Sukhois carry out long-range precision-strike drill in Indian Ocean Region


NEW DELHI: The Sukhoi-30MKI fighters have now practised long-range precision strikes in the western seaboard of the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) in a combat training mission that lasted almost eight hours, which comes soon after Rafale jets undertook a similar exercise on the eastern one.

新德里:苏霍伊- 30MKI战机在印度洋西海岸进行了一次持续近8小时的战斗训练,进行了远程精确打击。不久前,“阵风”战机在东部海域进行了类似的演习。

The “large package” of Sukhois and some other assets took off from an air base in Gujarat and then “hit” the designated target near the Gulf of Oman after mid-air refuelling by IL-78 tankers, an IAF officer said on Friday.


The Rafales, after taking off from the Hasimara airbase in northern West Bengal, had also conducted an over six-hour mission to hit a target in north Andaman on the eastern seaboard last week. “The Sukhois have done it now on a different axs. So, both the seaboards have been covered,” the officer said.


The twin IAF training missions constitute strategic signalling to China, which with the world’s largest Navy with 355 warships and submarines is steadily step-up its presence in the IOR.


Amid the continuing military confrontation with China in eastern Ladakh since May 2020, the IAF has been practising such interdiction missions in the IOR to choke China’s sea lanes of communication for huge energy and other imports from the Malacca Strait to the Persian Gulf.


Apart from the western and eastern fronts, the Sukhois are also deployed at Pune and Thanjavur in peninsular India. The Sukhois armed with BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles, whose strike range has been extended to 450-km from the original 290-km, were first based at the Thanjavur airbase in 2020 to give IAF “strategic depth” in the IOR.




Krishnamurthy Krishnamurthy

Majority of Indians wish similar drills to continue even after 2024. It is doubtful our war preparedness efforts will continue if opposition' freebies dominated kitchedy government is formed.



True Nationalist

Hope Modiji wins 2024 elections with more seats compared to 2019 elections so that, 2024 will put an end to many issues internal as well as external, also boost Indian economy to become 3rd largest economy in the world.




The majority of Indians wish feku to get back the 2000 sq. km of land he gifted to China



Mohit Goyal

India under current regime is now fully prepared to take on China. Earlier governments were quite soft, but current government is quite aggressive in its posture against adversaries.



Desmond Lobo

it's only posturing. The elections are drawing near. We'll see more of these



Aditya Chakravarti

Indian Airforce needs bombers indigenous, 5th Gen fighters indigenous and armed drones. Major missing arsenal.



Rinku Singh

Under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Shreemaanji Modi, India will certainly get 5th gen fighter by 2035. India being a develo country can't afford bombers as India has shortfall of 260 fighters today.



Jagdish Madan

Great to see India develo a spine and preparing to put down bullies in the IOR.



L Veera Reddy

India need to focus on quality to face quantity of China or China and Pakistan. India should develop capability of technological and intelligent warfare to face might of China. Ciber-satellite-intelligence warfare superiority will help regular ground force to face China.



prem jain

We must fill up the fighter squadron shortage at the earliest with reliable modern fighters either produced or acquired.




Finally, we have a government that is thinking about the country.



Emancipated Cavalier

Even with nominal GDP of $3.5 trillion if India is becoming a concern for China. Economic asymmetry with China is something that is accepted, and yet India has shown COMMENDABLE STOMACH in standing up against China.



Manoharan G

Common man expects military drills to be top secret.China is already monitaring second by second what india is doing.Why press release.



Babu Raja

election mode on .. BJP will play with army



Amit Ghosh

Good Modi government is giving focus on defence of India. More needs to be done though. Congress and UPA government was full of corruption and they never focused on security of India....



Himanshu Chadha

The present Govt has done a very good job in preparing our country to simultaneously face both our adversaries togeather namely china and Pakistan..former congress defence minister Anthony gave a statement in parliament that india cannot afford rafales ..today india has not only bought rafales but also S 400 missile defence system and apache attack helicopters .




Proud of IAF and pilots too.



Common Man

Routine matter in the Army No significance of reporting



Amit Thorat

IAF needs more Rafales ASAP.



Ravi Sunder

This is the right thing to do it. China can make huge number of naval warships but our IAF has proved they are sitting duck's. India must induct more fighter aircrafts fitted with deadly weapons. China need to think 200 times before raising their finger.



Admiral General Aladin

Preparation for taking over PoK


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