Difficult time to be a judge in the 'Cursed Judiciary of India'



A sizeable section of the population believes that the Supreme Court runs virtually everything in India, almost a parallel government apart from the elected one.


Judges of the SC should feel proud to be associated with a great institution. This feeling should be in spite of their meagre salaries compared to the astronomical sums charged by successful lawyers, thin bank balances and nominal assets. Personal wealth of lawyers pales before the judges’ contribution in providing succour to a troubled society and individuals.



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Rajdeep Tyagi• 2 hours ago

But who is responsible for this state of judiciary, corrupt politicians try to pollute all walks of life but situation worsens when Judges with political background continue to serve their political masters. The reputation of Supreme Court of India has gone to abysmal depth in last one year or so. Right from the reversal of CJI Dipak Misra''s order of daily hearing of Ayodhya Case, 18 times bail to P Chidambaram, Karnataka Government forming case, Rafale classified documents case, Rahul Gandhi''s false statement cases, people are smart enough to see the drift.

谁应该为印度司法现状负责呢?腐败的政客们污染各行各业,当有政治背景的法官继续为他们的政治主人服务时,情况就更糟了。在过去一年左右的时间里,印度最高法院的声誉已经跌到了谷底。从首席大法官 Dipak Misra颠倒每日听审Ayodhya案的顺序,P Chidambaram获得18次保释,卡纳塔克邦政府案,阵风机密文件案到拉胡尔甘地的虚假陈述案,人们已经看得很清楚了。


Rajeev Goel• 2 hours ago

Because these judges are not impartial and how can they be. They have an internal appointment system where the same gropy of judges appoint their successors based on their own preferances with no invetervention by any institution or government.,Most of these judges lack the wisdom and honesty expected out of national too court.,So it has to be cursed.



Sudhansu Sekhar Das• Unknown • 2 hours ago

Except false statement s what Rahul did for India till date ? Can any one explain why he is termed as a ministerial candidate ?



Tusharkanta Pradhan• 2 hours ago

Judges were not above board always, it was known in close circles, but now it is making news largely because it can not be contained in the age of 24X7 media and Social media. It spreads quickly before someone can contain it Only way for the judges is to go by the book.



Valerian Pereira• india • 2 hours ago

Let them to function professionally with Due respect.



Valerian Pereira• india • 2 hours ago

Once you appoint the professionals only on Merit



Valerian Pereira• india • 2 hours ago

Constitution is very clear.,Non interference with Judiciery



Pankaj Patel• 3 hours ago

it is due to judiciary itself. Corrupt and lingering cases for decades. Selling judgments for money. I have been fighting a case fpr2.5 decade worth 10 min hearing.



Vijay Naidu• Location • 3 hours ago

When the judge upholds his integrity all the times and delivers judgement based on the facts presented in the case and interpreting the laws to the best of his ability there is no need for him to worry about anything else.



Om Soni• 3 hours ago

Every time it’s Congress which openly denigrates and lower the dignity of courts..never saw BJP doing this



YE HAI MERA HINDUSTAN MERA• Doha • 3 hours ago

There.is.no place for an honest Indian in India.



YE HAI MERA HINDUSTAN MERA• Doha • 3 hours ago

Feku taklu. Have spread corruption to highest level including supreme court.,Bye bye modi hai hai modi,chaye chaye modi



Vishal Saxena•2 hours ago •Follow

SC is very prompt when Lawyers of Congress approach them, they are ready to hear even in midnight but same is not true when Lawyers are not from Congress


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