Tokyo Olympics 2020: Amit Panghal's campaign ends with a shocking loss



TOKYO: Star Indian boxer Amit Panghal (52kg) bowed out of the Olympics with a stunning 1-4 loss to Rio Games silver-medallist Yuberjen Martinez, beaten by the Colombian's relentless attacks and pace in a draining pre-quarterfinal bout here on Saturday.


The world number one Indian, who was making his debut in the Games and was seeded top, had got an opening-round bye.


One of India's strongest medal contenders, Panghal was put under pressure by the sply Colombian in the opening round itself but the pre-bout favourite ensured that he connected better to cm the first three minutes 4-1.


Martinez's pace should have set rm bells ringing in the Indian corner despite Panghal bagging the first round because the Pan-American champion upped the ante in the second round, working relentlessly on Panghal's body with his uppercuts.


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Vijayan I

All this talk is bull__it. phangal was world no. 1, Deepika was world no. 1, Manu, Saurabh Verma was no.2 etc and so on. they may be but they surely lack something when it comes to Olympics. all lost even before the the semis. which proves that they attained rankings by playing smaller tournaments and this also have them a false sense of being champions. their opponents were simply better prepared

阿米特是世界排名第一,迪皮卡是世界第一,Manu, Saurabh Verma排名第一。等等等等,都是胡扯。他们可能是,但他们肯定缺乏一些东西,一到奥运会,他们甚至在半决赛前就输了。这证明了他们是通过参加小型比赛获得排名的,这也让他们有了一种能得冠军的错觉。他们的对手准备得更充分



I saw the bout and the opponent deserved to win. Amit was way too defensive in 2nd and 3rd round and was literally running away from opponent all the time. He looked drained from start of the 2nd round itself and now I came to know here that he is world no 1..OMG how it is even possible??



Kabul Se Pathan

Don't worry India will top the medals tally in SAARC games.



Yezdi Vesuna




Rahul Soman

This is the problem with us indians. Content with gold and silver in lesser competitive games like Asian games, CWG etc.


Kalpesh Patil

You are that kind of parents who wants their child to always score 100%.



sumit more

So I fail to understand how do the world no 1's Amit Phangal, Deepika Kumari, Mary Kom, Saurabh Chaudhary, get knocked out even before QF.

And how do these even get those top rankings at first.

This pattern is being seen in all bong, wrestling, Shooting, Archery, weightlifting wng medals in Asian games and some even win in World championships but can't replicate that on the biggest stage of olympics.

This is a serious concern now

我不明白为什么世界排名第一的Amit Phangal, Deepika Kumari, Mary Kom, Saurabh Chaudhary在1/4赛之前就被淘汰了。他们是如何获得最高排名的。这种趋势在拳击、摔跤、射击、射箭、举重比赛中都能看到,他们在亚运会中赢得奖牌,有些甚至在世界锦标赛中获胜,但在最大的奥运会舞台上却无法复制这种成功。这是一个严重的问题


Guest Login

No idea how he is ranked world no1 but in this match he was completed beaten by his opponent. He was clueless to defend. Same thing goes to Depika kumari, world no1 in archery but her opponents are far better. I tk they are under pressure and failed badly in the biggest stage of their career.



Gabbar Mogambo

High time India has force Olympics to introduce Indian sports like Kabbadi, Kho Kho, Lagoori, Gilli Danda , Jalikkatu into the games. Probably then we can expect some medals. Modiji, can you help over here?

印度早该让奥委会将卡巴迪、Kho Kho、Lagoori、Gilli Danda、Jalikkatu等印度体育项目引入奥运会。也许到那时我们就能拿到奖牌了。莫迪,你能帮忙吗?

Rajat Gupta

Kabaddi is an international sport with an international kabaddi federation with over 31 teams. Iran, Korea have pretty strong teams and multiple western countries such as US, England, Australia play the sport. Any way its far more of a sport than Judo, handball, equestrian, golf. Dont just ridicule a sport because it has Indian roots



Ming Muyiyang

India, with a population of 1.4 billion, has never played the National Anthem in Tokyo. Shame! Indians should disappear from the earth because the world has ignored India. India is transparent and does not est.


Sanjeev Kumar

What that chinki said was



Ankush Thakur

they are common wealth champs..poor third world countries competing ag inst each other



Another Level

his exhausted poor stamina starting round 2 is questionable... what is his diet, and why should he run around the ring like a coward for all the time. most of his energy was spent running around ring than fighting.




In Olympics, all best players participate. So who ever maintains coolness wins. It is all about how tough mentally you are.



HappyTimes User

It's zing that world no ones in different deciplines have not even qualified for semifinals.



jaydeep kher

Panghy just gave up basically




better luck next time



Sudheir Arun

This happens to all Indian players. They do well in the world Championship s but fail miserably in the Olympics. Eg Mary Kom, PV Sindhu, all the shoers, wrestlers. The list is long.

所有印度运动员都一样,他们在世锦赛上表现优异,在奥运会上却惨败。例如玛丽·科姆, 辛杜,所有的射击运动员,摔跤运动员,名单很长。


Rajat Gupta

He did not play like champion. He seemed visibly scared and was literally running away from thr opponent




Satish kumar fought thousand times better than him


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