Vikram had hard landing, Nasa releases high-resolution images of Chandrayaan-2 landing site



US space agency Nasa on September 26 released high-resolution images of Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram's intended landing site but said it was unable to determine the exact location of Vikram.


"Vikram had a hard landing and the precise location of the spacecraft in the lunar highlands is yet to be determined," a Nasa statement read.


The pictures were taken by a Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) Quickmap fly-around of the targeted landing site.



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We•2 hours ago •Follow

who the hell nasa to explore about our project chandrayaan ...isro also did half work anyways isro should issue these images from their side before

谁让NASA去找我们的着陆器的… 这是Isro的任务


Fine Commentator•2 hours ago

hope ISRO succeed next time. all the best ISRO.



Ash D•2 hours ago

Eventually ISRO needed NASA''s help to figure out the answer behind the wastage of one thousand crore



Alpha Centauri•2 hours ago

Quite funny by NASA as if the world is unaware of the hard landing. Not only hard landing but the lander may have disintegrated into tiny pieces with the impact.



Sachin Fadnavis•Location•2 hours ago

Modi is a big MANHOOS for the whole country.



Godfather Senior•Mumbai•2 hours ago

But Chandrayan-2 orbiter clearly pictured it !!



Dr•2 hours ago

Mishape clearly shows that Isro doesn't properly practiced how to land a rover far from earth



Sachin Fadnavis•Location•2 hours ago

Modi was looking forward to ch publicity by his presence at the event. His ill luck spoilt the hard work of scientists.



Ritchie•NYC•2 hours ago

So finally NASA the daddy gave the images. Otherwise the joker media of India was fooling people with fake animations and ISRO! Lost all the respect for these jokers they said 95% and 98% ... just accept the failure and move on



Sachin Fadnavis•Location•2 hours ago

Soft landing was the main purpose of the whole mission. But unfortunately ISRO failed in achieving it and wasted 1000 Crores of taxpayers money. We have to admit that this mission was a big failure.


Satya Sahu• Sachin Fadnavis•Unknown•2 hours ago

Pagle, you can not suceed without failing in the first attempt. Other option to succeed is to copy.,Its a definitely great attempt.



Jai Sachidanandaguru•Unknown•2 hours ago

Chandrayaan 1 & 2 project were approved by PM Manmohan Singh during his tenure. Please start RTI and let the world know the facts.



Bhaskar•3 hours ago

It is very unfortunate and disappointing on part of ISRO to see that a foreign space agency had o say that Vikram did a hard landing on moon. The question is why ISRO could not show the courage to make an honest confession about this hard landing. Although everyone in this planet knew that the lander Vikram had made a hard landing on the moon ISRO has never accepted it or declared it publicly, they had always said that things did not go as expected and they are trying to establish communication with the lander.




Apurba Putatunda•Unknown•3 hours ago

No failure, no success.



Hindustani•3 hours ago

it was a great effort from ISRO, they have 98% success in the first attempt, we are proud of them. next time we are sure they will have 100% success.



Abhijit singh•3 hours ago

NASA couldn''t find vikram. Another fake mission by Feku.



Vijay Banga•new delhi•3 hours ago

India can send modules but cannot locate or even take pictures of crashed unit is pathetic.



Rajaali•3 hours ago

Shouldnt have named it vikram, who had repeated attempts to succeed. Anyhow we will succeed, for sure. Kudos Isro



Vishal•3 hours ago

Why ISRO looks for Nasa help when our orbiter has better quality high resolution camera than Nasa orbiter.


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