating human ri hts near Kashmir border.Good for Kashmiris near the border!!!

7) Pakistani students will have an access to IITs, IIMs and other top institutions.

8) Pakistani talented actors will access Bollywood. Hence the quality of Bollywood will improve.

9) Best cricket team(Indian batting line up + Pakistani bowling line up). Indo-Pak cricket rivalry will end.

6) 克什米尔问题将得到解决,印度和巴基斯坦军队也就不会继续在克什米尔边界附近侵犯人 权。边境附近的克什米尔人有福了!

7) 巴基斯坦学生将有机会进入印度理工学院、印度管理学院和其他顶尖院校。

8) 有才华的巴基斯坦演员得以进入宝莱坞,宝莱坞的质量也将得到提高。

9) 最佳板球队(印度打击阵容+巴基斯坦投球阵容)。印巴板球王者之争告终。

10) The cost of defense will get reduced due to united army and the money can be used to educate people.

11)Indians will access pakistani food and vice versa.

12) Troll Indians and Troll Pakistanis will stop making fun of each other.

13) Hafiz Saeed and Dawood Ibrahim will be arrested.

10) 联合军队可以降低国防成本,这些钱就可以用来为民众提供教育。

11) 印度人将获得巴基斯坦的食物,反之亦然。


13) 哈菲兹·赛义德和达乌德·易卜拉欣将被逮捕。

NOTE- I have not written any negative impact because Pakistanis too use quora. I don't want to hurt their sentiments. They are very good people. So kindly don't ask me to write any negative impact.





Nehal Mahmud Khan

Most answers in this thread are unfortunately cherry picked and focuses only on the positive side but I will try to answer on the basis of reality rather than fantasy

I live in Bangladesh and the question actually involves my country too. But is it actually possible for India, Bangladesh and Pakistan to re unite? Mostly no. Don't get me wrong I would definitely like a reunification but that is very much unlikely to happen. Why is that?



Economic situation

At this current stage if we can see any possible reunification then it will be Moldova merging into Romania because the country is struggling very hard and the economic development is really stagnant. Both Bangladesh and Pakistan have lower GDP Per Capita and HDI than Moldova but it is growing significantly and very soon (as in the 2040s) these two countries will surpass many European countries in terms of GDP Per Capita. The economy is very strong and has a good future as well. So it is not so much likely to be merged with India



Administrative turmoil

All three countries in the Indian subcontinent function very differently and a possible reunification means a system must be prepared that will be based on the current laws in these countries and that will mean a possible compromise in each countries and we know how slowly things evolve in the Indian subcontinent apparently that is where all three countries are similar



Death of nationalism

A lot of people from these countries grow up hating each other and a reunification means that this will end. Thing is,even if it ends the hatred will still be very much prevalent. A lot of Bangladeshis cannot bear to share the country with Pakistanis and a lot of Pakistanis cannot bear to share the country with Indians. This might lead to a lot of non co-operation movement and perhaps a lot of bloody turmoil. It is wise to remember that the level of nationalism in the Indian Subcontinent is very high. If the nationalism in the United States is the Denali (highest Mountain Peak in the United States) then ours is Mount Everest.



Internal turmoil

This new country will have over 1.4 billion people with Hindus being the majority while Muslims being a very much strong minority. A religious bloodshed will be inevitable and very serious in such a scenario. Compromisation is still a very burning issue in the Sub continent and it will get even worse. Besides this country will have Afghanistan at its border and will be very much vulnerable to the influx of terrorism as it will be extremely hard to function such a huge country



China's influence will decline

Come on. Do you really think China will sit back and let its close ally Pakistan be merged with its arch rival,India. Really? A country with that much area and manpower will be just decades behind being a superpower and that will mean that China will have a very much tough competition perhaps tougher than the competition against the United States and European countries. Military, Economy,Sports you name it



But that does not mean reunification is completely not possible. It will be really good for us. There are chances of potential improvement and three of the countries are growing very fast at this moment. Military will be much stronger, Cricket team will be the best in the world. And most importantly the Kashmir issue will be solved.I think I need to write a book in this





Ahmed Hussain

Pakistani answer here:

This is a smart but bold move. First things to note is the name, cricket colour code, flag and leader. Failure to adopt any of these without controversy will cause the 3 to break again and they'll start from scratch. Other nations won't care if it doesn't cause problems.  Advantages:



Huge and powerful army, it could surpass China and be extremely close to Russia. Size: Approxmately 1.8 million active personell. Larger than Russia and America, not China though (2 million active personell.)

Best cricket team in the world, Pakistani bowling with Indian batting.

No more rivalry, hatred, etc. Lives of soldiers will be saved. Thousands of soldiers died because of stupid border skirmishes that both sides like to start.

No visa issues, everyone can visit the most beautiful parts of Pakistan and India.





End of Kashmir and Siachen conflict.

Economy improvements.

Two excellent intelligence agencies and 3 armies will smash terrorists into little pieces.

Sikhs will find it much easier to visit Nankana Sahib

Muslims can visit Taj Mahal







Terrorism. Solution: collaborate to end it militarily and through covert operations.

Religious issues, there have been many cases of religious problems. In Pakistan, Hindus are sometimes happy or oppressed. The same would apply to Muslims in India. If the problems arise excessively, Muslims may bring back independent Pakistan.



No more classic cricket rivalry, it’s fun to watch batting vs bowling on TV. This may seem like an advantage but is it? Pakistan and India cricket matches are always the most intense and fun to watch. There are two ways to approach this, make an invincible cricket team with the best of both worlds. Or keep the countries in 1 government and let the two keep playing and enjoy the rivalry (Same approach as Britain.) Also, there would be a huge fight for what the name and colour code should be. Nobody wants to suddenly change from supporting India and then Pakistan, same applies to Bangladesh and Pakistan to India or whatever. So I say keep the teams as normal and keep the rivalry.


No more Wagah Border rivalries. I don't really watch those but they are fun. A lot of people enjoy these, this would be difficult for fans to lose since it's all 3 countries combined, therefore borders are technically non exstent. This is minor but still sad to see go.

The higher population may cause a struggle



How to unite:

Perhaps copy UK slightly, let the 3 countries keep their names but remain under control from 1 government. This means that all of the countries keep their flags. It could be: Pakistan, India and Bangladesh (similar to England, Wales and Scotland.)

Is it possible? Yes. Is it a good idea? That’s a hard one, it’s most certainly good but with problems. Whether it’s a good idea or not is subjective, it’s up to the governments though.




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