Akanksha Singh, Might be like you.

Do you breathe in India?



Hitesh Mohan, B.Tech Electrical Engineering, NBKR Institute of Science and Technology, Vidyanagar (2014)

  • Do Indian girls eat food?
  • Do Indian girls drink water?
  • Do Indian girls breathe air?
  • Do Indian girls brush teeth?
  • Do Indian girls poop?
  • Do Indian girls pee?
  • Do Indian girls sleep?
  • Do Indian girls fart?
  • Are Indian girls humans?
  • 印度女孩得吃东西吗?
  • 印度孩得喝水吗?
  • 印度女孩得呼吸空气吗?
  • 印度女孩得刷牙吗?
  • 印度女孩得大便吗?
  • 印度女孩得尿尿吗?
  • 印度女孩得睡觉吗?
  • 印度女孩得放屁吗?
  • 人类是印度女孩?

If Yes is the answer to the above question then Yes, Indian girls do Masturbate.


It is quite natural for human beings to masturbate. According to a survey,99.99% males and 90% females masturbated at least once in their lifetime.




I'm not what you would call a conservative Indian girl (I am an Indian girl, not so much on the conservative side), but yes. Girls masturbate. Indian girls masturbate. And I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with how conservative you are. We have our desires, we need them to be satisfied. And sometimes you just end up doing it yourself.



Tanuj Paniphukan, Engineer at Food Corporation of India (2017-present)

No they don’t. In fact they don’t:





4.Breathe, or anything which a normal human being does.





For the matter of fact such a stupid question to ask in the first place.



Nupur Seth

Well indian girls are not human? Offcourse they are they also have physical desires and needs to b fulfilled by a men but if any girl who is not having partner in her life then too she get sexually on they needs to get physically satisfied ..so offcourse they masturbate.if indian girls are doing everything which any one other country's women do so whata the big deal in masturbation.



Jess Khurana, A huge celebrity on Instagram,with a whop 64k followers.

Yes. Both men and women in all countries masturbate.


In cultures where acceptance of sexuality (especially female sexuality) is low, they're less likely to talk about it, and may under-report it even on anonymous surveys, but it's nevertheless clear that the vast majority of Indian women and Indian men masturbate, just like women and men in all other countries.


Here's a survey on it.


India Today Sex Survey 2012


According to this survey, 62% of the asked women masturbate occasionally, and 18% masturbate frequently while 14% say they never masturbate.


It's likely, I guess, that women in India may be slightly less likely to masturbate than women in cultures where female sexuality is more widely accepted and less stigmatized, but it still seems clear that a solid majority do masturbate.



Mayank Kapoor, civil engineer

Do indian girls breathe?


when you ask such questions you’re being too naive.



Rhushida Kashalkar, Indian since birth.

Lol. I had a nice laugh reading this question. Someone is really curious about the opposite sex.


Yes they do. Not all, but many do. (As far as my experiences of talking about sex with girls has been). Sex is still a taboo topic here, so not all girls may masturbate, or even openly accept that they do.


As for masturbation, it’s a natural and a healthy activity. So there’s nothing wrong in doing it (not overdoing it) either




Obviously they do. They just won't admit it openly or some of them won't even know that what they are doing is masturbation. I have been masturbating since I was 13. It is zing and almost always better than actual sex. I am 27 now. And Indian.




We do not really feel the urge to masturbate .


Though yes , i do try to satisfy my desires and pleasure myself


At the end of the day , i'm a girl and a human , so there's nothing wrong in pleasuring myself!



cy Madhavan

Yes. I can't tell for all Indian girls. But lot of them to.. I do it, is not a daily activity, but couple of times a week is quite normal. And there are on and offs for anything. There are times we do more and times even we do less.



Akanshha Kumari

Masturbation is natural. And it is myth that Girls do not masturbate. According to a recent survey of Sexcare, about 75 % girls in India says that they masturbate. And it is too much to proof that Girls also masturbate.



Venu Darekar, Indian Hindutva Fa ist, Amateur Tactician, History Buff,

Yes they do.


You know that Indian girls are human too ?



Anjum Hashmi

When masturbating, you work the muscles in your pelvic area. It's like exercising — practice makes perfect. The more you use these muscles, the better they will work



Rhushida Kashalkar, Indian since birth.

Yes they do. They’re women. They have bodies. And we no longer live in the 10th century for sexuality to be frowned upon. Women have been fap (i.e. masturbating) even in Ancient India. So have men.


India didn’t exactly have the same social stigma associated with masturbation like the West did in medieval times. Ancient India was quite liberal when it came to sexuality.




Im a South indian woman , lived in Chennai and Bangalore earlier. I thought I was the only one who ever did it but turns out I wasn't! Most girls don't open up to their friends about that stuff . And I felt very confused about why, and never spoke to a friend (honestly) about masturbating until mid 20’s. But once I started talking about it with a few friends, it felt SO GREAT! It felt liberating . If you’re really hung up on being judged, consider this: the people whose oions matter masturbate, too. I used to lie and tell people I didn’t masturbate if the topic ever came up. But I was masturbating, and I realized that everyone else who says they don’t do it are probably lying too. I don’t know why it’s so taboo. What’s wrong with feeling good and why do we care?



Jay Desai, studies at Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education (2019)

Indian girls definitely masturbate a lot.


I know at least 4 of my female friends who do it whenever they get a Chance.


But one common crying by them is that they don't it very often because most of the times someone is present at home.


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