Sindhu first Indian woman to win 2 Olympic medals, men’s hockey team in semis



‘It’s Coming Home,’ got an Indian makeover on Sunday. Old world spirit and a new age women’s rising gave it a wholly homespun flavour.

“It ' s Coming Home”周日改了印度版。旧世界的精神和新时代女性的崛起使它散发着一种纯朴的味道。

Here’s how. The Indian hockey team, first, which was rekindling long-forgotten Olympic nostalgia by making the semi-finals after nearly half a century, when a major chunk of our current population was not even born. Coming, somewhat fittingly, at the expense of our former imperial masters, Great Britain, the fluent 3-1 victory tells us that India is a win away from reclaiming a corner of the Olympic field that was once our living room, complete with wicker sofa-set, black and white TV behind a crochet cover and medals in the shelf above.


Then, equally significantly, if not more, PV Sindhu was staking claim to being India’s greatest-ever individual Olympian — across gender, and possibly generations too. Her face a strange mix of quiet grit and menace, on Sunday, Sindhu was in a mood to take no prisoners, demolishing China’s bewildered-looking He Bing Jiao in less than an hour for her second Olympic medal, an equally precious bronze this time that followed her Rio silver. “I’m on Cloud Nine,” she would exclaim later, but would also speak of undying ambition, “I had a lot of emotions going through me — should I be happy that I won bronze or sad that I lost the opportunity to play in the final?”


“我非常高兴,” 她后来说,但也谈到了她永恒的雄心,“我百感交集——我应该为获得铜牌而高兴,还是应该为失去参加决赛的机会而悲伤?”

As an individual double-medallist, the tall, easy-smiling Sindhu was emulating the Olympic feats of Sushil Kumar. The once-ace wrestler is currently lodged in Tihar jail and was allowed a TV to watch the Olympics only after a special request to the authorities. Sushil had the world at his feet, he let it slip. Something tells you, the Indian sportswomen, constantly aware of their struggles, the ever-rising glass ceilings, the institutionalized patriarchy that they have to overcome on an everyday basis, will treasure their status more. Medals now won by Indian women at the Olympics are eight, three coming at Tokyo alone. Wrestler Vinesh Phoghat is yet to take the mat.

作为两枚奖牌获得者,身材高大、笑容可掬的辛杜正在复制苏希尔·库马尔的奥运壮举。这位曾经的王牌摔跤手目前被关押在提哈尔监狱,只有在向当局提出特别要求后,才被允许看电视。苏希尔的世界就在他的脚下,他却让它溜走了。有些事情告诉你,印度女运动员,不断意识到自己的挣扎,不断上升的玻璃天花板,制度化的父权制,她们每天都必须克服,会更珍惜自己的地位。印度女性在奥运会上总共获得过8块奖牌,仅东京奥运会就会获得3块,摔跤手Vinesh Phoghat还没有上场。

There was a time when an Indian hockey team in the medal rounds at the Olympics was as much a given as current-day Chinese domination across sporting arena. There was a time when India’s winners were men, and our women, the also-rans. With Indian women now clearly calling the shots it makes good sense for us to follow in the way they show us. As for the hockey, let Manpreet Singh and his band of fighting stickmen not be weighed down by the crushing burden of history.



Leroy Jethro Gibbs

To all our players, Chak De! Oh Chak De India! We are proud of you. As for all Indians, time to give same support to other sports like we do to cricketers.




Congratulations PV Sindhu for your achievement, God bless



Nalini Krishna

Sidhu you are really a Hindhustani.! Congrats.!



Narottam Patel

Congratulations PV Sindhu. Well done.



Sudhir Rathore

congratulations India for a new begng



Congratulations Sindhu



Tom Diwan

Three cheers for the brave Lady Sindhu,you made India proud.



Sanjoy Pandey

We wish all the best to the Indian Men Hockey team for the next two matches.



Thirumalesh Bhat

Sindhu deserves praise from every Indian!




Congratulations Sindhu. A big achievement.



Rational Corp

PV Sindhu, daughter of Hindustan. Well done dear.



Asok Datta

Congratulations to Sidhu! But the overall results of team India are still very frustrating and dismal

祝贺辛杜 !但是印度队的整体成绩仍然非常令人沮丧


K Mohan Twincities

India proud of PV Sindhu as her medal wng spree continue and India gets prestigious



Salil Srivastava

well done



Lalatendu Rath

Many many congratulations, Sindhu, you have done India proud. Don't regret what you missed out. May be history has something still bigger in store for you.



Snehasis Basu

Best of Luck to the Hockey team and ho for the podium finish




India the Great. Now a time has come for India to push its younger generation in sports arena.



avijit hi

Great Achievement



D K Dubey

Congratulations showing great mental strength after a loss at semis



Basabjit Chowdhury

Congratulations to Sindhu. Praying for gold in hockey. 140 grote people deserve a gold medal.



Ravindran M

Sindhu looked completely out of form in her match with world no 1 -



Leo Kanth

Sindhu should get married once she returns and focus on rolling chapathis and wash clothes and dishes like normal girl.


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