Naval MiG-29K fighters & P-8I aircraft deployed amid border tensions with

边境局势紧张之际,印度海军部署米格- 29k战机和P-8I巡逻机


NEW DELHI: Naval MiG-29K supersonic fighters and Poseidon-8I long-range patrol aircraft may primarily have a maritime role but they are also being used over land amid the ongoing military confrontation with in eastern Ladakh.

新德里:海军“米格- 29k”超音速战机和P- 8I(海神)远程巡逻机主要在海上使用,但在拉达克东部与的军事对峙持续之际,它们也被部署在陆地。

Sources said the US-origin P-8I aircraft, which are packed with radars and electro-optic sensors to hunt enemy warships and submarines, are being regularly deployed to keep track of movements and build-ups of the People’s Liberation Army along the Line of Actual Control. “Satellites and drones, of course, are also being used for surveillance,” said a source.


The Russian-origin MiG-29Ks, in turn, have replaced IAF fighters at an airbase in north-western India. IAF has forward deployed a lot of its fighters like Sukhoi-30MKIs, Mirage-2000s and MiG-29s as well as Apache attack and Chinook heavy-lift helicopters along the LAC, especially in eastern Ladakh.

俄罗斯产米格- 29ks取代了印度空军在西北部一空军基地的战机。印度空军已经在实控线沿线部署了大量战机,比如苏霍伊- 30MKI、幻影-2000和米格-29,以及阿帕奇攻击型直升机和切努克重型直升机,特别是在拉达克东部地区。

IAF has also positioned around 10 Jaguar maritime strike fighters, armed with anti-ship Harpoon missiles, at the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago, which dominates ’s critical sea trade lanes passing through the Malacca Strait, as was first reported by TOI on Tuesday.


Incidentally, India had deployed the P-8I aircraft, which are also armed with missiles and other weapons, to keep tabs on troops even during the 73-day troop face-off at Doklam near the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tib tri-junction in 2017.


Chief of defence staff General Bipin Rawat, who was then the Army chief, had earlier said he was surprised to find out about the naval aircraft’s robust reconnaissance capabilities during the Doklam crisis.


The Navy currently has eight P-8Is, acquired under a $2.1 billion deal of January 2009, while another four are slated for delivery next year under another $1.1 billion contract inked in July 2016.


The force, in turn, had procured 45 MiG-29Ks from Russia for $2 billion to operate from the 44,570-tonne aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya, which usually carries 18-20 of the fighters and some helicopters at a time.

印度空军已从俄罗斯购买了45架米格- 29k战斗机,总价20亿美元,用于部署在排水量44570吨的“维克拉玛蒂亚号”航母上执行任务。“维克拉玛蒂亚号”一次通常携带18-20架米格- 29k战机和一些直升机。

The Navy, of course, has also deployed several warships and submarines on the eastern seaboard to maintain high operational readiness. On Monday, in a strong strategic signal to , four frontline Indian warships had conducted a “cooperative exercise” with the US carrier strike group led by aircraft carrier USS Nimitz in the southern Bay of Bengal, as was reported by TOI.





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Time to take the head on with challenges & courage and not with a fickle weak heart as shown by the Congress in thier years of power. India is a New India.. Thanks to Modi



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It is the misfortune of India that we have Print and Digital media, which goes over board by giving sensitive information like this in public domain. Far from being clever or intelligent these so called contributers are only displaying utter stupidity. God save India.



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Why is this information out in the public domain? TOI should restrict this kind of information on public domain.




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Request Indian journalists to not publish these kind of sensitive news



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Thank you MMS for ordering 45 Mig 29K and INS Vikramaditya. 6 P-81 and Nuclear Submarines bought during your time has increased the capability of our Navy manifolds. I wish 118 rafeal were also ordered. Gaps in our defence would have been plugged totally.




Strong Posturing is very important when the opponent is a rogue bully..



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War is bad; but any compromise with is Worst.



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The is the most non trusted r ue country in the world which requires leaders like Modi who know how to make friends and how to kill enemies.



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lol...it's a propoganda news




Nobody thinks is going to pullback from Indian occupied territories by show of force with MiG-29 and P-81 aircraft deployments.



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And why is this information being made public?




no war just creating war hysteria to cover for the mismanagement of the economy



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everyone knows feku doesn't hav guts to fight with .. it's just show off for next election..



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Im categorically not buying a single product



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this coward feku govt everyday never fails to issue statements like 'we will not allow enemies to take even one inch of our land' and all. To cheat whom they issue these statements? To the people who voted and elected them, i believe. Thats why chamcha bhakts till support this coward and the worst pm of india ever has seen.



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Good. India need to keep full alert and also keep under fear the cunning covid !!



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Nice to see an assertive India in all fields. Something unheard of in Congress times. Modiji is the best thing that happened to India in these tumultous times .



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India should create more mountain division immediate and armed with sophisticated weapons and deploy them on himalyan region permanently with nuclear missiles



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PLA is a peasant army, the poor people join only to survive poverty and some money is given to their families. They are not the fighting type. air force has 3rd generation technology, so goes for navy. has quantity, but, no quality.


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