PM Modi sets up two ministerial panels to spur growth, jobs



Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday set up two cabinet committees — one dealing with investment and growth and another on employment and skill development — signalling his intent to tackle the two critical challenges confronting the economy.





Girish • USA • 10 hours ago

This PM and his able team will be able to successfully address issues the country faces now, I am sure. If there is a will there is a way - this is the mantra this PM follows and we all appreciate it !!!



sam mm• Girish • 8 hours ago

Which issue was successfully adressed?? In fact none of his projects have been a success , u can count make in India , skill India in it , he has successfully hidden his failures and made u to vote again on zero work


MANISH MESWANI • sam mm • Mumbai • 4 hours ago

Are you from PAKISTAN


sam mm•MANISH MESWANI • 3 hours ago

I am from where I am u don''t need to worry



Don • 9 hours ago

All negative comments on modi

Atleast he is trying to change india

Support him instead of critizing him

Hes working hard dont you guys see

A honest And visionary Pm trying to make india better

Jush imagine if congress would have won rahul would not have become PM someone else would and all we would hear is co ption scams and bomb blasts

So please support our pm same way you guys supported by giving him majority








sam mm•DON • 8 hours ago

He has been trying since last 5 years with zero result



Vibhav Chavan • Pune • 6 hours ago

Good action. Thank god the focus is in right direction. Also hope they focus in our country strength area which is agriculture more than manufacturing.



Jagdish Madan•Jagdish Madan • Vancouver BC • 7 hours ago

Way to go. India again gets a serious go nment with Modi heading th right direction!



Indian• 700 • Jagdish Madan • 4 hours ago

young generation crying for job and livelyhood


Jayaraman Theeyarath•Indian • Bangalore • 3 hours ago

That is why vast majority of young and old alike voted Modi back to power with stronger majority, is n''t it?



Shaillu • Location • 6 hours ago

Bjp never care for ppl as evm give them votes

Bjp hijacked indian de acy




Sandip Saraf• 77 • Sandip • 8 hours ago

Instead of focussing on creating jobs govt should focus on saving present job



Tiger • 6 hours ago

at last govt. (NDA) recognizes that there is unemployment problem.



Manish Gupte•Manish Gupte • Pune, Maharashtra, India • 5 hours ago

What is the point of boosting consumption when foreign companies are taking away all our market?! We should do massive import substitution. We should not surrender our market to foreign companies.

外国公司抢占了我们的市场,刺激消费还有什么意义? 我们应该大力扶持本土生产,不应该把市场拱手让给外国公司。


Great • ------ • 8 hours ago

Take it granted, I bet even if these two go for anothet 5years, situation of unemployment and economical conditions will never change. They came in power by tampering EVM machines and these two illiterates will do nothing unless creating hatredness among people.



Vladimir • NYC • 5 hours ago

Millions of openings for chowkidaars are about to come. Kindly update your resume



Amar R•Kalmokta Banchanbali • 7 hours ago

The people obviously voted correctly. not yet a week and cabinet is busy working



N • Location • 4 hours ago

good step ; please pay attention to uncontrolled population , a negative factor spoiling any plans


Rajeshwar Dayal•N Renganathan • 2 hours ago

Very true. All efforts and progress comes to naught with population galloping. People talk of unemployment which is largely due to booming population and poor educational standards which can get better employment.



Waste Your Time Blogging • Hyderabad • 9 hours ago

Ab bas kar yaar Modi. You need a subject matter expert like Raghuram Rajan or Arvind Subramanyam to run your finance ministry and not Nirmala Sitaraman.. You want to do just Jugaad, centralize power and have no respect for the educated people nor inclination towards policy.


Waste Your Time Blogging • Mumbai • 5 hours ago

Go.....get some education first & then comment.


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