Noida: Twin towers built as per law, says Supertech chairman; to file review petition ag inst SC order



NOIDA: Realty firm Supertech Ltd on Saturday said that their twin towers in Noida were constructed as per the laws and with approval of the authorities and that they will file a review petition ag inst the Supreme Court order to demolish the company's 40-storey towers.

诺伊达:周六,房地产公司Supertech Ltd表示,他们在诺伊达的双子塔是按照法律建造的,并得到了当局的批准,他们将对最高法院下令拆除该公司40层大楼的命令提出复核申请。

"While we respect the hon'ble Supreme Court order, we have decided to re-present the matter before the Hon'ble Supreme Court in a review application as the towers were constructed as per the approval of the competent authority conforming to the Building bye-laws," Supertech chairman RK Arora said.

Supertech董事长RK Arora表示:“虽然我们尊重最高法院的命令,但我们决定在最高法院的审查申请中就此事进行陈述,因为双子塔是根据主管当局的批准建造的,符合建筑细则。”

He said in a statement that the Apex and Ceyane towers are not linked to or part of any ongoing project of the company.


Supertech group is develo 10 crore sq ft across its projects, while Apex and Ceyane towers only constitute a mere 6 lakh sq.ft which is 0.6 per cent of the total portfolio, he added.


Last week, the apex court had ordered to demolish the twin 40-storey towers, which are part of the Supertech's Emerald Court project in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

上周,最高法院下令拆除这两座40层楼高的大楼,这是Supertech在北方邦诺伊达Emerald Court 项目的一部分。


Ish Bansal

I lived close by to this contentious project and saw these towers coming up. It was such a blatant act of collusion between builder and authorities.




What is the voilation after the approval of this building by govt aithorities ???

If the plan is a voilation then this govt authority should be behind bars before the building demolishan .




Ish Bansal

Further Supreme court took 7 years to ratify the judgement (delivered in 2014) of Alahabad high court. The issue and collusion is so blatant that it does not require any legal arguments or fights, to come to conclusion.



Guest Login

The court should first investigate and establish the collusion between Supertech and the building authority who allegedly approved plans. Why the courts always find fault with the builders and not the building authority who approved plans and allowed the construction.



Amrit Bindra

Supertech respects the SC order but calls it illegal !



Meerut Kaushals

Waste of resources. This way we should go and demolish half of Delhi!!



Satya Prakash Gupta

The offi als who allowed should be brought to the court and their assets should also be confiscated. If any po itical leader is behind this then he should also be b to book.



Pawan Khatri

Only law abiding middle class of this country is scared of police/courts/govt.



Agnelo Dsa

approval granted after money was paid.



Vivek !!

Date after date .. the case going since 2009 .. builder , po iticians, authority, lawyers all together making a mockery of honest tax paying citizens..




SC must charge huge service amount on all review petition and on PIL. Not it has turn as new business- not Charity. No free lunch to any one.



Anil kumar Kulshrestha

not only in noida homebuyers are crying in gurugram as well because of ur faulty practices



Shrinivasa Kth

The court should have named all the persons involved in the project approval and construction and penalize all of them and not just the builder. Why are the authorities spared?




nonsense . your organization had breached laws and colluded with corrupt babus. hope your review petition , if filed , too will be rejected . please conduct business by obeying laws .



Rakesh Gautam

These towers should not be demolished even if these towers are illegal, instead of destroying the assets, some other way should be found out by imposing huge penalty. Though I don't in any way support the builder but the money and efforts already invested, shouldn't be dest yed and should be used for some purpose.




Thousands of buyers suffered because they misinformed and misrepresented the facts to buyers and trap them



chakradhar p

Hang the corrupt Babus or the Authorities responsible along with local po iticians who took bribes in public for looting hard earned common people money




Why demolish and destroy resources.... just confiscate and auction




May the co ption turn to dust !



Joyraj Kakoti

Probably the Supreme court jokers have not received their cut.Thoda aur pocket dhila karo,they will permit give permit for another 40 storey.


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