Beiing 2022 Winter Olympic Games - high speed train to Zhangjiakou mountain cluster, my day off


Hello everyone, I am Kat and I am currently working at #Beiing2022 #WinterOlympics.


What a rollercoaster of a journey it has already been! On my day off (I only have 1 day off throughout the whole Games), I decide to catch the train and go to the mountain cluster at Zhangjiakou -located approxmately 180 kilometers northwest of Beiing (111.8 miles) it hosts  the majority of the ski and snowboarding events including freestyle, cross-country, ski jum, Nordic combined, and biathlon.. I got to watch ski aerials (very impressive). Due to strict venue rules I can't show you a lot from there, but what I can show you is my train ride and the new high speed train operating for the Olympic Games.


在我的休息日(奥运期间我只有1天假),我决定去赶火车,去张家口山地场馆,位于北京西北约180公里(大部分滑雪和滑板滑雪活动包括自由泳、越野、跳台滑雪、北欧两项和冬季两项都在这里举办. .我看了滑雪空中技巧(非常棒)。


The funny thing is - during my day off, the city of Beiing is suddenly being covered with snow. Pretty snowflakes everywhere, yay! I love snow and it makes me so happy. It's even prettier in the mountains. I am so grateful for all these experiences during the Olympic Games, hope you will enjoy them with me and








If you believe China is a peaceful and progressive country, raise your hand



Del Epeno

I really am impressed how modern china infrastructure is.. And the street is so safe even at night.. Thumbs up..



Paul T

Modern, peaceful, friendly, a spectacular winter wonderland, Zhangjiakou, Beiing and beyond.



Robert Snelling

As the games draw to a close it is heartening to hear more positive feedback from western media.   Overall, it seems that the games have been a great success too.




When I studied abroad in China, my favorite part was taking the bullet trains to different cities. Sometimes it’s faster to take the train, because you don’t have to go to the station two hours in advance to go through check in, security, and boarding. The trains are always so clean. I wish the U.S. has bullet trains.





I'm mesmerized by the beautiful scenery and how quiet and hi-tech everything in China seems to be. In a country of 1.4 Billion people, there seems to be no chaos and disorder. Everything seems to be as it should. I want some of the same for my country.



Joey Cat

There was something so peaceful about the high-tech, high speed train hurtling quietly through the snow-covered wilderness. Then to see you interact with fellow tourists in the falling snow in Zhangjiakou, it's clear that you are having a nice time. It certainly is a different perspective on China than the one we are accustomed to seeing in the media here in the US, so thank you...





Kim Jong-un

China has such gorgeous scenery



China Hamyku

The high-speed rail you take should be the latest driverless smart high-speed rail with a speed of 350km/h, which started operation before the Beiing Winter Olympics. The entire train has been specially designed, each car has a special cabinet for storing skis.



David Lee

Taking the bullet train to watch the scenery of the Game of Throne, that's fantastic.




In UK, trains may not run due to the wrong kind of snow, as in autumn, trains may not run due to the wrong kind of leaves on the track.



Rock Wang

Hope you enjoy the journey and welcome back again to see more of the beautiful Beiing!



Daniel Wong

Wow Beiing is actually snowing good timing for Beiing winter sport. It must be a blessing from above. Hope every altheles will have a great awesome time



Seymore Fact

if USA ever has luxury speed trains like China...I would love to take it more often!



John Chen

On other normal high speed railways in China, they have hot food service and you can even order food deliveries from local restaurants during your trip.



Heng Ong Chua

I am sure and believe many of this Winter Olympic participants from all over the world are looking forward to go back and visit China again once traveling is more easy after the pandemic is over. Now they had been to China and see the real China with their eyes they are sure eager to see more of China. Knowing how safe and how friendly the Chinese is.

China Beiing train station it looks far better than most US, UK, Canada, Australia and India Airports.





Avery the Cuban-American

Here's a reminder that China has the world's largest high-speed rail network, with currently around 38,000 km/24,000 miles of lines....

America has a long way to go to try to rival that



Ivy Li

I need to see Beiing and Great Wall in snow one day, it looks so beautiful.



Louise Robinson

So glad to see you were enjoying yourself and showed the world China’s state-of-the-art infrastructure!!




I hope one day, Toronto (in Canada) can host the Winter Olympics.  Main problem is our mountains aren't very high.  We would need to build a mountain to accomodate the downhill skiing events -- crazy expensive for just skiing events that last only a week or so....





Usually they sell bento and hot drinks on board, but because its possible that COSTA is a sponsor of the Olympic Games, the trains are obligated to sell only sponsored products. Maybe that is why there is only COSTA coffee in a bottle. Zhang Jia Kou is also too cold for me. One week before the games started it was snowing at -32 degrees Celsius! Crazy Siberian type of snow!



Roy Qu

Beautiful place, thank you so much for sharing.



Blue Star

I wish I could see the Great Wall covered in snow. That would be fantastic!



Arthur Ngiam

Whenever I am in China, I always feel very safe even late at night and was told by my American friends it is probably the safest country in the whole world since the 21st century because of high resolution cctv cameras!



John We

Clean, tidy, efficiently organized, please name a country who can do this kind of Job if you know.


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