Inflation may ease in second half of 2022-23: RBI governor


NEW DELHI: Inflation may ease gradually in the second half of 2022-23, Reserve Bank of India governor Shaktikanta Das said on Saturday, asserting that the central bank will continue to calibrate its policies with the goal of preserving and fostering macro-economic stability.



“In this endeavour, we will remain flexble in our approach while being cogent and transparent in our communication. If history is any guide, I am optimistic that our actions will usher in a new era of prosperity in the years ahead,” Das said in his address at the Kautilya Economic Conclave in the national capital.


Soaring price pressures have emerged as a major challenge for policy-makers, prompting RBI to raise interest rates sharply to tame inflation. Both retail and wholesale price inflation have remained stubbornly high.


“At this point of time, with the supply outlook appearing favourable and several high frequency indicators pointing to resilience of the recovery in the first quarter (April-June) of 2022-23, our current assessment is that inflation may ease gradually in the second half of 2022-23, precluding the chances of a hard landing in India,” said Das. Hard lending refers to a slowdown in growth after robust expansion.

达斯说:“在这个时候,随着供应前景看起来有利,几个高频指标指向2022-2023财年第一季度(4 - 6月)复苏的弹性,我们目前的评估是,通胀可能在2022-2023财年下半年逐步缓解,排除了印度经济硬着陆的可能性。”“硬着陆”指的是在强劲扩张之后增长放缓。

The RBI governor said inflation is a measure of the trust and confidence that the people repose in the economic institutions of a country. “While factors beyond our control may affect inflation in the short run, its trajectory over the medium-term is determined by monetary policy. Therefore, monetary policy must take timely actions to anchor inflation and inflation expectations so as to place the economy on a strong and sustainable growth pedestal,” said Das.




3 h

He is telling lies to entire nation. Inflation in India will never come down until popoulation growth is controlled and Increase in DA of Babus is stopped.




Abhijit Choudhury

What knowledge you have about economics being a historian?? I wonder





Has been there in the last economical century for a long time and it will continue to be because the costs of every living are getting very high and beyond afford



Strategic Speaking

This idiot is supposed to control it. Stooge...



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In anticipation of ‘AANEWALA INFLATION EASING’ , we hereby cut all bank FD rates. Aur ACHHE DIN bahul jaldi hee aanewala hai.



Pappu Pass

Petrol price.. cooking oil prices...now pulses tax are increased 3 fold...and RBI is fooling with these brainless comments..



Dr Vidyadhar Yellutla

Indias inflation 6.1% is far better than UK 7.4%, US 7.7%, Pakistan 23% and Srilanka 23%, but China 2% Japan 1.5% are far better.


Kishore Kannan

For God's sake do not even compare these as India is a develo nation where most people are hand to mouth with std of living,per capita consumption etc are relatively far far below most nations.



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What about wholesale inflation at 15.5% ??



Kishore Kannan

Do not compare India with US,UK as US/UK are developed nations with high per capita consumption,std of living etc. Also for a develo country of such large size like India with 3/4th in purchase power parity we can't be happy comparing ourselves with nations like Pakistan,SL etc where there's neither proper Govt nor size comparable to us.





Inflation is worldwide phenomenon. It is not unique to India ony! BUT Modi haters will make it as if it is Modi's fault!




Bonny Moraes

It is always tomorrow. We leave it in god’s hands and hope for the best.



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Printed inflation will naturally come down in the upcoming quarters due to high base effect,but that doesn't mean real inflation is coming down, it only means that the pace of price rise is slowing.



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This is the useless History guy, a,handpicked lapdog of the PM who presided over the demonetisation program.



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Bol ne me kya jata hai. One year down the line people will forget when we are given another time line. The present governor may not last till then. All negative factors are global but still we will grow at a decent rate whereas others will stagnant or may even fall.



Kishore Kannan

Inflation was/is/will never be below 7.25% in INDIA. I am talking about actual that is felt by a typical household in their monthly basket not the artificial(naam ke vaste) figures published by RBI



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srilankanes also used to say those words


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he Act as per Direction of govt . or else he will be removed like his predecessores



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Rupee is on the verge of breaching 80 and this shameful RBI governor is building castles in the air painting a rosy picture.



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Can someone explain the term second half of 2022-23


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Oct 22 to Mar 23



A User

Indian rupee is falling historic low every month. Prices are rising everywhere. Signs are not good.



Pure Souls

best governor of India history. never says a word which government dosen't want.


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