Coronavir s in Nagpur: 5 Covid-19 suspects escape from Mayo, all traced


NAGPUR: Police said that 3 men and 2 women coronavir s suspects who allegedly fled from Indira Gandhi Go nment Medical College and Hospital (Mayo) on Friday night have been traced.


Hospital sources said that all five were admitted to the isolation ward in the evening. They had come on their own after develo coronavir s-like symptoms.


Their samples were taken for testing and one of the men had turned negative. The reports of the other four will be available on Saturday.


One of the women is employed as a help in the house of the first man who tested positive and is in Mayo itself. And one of the men is the cook.


The two other men are colleagues of the first patient. The other woman had travelled to Italy. She was traced to a hel. The others were at their homes.


All told police that they were frustrated at the delay in knowing the status of their samples. All have been requested to return to hospital.


Police said that the five left the ward one after the other cming that they wanted to use the washroom and have tea.


The first patient's wife and colleague, who too tested positive, are in the isolation ward at the Go nment Medical College and Hospital. All three are recovering well.


Zonal DCP Rahul Maknikar, who was on night rounds on Friday, said, “Police have been put on high alert."




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De acy is useless



Godfather Senior • Mumbai • 3 hours ago

It is very risky to leave such persons in the society, just catch them and put in isolated jail wards while treating them !



paarth • 3 hours ago

I worry for India. Indians have poor discipline. Even Indians who go abroad and see how disciplined it is there, come back do these stupid things. We won't change unless we have a sy em like Singapore with heavy fines for everything.


Arya Sreejesh• 1 hour ago

modi is not dict-tor. he is the servant of India meant to serve us.. understood? we the public is owner..



Ruichum Luithui Shimray • 11 hours ago

Give their names and let public aware or handover to police less it wont work



Sudarshan • Indore • 3 hours ago

Why are people fleeing and esca? It is beyond comprehension. This way their chances of survival are even reme and they're endangering the lives of others also. Such lunatics should be jailed.



Manav• 1 hour ago

Maybe they escaped to try for gaumuthra and the cow dung to cure themselves



Abhay Chitnis • 3 hours ago

Put them into jail. Such idiots cannot stay outside.



Maya • Pune • 4 hours ago

Fear and lack of knowledge of the consequences make people do weird things.



Gv • Pune • 5 hours ago

put them in jail



nami• 3 hours ago

they need to shot for the safety of humanity



GV • 3 hours ago

You can't put them in jail because that will infect everyone in jail. But you can fine them heavily that will be enough deterent.



Krishna • 1 hour ago

what the hell is wrong with these people do they want to kill everybody..?? do they even understand the gravity of the situation ..???whu dont they understand they shoud get in order to live ...they r putting themselves and others lives in jeopardy..!!




Robie Shoby • 3 hours ago

The state of our go nment hospitals is just hopeless.That's the reason people are dodging the isolation/quarantine procedure.



Pradeep • Mumbai • 3 hours ago

Don't understand how such people ests in this world... What they think that they will do at their home from running away from hospital by endangering own life as well others....



Murugavel • 3 hours ago

No welfare schemes and services of the gt either central or state should be given to them henceforth. Stop basic amenities like water, ricity, housing, public transportation and employment to these ppl who are in a way te rorts.



Pvs M • 3 hours ago

It's funny they are kept in isolation ward and they will go out for tea.



Nitin Narayan • 35 mins ago

Shoot em in the head if they try to escape



Abhay Nair • 1 hour ago

What is wrong with these people? Why are they running away?



Hsf • 1 hour ago

Cancel their passport and defranchise them. It is a question of life and death. These people are playing with the life of other citizens.



Soumitra • 3 hours ago

Gt and police are taking all the neccessary measures to tackle the crisis. media is alert too. rest depends on the citizens and their sense of civic responsibilities.



Victor C Paul • 30 mins ago

All tested positive as well as those suspected of a chance to be positive are under the strict control of the Health offi als/ Gt. Anybody esca from this is going to be a health threat to innocent citizens and to be viewed and treated severely. There should not be any lacuna in this for the safety of general public.



Booby • Right Here • 38 mins ago

Either they are complete idiots or te rorts...which basically is the same



Sameer • Pune • 52 mins ago

can we blame the congress?



Karthik • 54 mins ago

Why this dumb ppl keep running away? Run where no one is going to treat u.. u will die eventually.. stupids




Sameer • Pune • 57 mins ago

Funny why did they run away? what were they trying to do?



Desi Daroo • 1 hour ago

It's time to announce emergency else people will escape quarantine n infect the whole country.


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