Chandrayaan-2: We got the image of Vikram lander, no communication yet, says Isro chief



BENGALURU: The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) that is still probing the exact reason behind Chandrayaan-2 lander (Vikram) crash landing on Moon now has the image of the four-legged probe from the exact location on the lunar surface.


"We've got the image of Vikram on the lunar surface from our orbiter. We are analysing the data," Isro chairman K Sivan told TOI.

ISRO主席K Sivan告诉印度时报:“我们从轨道飞行器上获取了维克拉姆号在月球表面的图像。我们正在分析这些数据。”


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WOW great news.....hoping for the best



Rohan•india•2 hours ago •Follow

Is ISRO making these statements under undue pressure from the Government ?



Ramesh•4 hours ago

black magic done by India's enemies



Ali BaBa•5 hours ago

I believe in our scientists .If the lander will crash but some spares which connects with signal will be there in it.if we get the communication with the signal of any each part then we will get proceed.



Ken•Uae•7 hours ago

Would have landed in the absence of Modi,the publicity hunter.,Next time pls, don''t turn up pls



Ken•Uae•7 hours ago

Would have landed in the absence of Modi the publicity hunter.,Pls, next time..... Don''t turn up pls,Your presence destroys everything...



Sony Dodani•8 hours ago

Orbiter will do the job of a decent sized telescope . Sad.



Sony Dodani•8 hours ago

Vikram has crash landed destroying all payloads the rover (Pragyan?) etc and now only Orbiter will send us photos of the lunar surface for 7 years.



janibasha shaik•10 hours ago

Thank god



Taimur Shaikh•13 hours ago

Good news from isro, sir, we all Indian with u and I hope, isro will try to be best for nation. I''m talking about isro not for BJP.because I''m believe in isro. So go nment can''t try to taking credit



Dr Rajkumar Ramasamy•14 hours ago

Still our spirit and support for the relentless ISRO team who have proven to the world that they are second to none. Being a developing country they are simply SUPERIOR. We feel elated and proud to think of ISRO. Pretty sure they will revive the LANDER VIKRAM.



Vignesh Varmen•16 hours ago

Hahahaha, the Lander is going to be in the moon, it''s not going to disappear anywhere, so getting the image is the Lander is not a great news, if it''s not crash then it''s the news and if we could get the communication then it''s a news



C A RANGARAJAN•16 hours ago

It will be 100% Success. Our scientists efforts will never go waste. We are very much hopeful that in a day or two we are going to get Good news.



Jagan Mohan Rao Rapolu•Kuwait City•17 hours ago

Efforts by our beloved Scientists don''t go waste, we are optimistic.



Sheikh Nasiruddin•17 hours ago

Our scientists are world class. We are proud of it.,They have enough confidence to analyse the data received from orbital. Hopefully they will bring good news shortly after analysing the data.



Reshmi Roy•17 hours ago

You have done a great job lets wait and see what happened actually we are patient no,Rush no need to prove that it landed or not



Anirban Das

still wish the best for Vikram and communication is set up at the earliest. expecting a good news in another couple of days.



Parambir Hanjra•Unknown•18 hours ago

The lander is lying upside down and is not communicating



Pb Bhatiya•19 hours ago

That''s a great news. We hope for the best.



RS Richard•20 hours ago

Good job guys



Haji•20 hours ago

Anyway Vikram has landed on the moon. Indian flag is also on the moon. Jai Hind.



Ramesh• Haji Mullah•4 hours ago

that's great



Anonymous•bangalore•2 hours ago

I will not consider the misson as falure ... no body has yet successful landed anything on the far side of moon yet and we came the closest till date with in fraction of the cost what other countries have done.


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