India's Hunger Crisis Might be Worse Than Covid-19



Nafisa watched her baby’s life drain away.


She and her husband struggled to make even 1 rupee (1 cent) a day from their tailoring business after India went into a Covid-19 lockdown in March. They often have nothing to eat. Nafisa was breast-feeding little Aaris, and with hardly any food for herself, she simply couldn’t produce enough milk. He grew weak, and his skin yellowed with jaundice. Hungry and in pain, he sobbed and howled. He died in his mother’s arms just a few weeks into the lockdown, at four months old.


It was an especially cruel tragedy because it happened in a country that boasts about having the world’s largest food-aid program. Go nment warehouses brim with more than 70 million metric tons of grains, or almost 15% of global stockpiles, and the nation’s wheat and rice harvests have surged to records. Still, like millions of other Indians, Nafisa has never gotten any of the subsidized food promised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration. Her 5-year-old son, Salman, doesn’t even bother asking for food anymore, because he knows there’s no point.


“Nobody is listening to us,” 24-year-old Nafisa, who goes by a single name, said from the Banda district in Uttar Pradesh state. Recounting how she applied in vain time and again for the ration card that would help feed her family, she broke down in tears.

24岁的娜菲莎住在北方邦的班达区,她说:“没人听我们的。” 在讲述她是如何一次又一次地申请可以养活全家的配给卡却次次无果时,她哭了起来。

“If we had the card, at least we could feed our child.”


Go nments across the world have failed to prevent a hunger crisis that is reaching monumental proportions. Globally, as many as 132 million more people than previously projected by the United Nations could go hungry in 2020. The total increase for this year could be more than triple any this century, even at a time of ample food supplies, as the pandemic sharpens the world’s deep inequalities.



Open Source Is

I wish the go nment would stop the ration card sy em and come up with something more accessible and one that everyone has access too



Aman Verma

It's resource curse, it is saying if you throw seeds in any part of India it will grow, that's shows how fertile is soil in India. But problem is not production it's distribution!



LOGHNY Warriors

As a Social scientist, I would blame the go nment which is spending extra 11 billion dollars on arms every year , civil po itical incompetentance causes billions lost to economy in co ption. At the end lower classes has to pay the price of death /hunger in third world countries which have limited resources including India,




So sad what can we do to help?




Crying  it’s so heartbreaking.. With all the people in this world that throw food away that go out and spend millions of dollars on homes in luxury items they could be hel these people there’s no sense in people dying of starvation if we are the people in the world would help one another



Deepit Shah

Very sad that people  are still struggling  to get ration food even after 75 years of Independence. Agriculture in our country was given first importance to grow more n more of food grains. Today we have good food grains production n stock.   Then why this death due to hunger?



Sriram R

"We don't have work to buy food, how do i feed my 5 children" . "5 CHILDREN" let it sink in, it's hard to feel sorry for these people.



Brown Sugar

I wonder how the caste sy em affect these people !



Ellen Araujo _Tacks

I love India From Brazil




What do you mean might be? During the first COVID lockdowns over 20 million people died world wide. 20 million. That is sickening.




majid meziane

I'm praying for India. I hope this ends soon



Vishnu Mahant

I can't believe this is India today! What the hell are we doing wrong? India needs a big change!




Certified Byahero

While here in the Philipes, people are still compning even though the go nment has already given them assistance worth 8,000 pesos plus relief goods.



Carlito Asap

superpower india



Richie Rich

Eat leaves and grass people



Peiang He

Yet India is still one of the world's major crop exporters in the world when tens of millions starve domestically




Population control



samir Kkheti

Love india .. but hate leader like modi amit shah .who only thinks of businesss....



JAAZ Jazir

And they still say modi is the best



Josiah #34 #24

Then why have kids, I will never understand why people who can barely feed themselves will have kids




life is tough



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Incredible India


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