Ahead of India missile test, Chinese spy vessel in IOR


NEW DELHI: The cat-and-mouse game continues in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), while the rival armies are ranged against each other in eastern Ladakh. Another Chinese spy vessel has now entered the IOR ahead of another long-range ballistic missile test planned by India next week.

Chinese research and space-tracking vessel Yuan Wang-5, the docking of which at Hambantota in August had led to a diplomatic spat between India and Sri Lanka, is being closely tracked by Indian Navy after she entered the IOR through the Sunda Strait of Indonesia on Monday morning, defence sources told TOI.

The presence of the 20,000-tonne Yuan Wang-5, which is packed with large antennae, advanced sensors and electronic equipment with a crew of around 400, comes after India recently issued a NOTAM (notice to airmen) with a long expanded ‘no-fly zone’ over the Bay of Bengal for a missile test from the Abdul Kalam Island off Odisha coast on December 15-16.

Sources said India’s most formidable missile, the over 5,000-km range Agni-V, which is in the process of being inducted into the tri-service Strategic Forces Command (SFC), is slated for a test at that time.








Good to see that China is getting nervous. She realizes India is a formidable opponent.



User Kumar

We need Modi and not revdi chaap Kejriwal or Corrupt communal cpngress

我们需要莫迪,而不是腐 败分子


Bala Srinivasan

CHINA is concerned of the rapid military strength rising&support by USA.With economic fluctuation&chinese restless op ition internally&global opposition CHINA is showing its concern.



Muhad Asghar

The so-called Indian sea is one of the critical geo-zones for China's operations..



User patel

India has already factored this - and have set up countermeasures and false signals and blocking signals- This ship will collect useless information- How did Vajpayee conduct Operation Shakti..Who knows they may be tracking this ship and learnt a lot about it-- This is not 1962



The Nationalist

This shows Chines fear and frustration



Madan Mehta
I am of Indian origin, living overseas and I can say with quite a bit of confidence that if overseas Indians are polled regarding Modi or his opposition, nearly 90% will support Modi. But when I am in India I am utterly surprised that the number of Indians living in India who support Modi is no where near 90%. And most media outlets do not support Modi either because they want Indian politics to be a circus and the media subtly encourages it for it makes money from circus politics.





Anand Kumar

In fact, this is a compliment to India that the CHINKS are rattled and hence this SPY SHIP in IOR. Keep it up India




Warn the Chinks that the missile is going to land somewhere in their ship's vacinity and if they don't move it, then it's not our fault if anything happens to their chinki ship




In national interest that boat must be eliminated. No need to own the outcome.



Nathan Bahirathan

Indian actions should not be dictated by China's intrusion into IOR. Just go ahead and do it. Chin is sending this ship to ascertain India's reactions



User D

Instead of long range missile India should develop nuclear torpedo like Russia that can cause massive nuclear Tsunami. Most of China's population lives of its east coast. A nuclear torpedo is like a self guided submarine without any crew. It is very cheap and effective. When it travels in deep sea, it is virtually unstoppable. Most advanced countries today have technology to intercept ballistic missiles but they can't detect nuclear torpedo.





The Nationalist

China's larger interest in IOR , worlds 80 % business moves through this gateway . So we need larger navy presence in IOR for our dominance . China also fear India missile thats why its ship always hover at IOR .



Ivan Wolf

IOC international water, any ship can be there.Don't know what's all the Indian fuss about?



Pinaki Banerjee

We are doing what we must. China is doing what they are expected to.


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