Lockdown goes from 21 to 40 days, curbs may be conditionally eased in some non-hotspot areas from April 20


NEW DELHI: Sticking with his “saving lives comes first”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced extension of the countrywide lockdown ag inst the coronavir s pandemic until May 3, saying that the “stay-at-home” re gien will be enforced even more stringently at least until April 20.


Emphasising the continuing spread of the disease and that adherence to social distancing and lockdown alone can be the bulwark, the PM said tougher enforcement of the twin prescriptions could be extended beyond April 20 if intensive mon oring stretching down to “each block and and police station” showed violations or growth of infections.



With Tuesday’s decision, the period of the lockdown, which began on March 25, would extend to 40 days.


“We have to be very vigilant about hotspots and be alert about places which run the risk of becoming hotspots. The creation of new hotspots will nullify our hard work and discipline and create new challenges. Hence, we have to step up the alertness and strictness in the next week. Until April 20, every town, every police station, every district, every state will be evaluated on how much the lockdown is being followed. The extent to which a region has prected itself from the vir s will be evaluated. Those who clear this trial by fire and don't risk into becoming hotspots will be allowed to ensure certain necessary activities from April 20,” he said in his address to the nation.


However, the Prime Minister made it clear that the partial exemptions would be reversed “immediately” for non-compliance noticed by the authorities.


Keep in mind, this permission will be conditional, and the rules for going out will be very strict. Permission will be withdrawn immediately if lockdown rules are breached and there is a risk of spread of coronavir s. Hence, we don't just have to behave ourselves but ensure that others also follow the rules,” PM modi said.


"If looked at purely from the prism of economy, this has indeed been expensive for us. It has cost us a lot, but that pales before the value of lives of Indians and cannot be a deterrent," he said.


“Drawing comparisons with others in such situations is not . Yet, facts cannot be denied and it is true that as compared to many resourceful countries, India has been able to manage the situation well...," the PM said.


Modi praised people tor the fortitude with which they had endured inconvenience to “help India ward off, to a very substantial extent, the dge caused by coronavir s”.



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Rai Saheb

India has fallen into very difficult situation due to its extremely huge population. Many people are struggling for food and many do not have money to buy anything.



Zoya Khan

Modi lack clarity in his communication


The Horizon II

Don't expect more from a unpad zaheel fake degree jumlebaaz chaiw feku...



murthy krishna

Nothing to worry ...Whatever Modi does it is definitely good for the Nation and people of India .....He will never play po itics in the crisis ...He is God given gift to India .....




Lockdown is good but for how long without basic facilities for humans? I can understand for middle class and Upper class there is no problem as they order food online.But what about people with no internet, phone, no sanitation facilities, no PPE, what are we going to do.



K Mohan Hyderabad city

PM Modi has to manage economy and save lives of the people and he has chosen lives first



K Mohan Hyderabad city

With 40 days stay at home order, India would surely achieve the flattening of curve pan India before May 3rd



Sam O Sa

All countries have given out bail out package in billions for their citizens to overcome the crises. Our Feku has instead given us his bank account number to donate. Useless jokers had dest yed the economy even before the pandemic and now trying to use the situation to hide their failure. First 5 years Feku kept blaming Nehru and now next 5 years he will blame Corona vir s.



Jagdip Vaishnav

We fully support Lockdown but central gt/state gt are requested ,please ensure smooth supply of essential items [2]Please either provide food and shelter yo migrant laborers or else allow them to go to their native place



K Mohan Hyderabad city

Stay at home is the only mantra to drive away the COVID19 from India



K Mohan Hyderabad city

Saving lives first at the cost of economy has to be appreciated and that is why death rate is low



Neu Trans

Be careful. Congress and opposition are trying to instigate a certain section of the society.



Krishan Kumar Totlani

Apart from spread of CoronaVir s, Clearly PM Modi thought of countrymen's life 1st, which is most important under present circumstances. & Yes the economy will rebound but loved dead won't. JAAN HAI TO JAHAN HAI




Hard that in the name of lockdown, Indian police use to beat civilians if found on streets ? lol what a lawlessness and co ption. There are more death in US, there are lockdowns but no police won't touch civilian.



Parthasarathi DasGupta

When the lockdown was started the no of patient in India was 500. Now the no of patients are 11k. After 14 days of lockdown the no of patients should have been started to decrease as the incubation period is mamum 14 days.

That mean man to man transmission is happening during lockdown too.



Subhasis Mohapatra

Only naut ki. People should have given time, so that people would have been prepared. Only troubling public. No result.



Laxmanan Swamidoss Mohandos

PM.'s is a great disappointment for poor and jobless people.



HappyTimes User

We are with you..



sanjeeb kumar

If people followed the guidelines of go nment from begening, then lockdown was not needed in India




Congis & co oppose lockdown to let down governement which has done thus far excellent job.



Ayub Khan

Without massive increase in covid19 testing lockdown extention will only buy time but will not fight and reduce covid19. Nearly 50% cases are asympttic and will continue to spread covid19.



Jagdish Madan

The worst is still ahead of us and Modi is a worried PM doing his best to minimize the dge! Unless people cooperated and opposition behaved, India will soon be staring at a huge disaster!




Nroid Google

with limited resources we can't do better than this.



Maya Mahant

Hopefully the situation will improve and we can get back to our routine life



HappyTimes User

Guys this is for our safety our nation safety pls support modi ji



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