What are 10 great reasons to go live in China?




Alfred W Croucher

1. It is a beautiful, fascinating and thoroughly engaging place.

2. Once people feel they know you they will do anything to help you.

3. The food is to die for, almost everywhere.

1. 这是一个美丽、动人、引人入胜的地方。

2. 中国人觉得自己和你认识之后,愿意帮你做任何事。

3. 几乎所有地方都有令人食指大动的美食。

4. There is a rich history and culture which could keep you engaged for ten lifetimes.

5. There are wonderful new cities everywhere with thousands of entrepreneurs trying to entertain you, feed you, or sell you something new.

4. 中国有丰富的历史和文化,你十辈子也了解不完。

5. 各地都是令人惊叹的新城市,成千上万的企业家努力为你提供娱乐,美食,或者售卖一些新奇的玩意儿。

6. The gardens are designed with brilliant artistry and unbelievable horticultural technology. Urban roads are lined with hedges, trees, shrubs and plants.

7. Driving inter-city in China is a dream with superb high speed infrastructure albeit there is something new to confuse your GPS every day.

6. 园林设计有着精妙的艺术和令人叹服的园艺技术。城市的道路两旁都有树篱、树木、灌木和各类植物。

7. 驾车在城市之间穿行简直就像做梦一般,中国拥有一流的高速基础设施,尽管每天都会出现让你的GPS感到困惑的新事物。

8. The intercity train service is the fastest, cleanest, and most comfortable in the world.

9. There are so many jobs for foreigners in education, catering, creative industries, and small business.

10. The young people are modern, intelligent, smart, up to date and a lot of fun.

8. 城际高铁是全世界最高速、最干净、最舒适的。

9. 在教育、餐饮、创意产业和小企业中有很多适合外国人的工作。

10. 年轻人很摩登,他们聪明敏锐,紧随潮流,享受乐趣。


Stephen Yan

1. It has probably the best cuisine in the world. You'll find authentic Chinese food is nothing like the Chinese take-aways that you pay for 5 dollars and think it's all it's worth.

2. Most things are getting better, people stay hopeful. China is still on the track of rapid development, hence notable and continuous improvement of living standard. You'll find life in generally is going towards a better version of itself day by day.

1. 中国也许拥有全世界最棒的烹饪菜色。正宗的中餐绝不是你花5美元就能买到的那种中餐外卖。

2. 生活一路向好,人们充满希望。中国仍处在快速发展的轨道上,人民生活水平得到了显著提高,而且还在持续提高。你会发现日子一天比一天好。

3. Business opportunities are everywhere. As China is still in transition, there are lots of demands need to be met, that allows extensive businesses to thrive. Also, the huge market itself is a generator of wealth and opportunities.

4. It is amazingly diverse and extensive in culture and geography. China would be one of the only few countries that possess so diverse landscape and cultures. It is a paradise if you are a true traveller.

3. 商机无处不在。由于中国仍处于转型阶段,有很多需求需要满足,这使得大量企业得以蓬勃发展。此外,巨大的市场本身就是财富和机会的创造者。

4. 中国在文化和地理上有着惊人的多样性和博大性。中国是少数几个拥有如此丰富景观和文化的国家之一。如果你是一个真正的旅行家,中国就是天堂。

5. It brings you into a neighborhood of popular destinations in the world. China situates in the middle of Russia, Japan, Korea, SEA, Middle Asia, South Asia, and have reasonably convenience access to these areas if you'd like to visit from here.

6. It has great historical legacy in terms of oriental philosophy. It is brilliant and benefiting so long as you are into it. Picture the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Terra Cotta Warriors...

5. 中国带你进入世界热门地区的集中地。中国位于俄罗斯、日本、韩国、东南亚、中亚和南亚的中间,如果你想从中国出发,可以非常方便地抵达这些地区。

6. 中国在东方哲学领域有着出众的历史积累。如果你对此有兴趣,会发现中国的历史非常灿烂辉煌,让人受益颇丰。想象一下长城、紫禁城和兵马俑……

7. Very good public safety. The major Chinese cities are the few big cities in the world where you can walk alone on the streets at midnight and not worrying too much about robbery, murder or rape. Expats are safer in this sense.

8. People are generally nice and helpful to expats, more so to Caucasians. But if you're not, you can make it up by learning and speaking Chinese, it helps you win favors from locals pretty easily.

7. 公共安全十分出色。中国的大城市是世界上少数几个可以在午夜独自出门且不用担心抢劫、谋杀或强奸的大城市。从这个意义上说,外国人在中国更为安全。

8. 中国人通常对外国人都很友好,乐于助人,对白种人更是如此。但如果你不是白种人,学习并使用中文可以让你很容易赢得当地人的好感。

9. Shop is easy. Not necessarily always cheap, but very easy. China has the most shop malls in the world and the largest online shop platforms that make your shop experience efficient.

10. Just a different way of life. No other country in the world can offer you a lifestyle that China offers. It'll be very unique experience.

9. 购物十分便捷。倒不是说肯定便宜,但确实很便捷。中国拥有全世界最多的购物中心和最大的在线购物平台,让你的购物方便高效。

10. 这是一种不同的生活方式。世界上没有哪个国家能提供中国所能提供的生活方式。这会是一次非常独特的人生经历。

It doesn't mean you will have no concerns for living in China, and if you start another thread on that I'll be happy to contribute too.




Chris Ebbert

If there is a chance to live in China, will you come?

Yes, I would come to China.

