Doctors now urge to be alert about Monkeypox


NEW DELHI: The Covid-19 pandemic isn’t over yet. But there already are reports of another viral infection called monkeypox spreading in Europe. No such case has been reported in India yet.



The first case of the viral infection in humans, which otherwise infects simians, was reported in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Infectious disease experts say there have been very few cases of monkeypox outside central and west Africa in the past 50 years. That’s why the sudden spread of the disease in Europe in unusually high numbers has raised an alarm. The World Health Organization has called an emergency meeting to discuss the outbreak.


In India, the Union health ministry has directed the National Centre for Disease Control and Indian Council of Medical Research to keep a close watch on the outbreak. Also, if cases continue to increase, the government could start random screening of people arriving from the affected nations.


“There is no need to panic. The infection potential of monkeypox is markedly less besides being a self-limiting infection,” assured Dr Kabir Sardana, professor of dermatology, Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. “Since the smallpox vaccination works against it, it can be immunologically surmised that a certain population in India might be immune to monkeypox.”

“没有必要恐慌。猴痘除了是一种自限性感染外,感染的可能性明显较小,”Ram Manohar Lohia医院皮肤科教授Kabir Sardana博士称,“既然天花疫苗对猴痘起作用,免疫学上可以推测印度的某些人群可能对猴痘免疫。”

Dr Pooja Khosla, senior consultant, internal medicine, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, advised caution, however, saying chances of monkeypox reaching India couldn’t be ruled out.

然而,Ganga Ram医院内科高级顾问Pooja Khosla医生建议谨慎,称不能排除猴痘蔓延到印度的可能性。

Monkeypox causes symptoms similar to that of smallpox. The initial signs include fever, intense headache, swelling of the lymph nodes, back pain, muscle ache and lack of energy. In many patients, skin eruption is also seen.


According to Dr Ankita Baidya, consultant, infectious diseases, Manipal Hospital, Dwarka, the symptoms usually subside in two to four weeks. “Complications are rare and seen mainly in children and those with weak immunity,” Baidya said.

据德瓦尔卡马尼帕尔医院传染病顾问Ankita Baidya医生说,症状通常在两至四周内消退。“并发症很少见,主要见于儿童和免疫力低下的人群,”Baidya说。

According to WHO, an antiviral agent developed for the treatment of smallpox has also been licensed for the treatment of monkeypox. Otherwise, in most cases, patient condition improves with symptomatic management.



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Dinesh Jain

Because the disease is spreading in Europe, WHO will be serious about the disease.



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Honestly speaking..At this stage I'm just waiting for a news of zombie apocalypse outbreak.



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One Pandemic at a time Please....



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Bill Gates has something to do



Bonny Moraes

Have they found the cure or will they be experimenting?



Arun Choudhary

monkey pox is more dangerous than prior please take more care to prevent from them



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Any treatment for Manki baat ka virus ?



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Pharma compines.. got an idea from covid how much profit they can get by inducing fear in ppl .. dont be surprise if new virus shows up every year..



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 It was a genius, genius solution for Corona



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It's because of high number of illegal migration from Africa to Europe



Parshuram Gautampurkar

Now please be remain ready for monkeypox vaccination. ! Don`t know how many more vaccinations still do we need to undergo. It`s indeed a very bad phase of time we are passing through .



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Hope India remains safe from this infection.




why the news of new diseases are coming continually ?



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An able, efficient and clean ruler is ruled in our nation and whatever the virus enters, it will be faced with his end here.



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God, India already has plenty. Dont send more.



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Why wait for screening immediately?!! Atleast start kee an eye on the passengers coming from countries where infections have been detected


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Don't worry, nobody is coming to India, in a country, where prices of everything are now equal to Europe, due to inflation. Flights to India are 1 Lakh Rupees, tax expensive, hotel expensive, food expensive. Jai Fakira Manki baat.



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Would Modiji stop foreign tours again?



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Monkeys are immune from monkeypox. Don't worry !



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there many deadly virus in Africa but never harmed out of Africa


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