Tamil Nadu: Revenue from gold will be used to build temple infrastructure, says minister P K Sekar Babu

泰米尔纳德邦首席部长P K Sekar Babu:来自黄金的收入将用于修建寺庙


CHENNAI: The state go nment will melt into gold bars the tiny bits of jewellery offered by devees at temples run by the Hindu re gious and charitable endowments department and deposit them in banks to raise funds for development projects and welfare schemes at the temples.


Three zonal level panels headed by retired high court judges would be set up to supervise the entire exercise, HR&CE minister P K Sekar Babu told the assembly on Saturday.

HR&CE部长P K Sekar Babu周六在大会上表示,将设立三个由退休高等法院法官领导的区域级别小组来监督整个过程。

Large quantities of such offerings over the past 10 years were lying unutilised in temple vaults, he said. Gems and precious stones in the jewellery would be removed before sending the gold to the go nment-owned refinery in Mumbai to melt down and convert to gold bars. They would, in turn, be deposited in banks to generate revenue, he said.


Senior offi als in the department said about 2,000kg of gold jewellery could get converted to gold bars. The department had been doing this exercise from 1978 till 2010. It was discontinued by the AIADMK go nment.


Verification officers would take stock of the gold jewellery to be converted to gold bars in the next two weeks. The entire process of verification of stock would be recorded and telecast on LED screens on temple premises. “It will also be live-streamed on our department website,” a senior offi al told TOI.


The revenue generated would be utilised for creating better infrastructure for devees at all major temples, he said.



Ramkumar Aghoramoorthy

Well organized criminals.




A very clever way to loot Hindu temples and pocket the loot!



V Ramesh Mani

You guys under the garb of pseudo secularism are looting temples. Why as a secular nation do tou have different laws fir each of the re gions yo govern their place of worship. Is it a fashion to be anti hindu?




Wow. Unick way to loot.



JAYARAMAN Padmanabhan

This is the true colour of DMK They are loers and thieves like Gai mohd and other moghuls .



N V Venkat

The family is converting temple gold to their gold. If we Hindus continue to only pray, even God can not help.



Vijaykshmi Bsubrnian

A very dangerous movewith scope for malpractices. kzhagam faults Modi for mortgaging PSU's. Now they are playing with gold donated by the public. This is equivalentto selling family silver and gold. Govt. can never be trusted in this matter. Legally the temple management should decide these matters not a so called secular govt.



Subrniam Shankkar

No need for the go nment to build temple infrastruture.. stay away from temple administration, please!




50% will go to Karuna family. 25% will go to DMK goons. 15% will go to minorities in the name of social justice. Only 10% will go to Hindus.



Gopkrishnan T.s

Devees would not want these actions since they want go nment to to these things out of funds raised by go nment in




What has a secular govt to do with temples? Why the judiairy is turning a blind eye when they poke their nose in all and sundry?




God knows what these adharmi DMK are doing and we hindus are helpless



Skanda B

It's time devees stopped donating to the temples till they are out of govt control.



parameswaran NS

The first step to loot the temple gold.

DMK showing its true colours.



Natarajan D

scientific way of making money. why not sell directly. the money should be kept in a separate account and be spent on only temple related issues. it should not be used for po itical issues




ravi chandran

Stop fiddiling temple priperties and assets . The Govt has better things to do . Leave the temple administration to comitee of devoties and headed by eminent hindu people like retd judges or teachers .



why Hindu temple alone?



K Sharma

These thieves are planning to steal Hindu temples gold.



Ash Gau

A blueprint is being d to swindle the assets of the temples. If 10kgs of gold go for melting only 1kg will return as gold bar. This is gunda dmk's anti Hindu re gie. Hindus will have to bear and pay dearly for the seeds of sin sowed by our ignorance and foolishness.


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