India has a lot of stories to tell, can be content hub of world: PM


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said India has many stories to be told and the country has the potential to become the “content hub of the world”.

Expressing happiness over India’s participation as the ‘Country of Honour’ at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, the PM asked international filmmakers to benefit from the possibilities to make movies in the country.



In a message, the PM said he is happy the honour not only coincides with 75 years of Indian Independence, but also marks 75 years of diplomatic relations between India and France.


He said this edition of the Cannes Film Festival is special because several Indian start-ups will have the opportunity to showcase their strengths to the world of cinema. He expressed happiness over the screening of the digitally remastered Satyajit Ray film, ‘Pratidwandi’, in the Cannes Classic Section.


The PM positioned India as the largest film-producing country in the world, and said Indian films are remarkable for mirroring society and for reflecting the rich heritage and cultural diversity of India. “We have a lot of stories to be explored. India truly possesses immense potential to become the content hub of the world,” Modi said.


He asserted the government’s commitment to enhancing the ‘ease of doing business’ in the film sector. “From facilitating international film co-productions, to ensuring a single window clearance mechanism for permissions for filming across the country, India offers seamless possibilities to filmmakers of the world,” Modi said.


“Our spellbinding locations, technological prowess in film-making and talent of young men and women provide a perfect backdrop for film makers,” he said. As the ‘Country of Honour’, five Indian start-ups will pitch to the audio-visual industry, while 10 professionals will participate in the animation-day networking.



Vinayak L Kulkarni

First let us get our footpaths and roads repaired then we all can spend time telling stories to the world.



Hindu not Hindutva

India is a land of love stories. The fascist Hindutva regime, wants to turn India into a hate story.




10% of this world's land has turned into desert in the last 20 years. If more land becomes desert, we cannot grow food for 7.5 Billion people. Join the SAVE SOIL movement.




Bharat of today has a brand. Bharat and Bharatiyas are respected everywhere. People know it and even if they are not well off financially they still vote the present government in huge numbers. Kudos to you, GOI.



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He is never subjective while talking.



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You mean, inflation story?




Fekendra Modi has new story to tell.



Bonny Moraes

Every country has its own stories to tell, but India has plus one. Add to it Modi’ yarns.



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India has world leader stories by the millions . No doubt we can be world content leaders . India is the worlds greatest story teller .



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with so many scams and corruption...I definitely believe you sir...we have lot of stories



Russell Ian Duarte

Yes Indeed PM stories you have galore, but tell people how much of LIES do your stories contain along with other WHITE lies of all your Professional LIARS club and clowns in your BJP GOVT have



Second Account

Prepared by fabricators like Oak and party, dum the 95 % of the real history under the mud.



Amitosh Kumar

Yes so many of them. Kindly share your failure story too when you go abroad.




While the world realize India's economic power and strong culture, some people who are having a anti modi agenda always look everything negatively.Feel proud of your country and your prime minister.He is representing all of us



Zero Inch Modi

And every story is a Jumla..



Pappu Pass

Sure specially from last 8 years...every year has good stories related to plight of Middle class but he doesn't listen



Zero Inch Modi

Look at this Hindu taliban! He has only one story to tell.. hate




Anis Shaikh

Lot of jumla and lies


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