Good News for India | Is India going to Host the Olympic Games?


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MR.AYUSH Shanware

I believe north-east states with central government should unitedly take initiative to host youth Olympics, people of Northeast India are sports lovers, also the world class infrastructure created for youth Olympics will be used by athletes over their for training and other state and national tournaments.

If we create sports infrastructure in Northeast we can also invite athletes from Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal and even Myanmar for practice and friendly games.






Odisha has already hosted numerous international sporting events, including the World Cup of Hockey, the Asian Athletic Games, and the FIFA Women's Under-20 World Cup, among others, demonstrating that the state is fully capable of hosting Olympic games.



Jitendra Sahoo

I believe Odisha can provide world class facilities to youth summer Olympics as it successfully organised hockey World Cup in the past. It will be a very big boost to Odisha's tourism sector.



Satya Prakash

i think Odisha should host this because it has already hosted similar international level tournaments and sports infra is also wonderful especially hockey stadiums.



Sweety Narwal

I want Olympic Games to be held in North-eastern states. Our all major states n cities are already very much developed, so, we should focus on less developed states like north-eastern states. It will improve tourism industry n it will give a major boost to economy of these states and with development of these states we can easily counter China's



Ritin Wadekar

It was always believed in the world that India is incapable to host olympics due to poor infrastructure and facilities, lack of olympic medals etc.. But this will drastically change in the coming years as India improves.. hope to see India hosting Summer olympics in the coming future





That's why we need more buisness gaints like Mukesh Ambani.. we Indians should learn to , celebrate our buisness gaints rather than giving them hate.. they contribute a lot to Indian economy and they  also contribute to soft power of india





I am an Indian & we celebrate all kind of festival in Every region of every religion that is why it is called INCREDIBLE INDIA

Jai hind



Zeeshan Raza

I hope if goverment is doing so this olympic should be held in UP or Bihar after reforming infrastructure of these states second option could be north eastern region.., because it will provide other reflection on these states which has been proven of most least develop states..



Anirban Choudhury

I think hosting the Olympics in North East India should be rather preferred, certainly in Arunachal Pradesh, that not only will boost the exposure of the state and the infrastructure but also will send a strong message to China.




The Upcoming Ahmedabad Sports Enclave is a clear hint that it could be hosted in Gujarat. The Home Minister had stated that it is meant to host the Olympics.



Chinmay Acharjee

India is really progressing very fast in sports.Really happy to see such improvement



Vladimir Putin

Full respect to all Indian industrialists Ambani, Adani, TATA, Mahindra etc. They are lifelines of Indian Economy!!



Prathamesh Shanbhag

How about  making Goa as the host city (or state) of the Olympics in India?  It has a experience of hosting Lusofonia Games and BRICS games as well. Also, its popular in the world.

Second choice can be Ahmedabad as by 2036, Sardar Vallabhbhai Sports Enclave will be ready.

让果阿邦来主办奥运会怎么样?果阿邦还举办过葡语系运动会和金砖国家运动会。而且,果阿邦在世界上很受欢迎。第二个选择是艾哈迈达巴德,到2036年,Sardar Vallabhbhai 体育场将准备就绪。


Ratnesh Sharma

North East Deserves to get the chance to host Olympics in India. It will help in develo them, bringing them out of ignorance



Rakesh Sahoo

Odisha will be a perfect state to host Olympic games bcz it already hosted numerous international sporting events and it has many stadiums. By organization such international events we can exposure our monument, nature, culture and history of odisha which is pure and remains undistored by foreign invaders.



21 Prayash Ranjan Mohanty, 10B

I would like to see BHUBANESHWAR a major city in ODISHA to host the next Olympics, because I feel that it is a city who haven't yet received must recognition and appreciation as a smart and clean city and also as an IT hub. It also has the required infrastructure and is also a smart, clean and Green city.




Ram Singh Shekhawat

Ye to hona hi tha

There's gonna more than this in  coming years

India is growing up



Shivam Pandey

I think India should conduct the Youth Olympics in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

This would not only benefit the U.T. but will also be a big deplomatic win for India.

This would also make good image of the place and prove that the decision to scrape Article 370 was a wise one.



Debanjan Biswas

I trust people like Adani and Ambani more than the GOI...If they take up any initiative, they usually make it successful which isn't the case with the GOI always..



Subhadeep Dutta

The way they supported hockey and revived it, the deserve to be the Sports capital.




Our Industrialists & Businessmen like Ambani, TATA, Adani, Mahendra, etc are the backbone of our Indian Economy and now we see that they are even hel India geopolitically.

That's why they should be respected and celebrated.




For any such event, India will have to prepare and develop apt infrastructure rapidly. This is a great opportunity.



Mamta Sharma

India has huge potential to showcase to the world and this is the right opportunity

As far as the state goes , Odisha can be a favoured destination as it has done a lot to boost the sports infrastructure as well as the talent there



subram rami

My suggestion is for Haryana or North Eastern states. These states traditionally bring out lots of sportsmen and women. Having a premier Olympics there will help these states to get a world class infrastructure thereby enabling more meals to the country. Not to mention improving local economy as well.



KAJAL kashyap

India is going to be the next WORLD LEADER undoubtedly. We should believe the long and broad vision of the leaders of India rather than thinking about short time benefits.



Ashish sisodia

Next Olympic can be planned in pink City jaipur, Rajasthan

- As it has well connectivity with our capital

- it will also boost our tourism industry as well



Unknown Exstence

If any Olympics evens happened in India, I would like to see it in Northeast, it'll be a massive boost for the region and a tribute for their contribution in National sports.




I really think that Uttarakhand and UP should should host the youth olympics...it would also stimulate the huge tourism potential of India.



Trending Talks

Ambani family is definately the richest family...but they continuously trying to do something better for the country. From internet penetration in country to increasing football craze in india. And now Olympic


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