Are the Chinese good to work with as a foreigner?




Chris Ebbert, lived in China

It would depend on demographics and the type of work, of course.

When I was working in Shanghai for a French university, we had many instances of cooperation with Chinese business people, academics, and administrators.


It was always most pleasant, high spirited, and very successful. When Chinese professionals decide to engage, they give it everything they have, and they are good at what they do while remaining very graciously aware of human needs. I think I’ve never been subject to more entertaining, dining, and sightseeing while at work than I was in China.



There will be an expectation that terms can be renegotiated, details amended, and timing changed. But these inconveniences by western standards are compensated for by genuine attempts at kee a long term relationship going in which both sides benefit.


Long story short, yes, the Chinese are great to work with, as long as you are ready to indulge in lots of entertaining, stay flexble, and give them a chance to hold up their end of the deal, which may unfold in mysterious ways.



Robert Hill, Japanese Translator at Self-Employment (2015-present)

I used to work with a Chinese guy from the mainland called Steven when I was managing a Ladbrokes shop in Leicester Square. He was working part time while studying at Univeristy in England.


He was diligent, hard working, punctual, and most importantly for a job in a bookies, incredibly personable.


I actually bumped into him on a London bus while visiting a friend a couple of years after I'd left the UK for Spain and he was working for some financial firm somewhere in the city, seemingly doing very well for himself.


He hadn't lost any of his charm and was still just as engaging as ever.


I mean a sample size of one is very small I admit, but he was a sound lad and I'm glad he really made a go of it in London! Fair play to him.




Krishna Sharma, Scholar Graduate Honours in English & Honours in Anatomy and Physiology, Computer Tech Guru (2013)

I will be COMPLETELY HONEST. I have mixed feelings about Chinese, most I met were not good. BUT I met a few very good ones, and when I was working with them, those were the times I was most productive and paid in my life.


Now I am in India with an American Accent and Bombay and Punjab Haryana won’t even hire me for an English Speaking Process! I will just get back into my media work most likely!




Mika Timonen, Co-owner at Enmanskonsulterna (2013-present)

I only worked with 3 Chinese persons here in Sweden. 2 were great to work but the 3rd terrible. It's like with all people there are mostly good apples but a few bad.



Jim Wong

No if you are an American. Chinese, Japanese and Koreans in general are hard workers. If you spend time yap, standing by the water cooler, slee on the job, producing low quality work, charging 8 hours for 1 hour work, your action will drive him banana.




Daniel Morse, Instructor (1994-present)

I am a foreigner who worked for four different Chinese employers within China. My answer is that all four employers were fair, kind, contractual. I always had good relations with my employers.



Tracy Mcalister, knows Persian

They are simply amazing. Polite, punctual, honest, humble, grateful. Need I go on?



Shan Liu, Been Chinese all my life. LOL

Nope, unless they go out of their way to accomodate you, Chinese assume a very high IQ of every one, making it very difficult because they will not explain in details. But if you are very smart like Elon Musk, then yes.




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