Why this Polish girl has written to PM Modi



PANAJI: An 11-year-old Polish girl, who was brought up in India and was studying in Goa until a few weeks ago, has requested the prime minister and the external affairs minister to allow her and her mother to return to India, a place that they “call home”.


In April, her mother Martushka Kotlarska had petitioned former external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj to reunite her with her daughter. She was denied entry at the Kempegowda international airport after being allegedly blacklisted for having overstayed her visa term. Martushka was permitted re-entry on humanitarian basis for a few days only, when she picked up her daughter.


Eleven-year-old Alicja Wanatko, in a hand-written letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has urged him to remove her and her mother’s name from the blacklist and allow her to her to return to her life in Goa. She stated that her friends, animals, school and happiness lie in the country.


“I love my school in Goa, the beautiful nature, and I am missing my volunteering in the animal rescue centre there where I was hel take care of cows. My mum could not re-enter India on March 24 after a short trip out, and we were told we were blacklisted due to our overstay. It just felt so unfair because it was not due to our fault,” she stated in her letter to the PM.


The mother and daughter are now in Cambodia.



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Aneesh Asokan• 1924 • Nriguy • 4 hours ago

Since there''s cow involved, there''s no benefit of doubt who will be the winner!



Nriguy • 7 hours ago

King of Jamnagar had given shelter to 1000 Polish children during WW II. They remain grateful to this day.



balaji mahesh Krishnan • India • 7 hours ago

Seriously would Poland have reciprocated with an Indian family in this manner. I am all being kind to the world, but it has to be fair. If Indians overstay in other countries we are the first to mock them. In India itself we can''t have double standards. Treat them as their country would have treated us.

波兰也会以这种方式对待印度人吗? 我们对这个世界很友善,但这个世界也必须是公平的啊。印度人在其他国家逗留太久,会被嘲笑的。在印度,我们不能树立双重标准。他们国家怎么对待印度人,我们就怎样对待他们。


Mayank Mehta • 7 hours ago

The appeal is heartwarming and MEA should work on background check and allow Mother-daughter back to Goa if there is no suspicious found



Jitesh• 1802Mayank Mehta • Dubai • 2 hours ago

Not at all, there are enough good people around the so should we allow all of them if they want to come and settle in India?



A • India • 7 hours ago

Give them visa. Polish people are friends of India.


Deshi• 930 • A • 6 hours ago

Idiot. My relative worked in USA. His boss was POLISH. HE WAS HIGHLY RACIST. He was abusive in behavior.



Jade • 7 hours ago

We have been giving loads of aadhar card to illegal Bangladeshis. Nothing harm in permitting polish people to stay in India.



Mohammed • Noida • 7 hours ago

All children are lovely and capture the affection of elders. There are millions of such children and mothers. Law has to take its own course and a prime minister cannot work under emotions.



Dreet • 7 hours ago

Poland is a very beautiful place and Safe for women too. Majority of women in UP Bengal and Bihar would love to go to Poland Portugal and Spain



Konfucius Ken • 9 hours ago

Wonder what Poland has to say about this. Overstaying a visa is an offence and sob stories are excuses. Yes people have personal likes but the world is not open and immigration is a chronic malady everywhere. Sob stories open up the flood gates of opportunistic immigration.



Mudi • Gujriot • 7 hours ago

Why does she want live in India when Poland is a much more developed country? She's not an Indian citizen, so she can't live here. Rules are rules, if people start getting citizenship based on sad letters then this country is done for.



Vasudevan Rao • 7 hours ago

We all must support this Polish girl. In West Bengal and Assam many Bangladeshis and some Pakistanis also live in India even after the expiry of visas and most of them came to India illegally. Considering this Peace loving (friend of India) Polish people and this Polish girl request be considered.



Barney • 8 hours ago

Come O)n People show some heart. Unless there is a cr9iminal recordf, we should allow these two to return to India. while Indians are rushing to go to the developed world, can we not have room for a mother and chilod to live in India?



Siv Sarkar • 7 hours ago

They should be allowed in the country on humanitarian ground.



Victor • New Delhi • 9 hours ago

I think india should do a proper background check on this family

remember, would polish people helped any Indian in similar circumstances? I doubt it, still I would say do a background check and if possible, only then help them. If she is blacklisted, it's for a reason. we are a country where many terrorists can find any loose end.




Kaloogandupakistanissuck • KalooGanduPakistan • 8 hours ago

Indians think Europe Americetc is beautiful and lime it too...but when visa expires they have to leave too. What makes you an exception?



DSR • 3 hours ago

We should welcome others to stay in India as long as the security is not compromised.



Konfucius Ken • 6 hours ago

She should apply for immigration or VISA extention under extant rules and procedures. We cannot open up flood gates of uncontrolled and unregulated immigration



Neerav • 7 hours ago

She has written that she took care of cows... This is enough for the BJP govt. to grant her permanent citizenship of India.



Ramesh Pai • 3 hours ago

Allow only after thorough security checks.



Prakasha Rao • 3 hours ago

India can allow anyone except Bangladeshis.



HSF • Australia • 4 hours ago

If, there are millions of illegal Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and Rohingyas in India, why not allow mother and daughter to live in India ? At least they won''t indulge in terrorism and street goondaism.



Santosh • 2 hours ago

our country should have to allow them. they love India



Vivek Saxena • New Delhi • 3 hours ago

She has written Cow, she will surely get it.



Abhee N • 6 hours ago

Why do u want to leave beautiful Poland and live in india?



Ratish Sharma • 5 hours ago

Give them long term Visa as special case. Ten years.



Ilias • USA • 6 hours ago

This is new. Usually Indians are knocking at the doors of developed countries.



Sanjoy Pandey • Kolkata • 7 hours ago

Let the Prime Minister and External affairs Minister decide on the issue.



Monica • New Delhi • 5 hours ago

What was PM MOdi''s response?


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