Make list of defaulters public, SC tells RBI



NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Friday held that the Reserve Bank of India is bound to disclose names of loan defaulters under the RTI Act and also asked it to make public inspection reports containing critical assessment of the functioning of banks and financial institutions while warning the banking regulator against future violations.


A bench of Justices L Nageswara Rao and M R Shah directed the RBI to withdraw its present disclosure policy under which this information is not disclosed to the public under the Right to Information Act. The court pulled up RBI for not complying with its 2015 order by which it was directed to reveal the information under the transparency law.

法官L Nageswara Rao和M R Shah曾指示印度央行撤销其现行的信息披露政策。根据《信息权法》,在该政策下,这些信息不向公众披露。2015年,最高法院要求印度央行披露相关信息,但印度央行未遵守这一命令。

Though the bench held that RBI committed contempt of court, it, however, did not pass any punitive order and let the regulator off with a warning that any further non-compliance of its order would be taken by it “seriously” and RBI would have to face contempt proceedings.



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Hersh Verma - 12 hours ago -Follow

Excellent action. All powerful Public Institutions must be answersable to the people who actually are thier employers. With power, money and status they forget they are peoples servents. Thanks SC for making them realize that they are public servents and not the masters. Salutes to SC and thank you.



Vinod Kumar - Delhi - 11 hours ago -Follow

I am surprised why defaulters name should not be made public. What is the logic behind this ??????



Arun Choudhary - 11 hours ago -Follow

Excellent. Order by subprime court ,,,must declared the name of defaulters ,,,,


rahul thedumbass - 12 hours ago -Follow

RBI babus are as corrupt as the rest of the babudom... no surprise here. Of course, blame this on Modi and BJP as well.



raji195020 - Secunderabad - 10 hours ago -Follow

Hon SC seems to be the only institution that''s not taking political orders these days n rest are parrots



Bob - 10 hours ago -Follow

Death penalty for defaulter with huge amounts. BJP LEADERS are culprits. BJP is to scare of the list.



Hridoy - 8 hours ago -Follow

For last six decades RBI was protecting the big loan defaulters with different excuses. Thanks to SC for their judgement forcing RBI to be transparent.



Rajan V Pillai - 7 hours ago -Follow

What is wrong in naming the defaulters even in ordinary course of Business. Even the names of Bank officials sanctioning those loans should be disclosed. Then public will know of kickbacks.



Bob - 10 hours ago -Follow

Modi conspiracy is behind, RBI, CBI, DOVEL � DEVIL, JUDICIARY, DRDO,..



Shinto James - Location - 12 hours ago -Follow


我们的财政部长在做什么?去卖炸丸子了吗? ? ?


Anil Kumar - Chandigarh - 7 hours ago -Follow

Very good judgement for bringing transparency . Thanks to SC



Bllog Suri - NA - 11 hours ago -Follow

Hide the looting from the public



Ashis - New Delhi - 8 hours ago -Follow

Why is RBI trying to protect the loan defaulters?

Afterall it was our money which was given to these fraud defaulters as loan, RBI hadn't paid them from their own pocket, so we have right to know about these fraud defaulters.

Why is RBI also shielding the malpractices of the banks?

We are highly grateful and thankful to hounrable Supreme Court for this great step taken.






Suresh - 8 hours ago -Follow

Why should the banking Watchdog is reluctant to make public the list of defaulters ? Is it just to cover up its own failure to act as a Watchdog?



raji195020 - Secunderabad - 10 hours ago -Follow

What''s RBI interest in hiding this information? Hiding under whose orders ? Why is modi govt trying to hide these from being published fully n not selectively?



nagarajanvanaja Raghuraman - 5 hours ago -Follow

Much needed order from SC. People have right. to know.



leladhar44 - Kuwait - 10 hours ago -Follow

RBI a Trusty and regulator of public money, must be transparent, There is no good reason to shield the DEFAULTERs, We have a right to know the truth



Mohan K - Hyderabad - 6 hours ago -Follow

Why the RBI is holding the list of big defaulters and it should release immediately so that we the depositors would know how far our hard savings are missused by the banks.



Phani Prasad - Hyderabad - 5 hours ago -Follow

What confidential information, RBI is not an army or some defence R&D institutions? Why RBI protecting the looters?



N - Location - 6 hours ago -Follow

it is enough if names are disclosed , not any sensitive information. R B I can not duck responsibility any more



Surajit - India - 5 hours ago -Follow

people have the right to know. Is RBI hand in glove with the erring financial institutions they they are so eager to protect them?



Elias Ponodath - Pune, Maharashtra - 4 hours ago -Follow

Why RBI is reluctant ? The defaulters should be lynched in public not the poor dalits


Rajesh - 12 hours ago -Follow

If they release the names then public will be abgry at them. Then all the defaulters will run away to UK and claim that they are a victim of public hatred.


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