Boris Johnson will launch post-Bret trade drive with trip to India next month as he vows to bang the drum for 'Global Britain'



Boris Johnson will launch a post-Bret trade drive with a trip to India next month, it was announced today.


The PM has accepted an invitation from PM Narendra Modi as he vowed to bang the drum for 'Global Britain'.


It is expected to be Mr Johnson's first major trip after the transition period with the EU ends on December 31, and is a signal of intent to boost the UK's wider ties around the world.


The premier has also invited India, Australia and South Korea to attend the G7 summit of powerful nations in the UK next summer.


Mr Johnson said: 'I am absolutely delighted to be visiting India next year at the start of an exciting year for Global Britain, and look forward to delivering the quantum l in our bilateral relationship that Prime Minister Modi and I have pledged to achieve.


'As a key player in the Indo-Pacific region, India is an increasingly indispensable partner for the United Kingdom as we work to boost jobs and growth, confront shared threats to our security and prect our planet.'


India is seen as a key strategic partner for the UK as it looks to forge a new path after cutting ties with Brussels.


Mr Johnson will be the first PM since John Major to attend annual Republic Day event as Guest of Honour.


It is his first major bilateral visit since entering No10 - although much of that time has been dominated by the coronavir s pandemic.


Downing Street said Mr Johnson would use the trip to boost cooperation in trade and investment, defence and security, and health and climate change.


The UK-India trade relationship is worth around £24billion a year, and is said to support around half a million jobs.


There are 842 Indian companies in the UK with a combined turnover of £41.2billion.



PJ, The EU is great for the UK, United Kingdom

India will want a relaxation of visa rules as part of a trade deal. So instead of people coming from Germany or the Netherlands to the UK to work, there will be more from India.



NoHS, Edinburgh

The UK will become a colony of India. Oh the irony.



Marsm Today, Leicester, United Kingdom

What on earth would we do a deal with India for, unless it's another attempt to import ch labour or export jobs? They buy next to nothing of ours and won't let our services industries into their markets, Boris should have his hands full sorting out No Deal.




Shahsheh, Dublin, Ireland

A strange turn of events, the UK asking India to step up and help save the UK economy.



David Listy, London, United Kingdom

Thisll be fun. Watch the Breters heads explode as they realise more brown people are coming.



Ray Grider, Winchester, United Kingdom

Breteers will be thrilled, less Polish supermarkets and more Indian ones.



Frank Ryan, Limerick, Ireland

Has "global Britain" forgotten that it plundered the Globe in the past? Those countries Britain is now desperate to trade with haven't forgotten.




Happy abroad, Waldshut, Germany

I wonder how Boris the clown diplomat will insult the Indians. He was a terrible Foreign secretary, and is an even worse PM.



Old Reader, The town

India wants one thing and one thing only from Boris: unfettered access for their citizens to the UK. Enjoy!



ericjackson, London

I think we are all aware of the first item on India's negotiation strategy. Unless you allow 10,000 Indians plus their extended families into the U.K. each year, we're not interested in making any deals with you!



Ir0nMan, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Watch him give away millions of visas.



austin morris, perth, United Kingdom

F of movement is a starting point for India ..they've told Johnson that already . Anyway India very prectionist btw . Good luck

自 由出入是印度的出发点,他们已经告诉约翰逊了。顺便说一下,印度的保护主义非常严重。祝好运


Buchan, seoul, South Korea

Australia has been trying to negotiate a trade deal with India for 9 years, no conclusion due to Indias prectionism and FoM demands. Johnson will have to roll over on both if he hopes to get a deal with them.



nilukshatiana123, london

Indians will not give an Inch to Boris before they put their Head First for any POST BRET deal, they know that the UK is pleading around the world for deals!



Error404_no_deal, Winterhold, United Kingdom

The price? Free movement!

代价是什么?让印度人自 由出入!


Ward, Fleet, United Kingdom

I wonder how many visas they want in return? Everything comes at a price, nothing is for free!



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