The next China? India is missing its real comparative edge by not emphasizing low-skilled labour exports

下一个中国吗? 由于不重视低技能劳动力的出口,印度正失去真正的比较优势

By Andy Mukherjee

India’s Covid-19 economic gloom turned into despair this week, on news that its per capita gross domestic product may be lower for 2020 than in neighboring Bangladesh.


“Any emerging economy doing well is good news,” Kaushik Basu, a former World Bank chief economist, tweeted after the International Monetary Fund updated its World Economic Outlook. “But it's shocking that India, which had a lead of 25% five years ago, is now trailing.”




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Arunesh Choubey

GDP Per Capita of many countries like South Korea, Indonesia,Iraq, Algeria, Angola etc etc. is far better than India's. Doesn't mean India is not the 5th largest economy in the world. It still is and will surpass Germany by 2022-23



Looter Khangress
If India can learn from Bangladesh, there would be no issues. Peace, Peace Peace.



Kishore Thampy

It would be a catastrophic mistake for India to go the China route and anyway it ild mean the India will never catch up. The way to develop is to pour huge resources into agriculture to make India the food basket of the world. With more hectares of land under production than any other country in the world Indian farmers can become wealthy by feeding the world just as American farmers have done so. Let the other countries do the cheap factory work.






Pankaj Verma

Bangladesh has a much smaller than India and most low income group Bangladeshis enter to try to enter India Illegally or legally so it no wonder that the ones who remain will have a higher per capita GDP than India.



Shrinivasa Kamath

We should enlist best practices of different countries including our neighbors. Honest implementation can work wonders.



Manchester United

India should focus on being next Bangladesh. India can never become next China




Sridhar Raghunatha

China's system of Governance and our system are totally different and in a way ours cannot be to that fast for implementation due to heterogeneous political system. The gap in our economies is so big that it's a Herculean task for any Government to catch with China's. Added to this woe is slump due to Covid. This is a bad phase for all major economies of the world and so is for ours too.



Damodar Biswal

Indian economy is in doldrums so also the economy of many countries due to COVID.The China situation has added fuel to the fire.The planners n policy makers should admit the situation n create public awareness about steps taken to face the challenge.However,I am optimistic that our economy will beat the expectation of the opposition in 2022.




Only when you are full can you talk about ideals. Sweatshops can have food to eat, see how many children in India are malnourishe



Venkata Chavali

Don't compare India with Bangladesh. There are only 2 political parties, single religion, a single language, no need to spend much on Defense, Bangladesh implemented many reforms.



Deviprasad Nayak
Both India and Bangladesh are most backward countries in Asia due to colonial education system based on foreign language.India and bangladesh have per capita income about 1800$ which is more than 40,000 $ in developed countries where education is based on native languages




Punit Kumar

Gujarat Model.



Rajesh Dharia

stupid economist,money is not everything. can be earned at any time. if



Gopal Maheshwari

India can beat Japan (third largest economy ) not even Bangladesh but need to change economic targets.



Mahila Utthan
Narendra Modi is incompetent, now it's official.




Lets donate author's own state to Bangladesh.That will lift India's GDP per capita to a great extent.



Debasis De

No idea how Bangladesh is doing. But that we are not doing well is apparent.



Sangwansumit Sangwan

India have to improve its structural loopholes and some laws regarding supply chain.



Subbu India
Bangladesh is doing better than India!




Feku, aka Surrender Modi, has destroyed our economy. Vietnam and Bangladesh were much poorer than India before Feku came to office. But now, GDP per capita of Vietnam is twice than that of India. We cannot even compete with Laos in terms of GDP per capita. Ironically enough, if Feku continues his surrender strategy toward China, India will soon become part of China, not just the next China.


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