India to set up its own space station within 7 yrs: Isro chief



After populating space with satellites and sending probes to Moon and Mars, India will have an address in the skies. Isro chief K Sivan has said India will set up its own space station, within seven years.


Addressing reporters along with minister of state for department of space Jitendra Singh in New Delhi, he said the project would be an extension of Gaganyaan, India's first manned mission slated for early 2022. "We don't want to be part of the International Space Station (ISS), therefore we want to set up our own. Our station won't be very big. It will have a mass of 20 tonnes and be used for studies including microgravity tests. It will have provision for people to live for 15-20 days," Sivan said.



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Sanjoy Pandey • Kolkata • 10 hours ago

To have own space station will be a big achievement for India.


Rajesh Krishnan Kutty• 8 hours ago

Sir, there is no basic amenity called water and good air...



Ashok Kamath • Udupi • 8 hours ago

Pleasant news to read...India is slowly staking claim of Super Power..


Arun G• 4 hours ago

Looks like you dreaming, wake up and look around



Mudi Ji • Gujriot • 6 hours ago

Nowhere near superpower. Standard of living is still very poor.



Neville Jerome• 7 hours ago

Would have been a super power many decades back if Congress party was not there to loot.



Satish Nair• 9 hours ago

ISS is good but first develop some good satellite which helps in good remote sensing. It took more than 8 days to find a missing IAF aircraft.


Barbarian Indic• 6 hours ago

with resources from around the world nobody could find the MH flight. just shut up



Swetabh Kulchand • 8 hours ago

@Satish Nair Hey could you tell me how many days Whole World took in searching Malaysian Aircraft

@Satish Nair 嘿,你能告诉我,全世界花了多少天搜索马航失踪航班吗?


Manoharan Thangavelu• Tiruchchirappalli - India • 8 hours ago

All because of Modi the chief scientist



Rajesh Krishnan Kutty• 8 hours ago

can you do something for water....



Barbarian Indic• 6 hours ago

yes population control



Krishan Kumar Totlani• Jaipur • 6 hours ago

Glad to know India to have its own space station in the future & conduct separate missions to study the Sun & Venus,it said on Thursday, as the nation moves to bolster its status as a leader in space technologies & inspire the young minds to take an interest in scientific fields.



Lee wasim• 6 hours ago

it's is the great effort of India to showing his capabilities against world most developed countries and claimed towards worlds powerful country



William India• MANGALORE • 6 hours ago




Shilpy• onthescene • 8 hours ago

how amazing that isro can set up a space station in 7 years. but wouldn''t it be cheaper to rent the american one?



Deepak• Karnataka • 8 hours ago

Would you like to live forever in a rented house which is available easily or will build your own house which may take a few years!?



Dona • Location • 4 hours ago

Their People are fighting for basic need of life like water,and they talk of Jumla Mooon Walking.



Harsh • 8 hours ago

then at least provide jobs for unemployed people



pasricha• 8 hours ago

Thats really a great news, Now India is getting more and more independent and not looking at other big guys to act on such things, Cheers!!



FairHuman• 9 hours ago

Pakistan will be split into many smaller countries Immediately Absolutely



Pradeep • 5 hours ago

If the Chief of ISRO says so we have no reason to disbelieve him. ISRO''s progress has been spectacular.


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