MiG-29K fighter conducts night landing on indigenous aircraft carrier

米格- 29k战机在国产航母上进行夜间降落

NEW DELHI: In another milestone for India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant, a MiG-29K fighter undertook night landing on her sprawling deck in the Arabian Sea on Wednesday.

新德里:印度首艘国产航母“维克兰特”号实现了另一个里程碑,周三,在阿拉伯海一架米格- 29k战斗机在其宽阔的甲板上完成了夜间降落。

The Navy said the “challenging” night landing trial demonstrated the “resolve, skill and professionalism” of the naval pilots and crew of the 45,000-tonne INS Vikrant, which is expected to become fully operational with its “air wing” by early next year.


Both the Russian-origin MiG-29K and the indigenous naval light combat aircraft had landed on the carrier’s deck for the first time during daytime in February. INS Vikrant, the largest-ever warship to be built in India for about Rs 20,000 crore, will become fully combat-ready when the MiG-29Ks complete the crucial trials from her flight deck, which is comparable to two football fields with an angled ski-jump.

2月份,俄罗斯米格- 29k和国产海军轻型战斗机在日间完成首次降落在航母甲板上。“维克兰特”号是印度耗资约200亿卢比建造的有史以来最大的军舰,在米格- 29k在飞行甲板上完成关键试验后,将完全做好战斗准备。飞行甲板相当于两个足球场大,有助飞斜坡。

“The carrier is undergoing air certification and flight integration trials with helicopters and fighters for achieving combat-ready status at the earliest. Since February, day and night landing of all helicopters in the naval inventory has been carried out,” an officer said.




N Renganathan

let there be smooth sailing for such naval vessels. budget should not become a constraint for such crucial needs and government must ensure adequate finance. Jai Hind.




If Modi hadn't landed as the PM of India in 2014 our defence services would have landed in a soup for sure.




Excellent news. Anyone know if the INS Vikrant has nuclear capabilities (war heads)? If not, it should - we are surrounded by two nuke powered enemies in both China and Pakistan.



Guest Login

Congratulations!! Hats off to all the people involved.. great job ..




Thanks to Congress Navy Ships building capacity was already established and now we can build even more. Had bjp built from scratch only gaishaala and bullock carts would be available.



gurpreet gill

Modi ji is behind every thing good in india, before him india did not exst !! He single handedly uplift every poor person from poverty and gave them 15 lakh rupee each.



Jeev Singh

I am glad the MIG made it back without falling off the sky.



Sankar Pishra Ji

Now when Indian Navy does drills in the Ocean, if Chinese ships come to spy we can send Migs and show them "Eye on China". This is not 1962.



Rohan Vasha

where are the aircraft for new carrier? even of approved today it may take atleast 3 to 5 years for aircraft to arrive. horrible gaps by govt in India's security.



Sarada P Samantaray

Terrific achievement!! All indigenous efforts make us very proud to be India and it feels like we are develo as a country in the world stage, which was not the case before.


Ivan Wolf

MIG29 indigenous? Without GE gas turbines. India carrier would be a dead duck. Indigenous?




Show the pilots photo as well. Such heroes will be inspirational.


Jigar Shah

Was there a need to disclose all this information publicly ? Which other competitive or superior Country has been disclosing such info ?



Ashish Bagade

So ?? Whats the big deal ??




Russian terrorist weapons must not be used to arm our forces




India's defense capability saw a monumental increase under our beloved patriotic PM Modi ji and BJP regime.



Akshay V

nice but 5 decades late



Krishnamurthy Krishnamurthy

Modi ji as PM Indian defense is getting due attention. Pray it should continue from 2024 onwards also.



Arabian Ranches

Nothing indegenous about Vikrant other that the bodywork and interior fitout . While other nations are planning himan voyages to mars India is celebrating landing an aircraft on a ship . Very telling of the future outlook



Jeev Singh

What is so special about night landing ? Is it with lights off?



Bakula Patel

The world wargames seems to be transfer from US-Russia to India China ,means west to east, to secure western globe from

Dangers of world wars.India China need to negotiate their borderdifferences to cease this process for best future.jh




Gaana User

it's not an trophy which you need to celebrate. it's an necessary technical thing which India must have achieved long ago. till now, India don't have a proper two seater, twin engine fighter aircraft. Already China working on its 3rd aircraft carrier. India must act first. otherwise Indian Ocean will be taken over by Chinese submarines.


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