Amid row, India to get first batch of Rafales


NEW DELHI: India is set to get the first batch of four to six Rafale fighters, which armed with the Meteor air-to-air missiles and Scalp cruise missiles constitute a formidable weapon system. The batch is expected by the end of July.


India has asked France to speed up the delivery schedule of the 36 Rafales, under the Rs 59,000 crore deal inked in September 2016, amid the ongoing troop confrontation in eastern Ladakh with .



Sources said the first four to six Rafales flown by IAF pilots, who have been trained in France, are likely to touch down at the Ambala air base on July 27 after a stopover at the Al Dhafra air base near Abu Dhabi. The omni-role fighters are likely to undergo mid-air refueling through IL-78 tanker aircraft of IAF during their flight from UAE to India.


The deliveries of the Meteor missiles, which with a strike range of 120 to 150-km can outgun any missile unleashed by Pakistani or jets, and the over 300-km range Scalp air-to-ground cruise missiles have already begun, said sources.


As per the original delivery schedule, the first four Rafales were to reach Ambala by May this year, with all the 36 jets arriving by April 2022. Though the delivery of the first four Rafales got delayed a little by the Covid-19 pandemic, India has now asked France to compress the entire delivery schedule, given the heightened tensions with .


The Rafales will significantly add to the qualitative and quantitative edge the IAF already has over the People’s Liberation Army-Air Force (PLAAF) along the 3,488-km Line of Actual Control.


IAF has already inducted Sukhoi-30MKI, MiG-29 and Jaguar fighters into forward air bases along the LAC to deter from any misadventure, as was earlier reported by TOI.

《印度时报》早些时候曾报道,印度空军已经将苏霍伊- 30mki、米格-29和美洲虎战机部署到沿实控线的前沿空军基地,以震慑。

An IAF induction team of pilots, engineers and technicians has been undergoing training since last year in France,




Rambo Junior

That's a great news.

Finally it's coming to India. Deal was signed the the leadership of PM and getting delivered on time, if it was Congress you cannot expect delivery in another 10 years as they need their commission per aircraft.



Prasad Panigrahy

We are proud of you Mr. PM. Entire India is with you and our Army. Teach a lesson to . Entire World will follow India. The time is perfect.



Sajjad Nakhwa

instead of 128 we will get 36 and bhakts says its good.... ha ha ha ha



Gaana User




Vishal Sheth

Good but 36 is not much. Future of our air force should be comprising of only Rafales (medium weight) , Su-30s (heavyweight) , Tejas (lightweight) fighters. At least another 100 Rafales needed, that along with 270 Su-30s we already have will scare the balls out Pakis and .



Shankarnarayan Sarma

We are so happy that our present Government is strengthening the hands of our Armed Forces. Doubtlessly India is combat ready in all counts against land grabber .




10 years of UPA government has did nothing. Not a single major defance procurement. neither any road development in critical border area.




the nation already knows why Sonia Maino and Raul vinci wanted the deal to be cancelled or ateleast delay the delivery.




has no match for Rafale. It will be shot in the arm for IAF



Ajithlal Gangadharan

If feku govt had not cancelled the UPA contract 128 rafales would have reached india by now and through tranfer of technology we could have manufactured as many as we needed. Feku worked for thats why he scrapped the contract.




Excellent, this is going to be the game changer.



Rambo Junior

wow so many Pakistanis are pretending to be Indian and bashing Indian govt.



Prem Kumar

this government is doing great job as far as defence of the country concern



Vignesh India

Still a lot needs to be done. Rajnath Singh is a veteran so no worries!!




India is safe under MODIJI.



ashok gupta

Excellent news.

Now Rahul got a defense related news which he can pass on to .




vishal patel

Rajnath Singh put coconut under the wheel of Rafale 6 month back but still we have not received it.



Sticks n Stones

Rafale is good, but I like Su-30 MKI with Brahmos-A better.

阵风不错,但我更喜欢配备布拉莫斯导弹的苏- 30mki。


Truthfully Yours

Need at least 150 for two pronged wars


Vignesh India

Need atleast 300.



Alberto Rex

Great!! With Modi ji at helm of affairs we don't need to worry much. We should also thanks Government of France

太棒了! !有莫迪掌权,我们不用太担心。我们还要感谢法国政府


Harshal Mane

but indian army is not capable to fly that beast


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