World Bank cuts growth forecast to 7.5%


NEW DELHI: The World Bank on Tuesday cut India's GDP growth forecast for 2022-23 to 7.5% from the earlier estimate of 8%, citing the impact of high inflation, supply chain disruptions and geopolitical tensions.


"Growth will also be supported by fixed investment undertaken by the private sector and by the government, which has introduced incentives and reforms to improve the business climate. This forecast reflects a 1.2-percentage-point downward revision of growth from the January projection. Growth is expected to slow further to 7.1% in FY24 back towards its longer-run potential," the World Bank said in its latest report.



In April, the World Bank had cut India's growth estimate to 8% for FY23 from the earlier 8.7% due to the impact of supply chain disruptions and soaring inflation. India's economy has staged a sharp recovery from the impact of lockdowns that were imposed to prevent the spread of Covid but the war in Ukraine has dealt another blow, resulting in surging price pressures, which have prompted the RBI to raise interest rates sharply. The Indian economy grew 8.7% in FY22 after contracting 6.6% in the previous fiscal year.


The RBI has also lowered its GDP growth forecast to 7.2% for 2022-23 from the earlier estimate of 7.8% due to the impact of geopolitical tensions and the impact on prices. The central bank will unveil its monetary policy statement on Wednesday and there are expectations that it will again raise interest rates to tame inflation.



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These figures are of no RELEVANCE to public who is SUFFERING due to unemployment/underemployment & high inflation!!



pradeep lalwani

wait till jan-feb they cut down to ,5.5 to 6 %

等到1 - 2月,他们会下调到5.5% - 6%


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Nato war




This government has sent India back to the independence days and at least 70 years back



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If there is no coming of the 4th wave of the pandemic and Russia Ukraine war ends shortly then World Bank's forecast may prove wrong as India will achieve 8% growth as per its own estimate.



Rinku Singh

What do these sickular world bank, IMF know? Under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Dankapatiji, India has become a developed country with $5 trillion economy. In two or three years we will beat China's GDP.



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ha ha super government at the centre tragedy at all fronts... still chest thum and enjoying



Vishal Raj

World bank joins hands wth Arabs



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International institutions are irrelevant in a chaotic world for nations that have a billion plus people, a small world in themselves. They just have to be less chaotic in themselves and, a smarter and disciplined society.



Jagdish Madan

None of the reasons cited by the World Bank point a finger at the current government



Dr Vidyadhar Yellutla

India is still fastest growing economy with GDP growth rate 7.5%, the next best is Indonesia with 5.1% growth rate, China GDP growth rate predicted 4.3% and US 2.3%, but their economies are more than 10 trillion $ and 20 trillion $ respectively.





Leave the religious matters and focus on development, sir.



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development leke kya karega jab religious people will create havoc



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Figures fastest growing economy world



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India needs development that should be sustainable that means we should not forget about our environment plus we must think about the money flow only then will our nation become prosperous



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stock market will go further down today!



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India is the fastest growing in religious research and ramayan technology...



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modi and Bjp can make it to 10.5...just some jhumla needed



Typsygypsy Gypsytypsy

 everyone knows that the GDP figures are all cooked up ... ex RBI Gov Raguram Rajan was booted out due to his comment on the legitimacy of the GDP calculation !!!



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may be it will be more growth




Ache Din and Luchaa Desh Drohie Andh Bhakt hiding now....country is destroyed by this saffron gundaays lafangaaas



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The world bank had predicted 8.7% growth earlier which was revised to 8% n now to 7.5%. As the time passes approaching end of the year it may be revised to 7% n actually we may end up with growth anywhere between 6 to 7%. Feku's single biggest failure is handling of economy where Ambanis n Adanis have benefited enormously at the cost of the country. What's the share of BJP in this.





Asok Datta

Even an illiterate knows the growth will be perilously low with this government and its worthless ministers.




The reality on the ground is that Feku has already achieved a textbook example of a stagflation situation in which both inflation and unemployment rates are high. In fact, despite all the jumlas and Acche Din, we now even lag behind Bangladesh and some African countries in terms of per capita income and Global Hunger Index under Feku's watch. As a matter of fact, in 2014, the per capita GDP of Bangladesh was merely 70% of ours, and the rest is history.




India and its 1.4 B people are doing JUST fine under our MODI’s GREAT LEADERSHIP. We dont need your forecast. ZERO PERCENT UNEMPLOYMENT AND INFLATION



Chandrahasa Moodbidri

As per my prediction growth will be just 3.2% in real terms


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