India confronted Myanmar about Chinese spy post on remote island


India has confronted Myanmar in recent months with intelligence showing that China is providing assistance in building a surveillance post on a remote island in the Bay of Bengal, according to Indian officials with knowledge of the matter.


Indian government representatives at various levels have shared satellite imagery with Myanmar counterparts that they said depicted Chinese workers hel to construct what appears to be a listening post on the Coco Islands in the Indian Ocean, said the officials, who asked not to be identified discussing sensitive information. The workers were also seen extending an airstrip, they said.




In the meetings, representatives from Myanmar’s ruling junta denied any Chinese involvement and dismissed India’s concerns, the officials said. Still, India remains worried that the infrastructure will allow China to monitor communications from naval bases and track missiles from test sites on its eastern coastline, they said.


Major General Zaw Min Tun, a spokesman for Myanmar’s ruling State Administration Council, called the allegation that China was building a spy facility in the Coco Islands “absurd.” He denied that the topic ever came up with Chinese or Indian officials, and said Myanmar would never allow access to foreign troops.


“Myanmar and India always have discussions at many levels, but there was no specific discussion on this issue,” he said. “The Indian government already knows perfectly well that only Myanmar security forces are based there, and they are doing defense activities for their own country.”


In a response to questions, ministry of external affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said the country would take “necessary measures” to safeguard its interests.


“The government keeps a constant watch on all developments having a bearing on India’s security,” he said.





Muhad Asghar

We are the Kashmiri Nation in their, at present, Indian colonially occupied land of Kashmir, but this occupation cabnnot and will not go against the will of freedom of this Nation whatever the colonial horror.



R.k. Dubey•Bhopal

Effect of all of these misdeeds of past Nehruvian era are haunting us.




Anything related to the IBD-itch family/dynasty is a curse on HINDUS and INDIA. Shame on INDIANS who still vote for these India traitors.



Balaji Krishna•Bangalore

Knowingly or incompetently, Nehru has been a prime saboteur of Independent India which he fought to gain. It didnt take few inexplicable decisions from him that we are still facing problems even after decades. Looks like no one was able to guide him well then or no one bothered




Shame on NehurTARD.



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Who gave Coco island to Myanmar Burma… again it is checha gias udeen nahru .. like tibet chicken neck corridor and pok aksai chin



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Govt of India must take over Coco Ixlands and not wait to go to UN Security council. No point in bolting the stables after all the horses have fled.



User Panda

Good to note INDIA&its awareness of CHINESE stealth practice .India should install an Spy Post in northern Philippines.



•17 hours ago

Every country looks for its own interests. India despite being the largest de ocracy in the world seems willing to have economic and diplomatic relationship with a hard core dic ship in Myanmar.will do what they want. They don't care about popularity.

每个国家都在寻求自己的利益。尽管印度是世界上最大的民 主国家,但它似乎愿意与缅甸的政府建立经济和外交关系。想干什么就干什么。他们不关心是否受欢迎。


Global Citizen

India needs to partner with countries in South China Sea and build based there. Probably build a base on the Japanese’s island which chinese contend. If Japan agrees. As well as have a base eventually in Taiwan. 




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Take the Coco island from burma. Coco belongs to us, it is our land



Ivan Wolf

Seems another round of Nehru bashing/whip going on here again. On the contrary, Nehru should always be Indian national hero. First, he stole the entire NE Frontier Agency land by the McMahon Line of the British bandits. Second, Nehru had the guts to invade China by his Forward Policy on the West side and attack China North of the McMahon line on the East side. Although he got a bloody nose and died of it, he is a true Indian hero unlike that joker who got shot down, enjoyed great tea and the ... Read More



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Can the island vanish tomorrow?




Put your foot down India!...and shame the folly and stupidity of the past sickular government!



Brahmajosyula Prasanna Kumar

It is a small country so China is trying to flext's musclesand createproblems foreverybody and foritself inthe longrun



User chitnis

Nehru also gave away the security. council seat to China.Now China has veto power inUN along with USA. UK, France and Russia.



Ivan Wolf• User chitnis

Nehru died in 1964. China did not get intoo UN and UNSC till late 1971, early 1972. Nehru must have crawled out his grave to perform that miracle. But India is no land of miracles, only LIARS



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Great Nehru ji kept gifting India,s strategic assets Ladakh, POK, Indus Waters, Coco island to India,s stark enemies Pak, China, Burma and BJP is after reclaiming all those. Nehru is great.



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The Mynmar government appears to be stooge of China.




And as a goodwill gesture Mr Nehru gifted this island to Mayanmar!


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