I have already lived there a few years ago, for a few years. It was wonderful. Shanghai, Beiing, and Wux. I went there from New Zealand, on a French expat contract. I’m very impressed by China, and can absolutely recommend experiencing it.

You see amazing things, and it is a very abundant, exotic, and calm experience.

I could see myself returning to China when I’m retired, perhaps do some teaching or consulting, from February till May every year, when things are still cold and soggy here in Sweden.

I often miss the many wonderful sights there.














Darren Hughes

China isn’t for everyone and not everyone should go and live in China because a lot of people are going to hate it. Mind you, I can say the same about the UK, a lot of people wouldn’t gel with living there either. I love China but it took two years for that to come about - so be aware you will go through a phase of acclimitisation. Be patient and things get better.


1.Everyday is an adventure, every day, something interesting happens or you see something interesting

2.The food is great - I love Chinese food, it is a fantastic cuisine and that’s all I eat now, I don’t even go KFC anymore

1. 每天都是一场新的冒险,每天都会发生一些有趣的事情,或者会看到一些有趣的事情

2. 中餐棒呆了——我喜欢中餐,中餐太棒了,我现在只吃中餐,我甚至都已经不再去肯德基了

3.People are nice - there are dingbats and absolute helmets of course but they’re everywhere, most Chinese people are very friendly

4.It is very very safe - mum worries about her eldest son back in England and I have to go ‘mum, I am a lot more safer here than back home’ which sort of puts her mind at rest. House burgularies, muggings and the like are unheard of.



5.People are really laid back - there is no air of tension like things are about to kick off, in the UK, that tension is everywhere, people are about to explode over the smallest of things - Chinese people are really laid back and one thing about living here is that the tension is slowly draining away from my body and it is lovely

5. 人们真的很悠闲——我在这里感觉不到紧张的气愤,但在英国时我总感觉大家的情绪都很紧绷,会因为鸡毛蒜皮的事而爆发——中国人真的很悠闲,我感觉在中国生活后,紧张情绪也慢慢地从我的身体里消失了,这太惊喜了。

6.It’s not a rules obsessed place - if you want to ride a scooter without a helmet then no-one is going to stop you, not even the traffic cops - but if you fall off your scooter and your head goes crack on the road, then mummy and daddy aren’t going to get any compo payouts for your worthless ass.


7.It’s not a police state - cops are really laid back and rather nice and polite and human. They’re not bullies - they’re not very helpful either but they’re onto it if someone was going to commit a major felony.

7. 中国不是一个警察国度——警察也很悠闲,非常友好、礼貌、有人情味。他们不是恶霸——他们也不总能帮上忙,但如果有人想实施重大重罪,他们会及时发现。

8.These are very exciting times for Chinese people - were not there yet, but we are on the ascent of ‘never having it so good’ to quote Harold MacMillan to the British people when they were experiencing great personal prosperity in the sixties, this is a great place to be at the moment as Chinese people are getting richer and are able to go more places as visa restrictions are lifted and they’re able to buy the consumer items they make for the rest of the planet - this makes China a very very positive place to be at this moment.

8. 对中国人来说,这是激动人心的时刻——我们还没有到达那一步,但我们一直在进步,用哈罗德·麦克米伦的话来说,“从来没有这么好过”,这句话说的是60年代的英国人开始过上了好日子。中国人也正变得越来越富有,随着签证限制的取消,他们能够去往更多地方,他们买得起中国为其他国家加工的消费品——这使中国成了一个欣欣向荣的国家。

9.No lying politicians on the telly - I don’t have to listen to another arsehole politician on the telly because they don’t have to sell me their wares so I can vote for their worthless arses - no-one says this about living in this state - I don’t have to put up with worthless politicians spouting shite unlike back in the UK - now I know why I was always in a bad mood when I was living there and Chinese people generally are not.


10.I’ll paraphrase the opening line from the great classic film A Bout de Souffle when Michel Poiccard talks about the greatness of France and why it’s the best country in the world (because it has everything you want) and it goes like this.

"Si vous n'aimez pas la mer, si vous n'aimez pas la montagne, si vous n'aimez pas la ville... Allez vous faire foutre !"

The same goes for China.

10. 我想引用经典电影《精疲力竭》的开场白,这是米歇尔·波卡德谈到法国的伟大之处,以及为什么法国是世界上最好的国家(因为它有你想要的一切)时的台词,它是这么说的:




Em Elle

The Chinese people are helpful and kind to foreigners. That was my experience during my 5 yrs there.

Different regions, very different food, much more apparent that what I see in different parts of the US.

One learns incredible patience as it is a crowded country and Chinese people sometimes do things the old-fashion way (but not always). Actually-




The Chinese can be incredibly speedy when showing up right after I ordered Internet hook up.

Pick up a new language. Prob Mandarin but maybe Cantonese or even both.

Learn the correct way to eat using chopsticks. I'm serious.

Items of necessity are very inexpensive in China.





Apartment living is so inexpensive compared to the US.

KFC on every corner. Not for me, but some love that stuff.

Starbucks, Häagen-Dazs ice cream has arrived in China some time ago.

Bargaining is so much fun, esp at the open fruit and veggie markets.







It's very safe when you walk in China's street in midnight,Don't need to fear it maybe dangerous.

If you are an English speaker ,you a easily to find a job to teach child or students English language skill,Very good income,even you don't need other skill,Just speaking English



China is a very equal country ,If you pay more you can gain more,China's company need more people who master foreign's language and law to do business with others,If you can ,you are welcomed


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