Foreign powers are trying to influence our polls, says PM Modi


NEW DELHI: “Foreign powers” are making an attempt to influence India's elections, but are doomed to fail, PM Modi said Monday. “I can see that there is an attempt by some in the world to influence our elections. They are not just giving their opinions but are trying to influence our polls. But they will not be successful,” he said.


Modi also asked for the strictest possible punishment under law for Prajwal Revanna, but also came down hard on Karnataka's Congress govt for not taking action against the JD(S) MP and letting him go for electoral considerations.


In his first response to allegations of horrific sexual abuses against Prajwal, Modi referred to the reported recovery of 2,976 videos featuring the MP and said, "These thousands of videos would not be from a single day, which implies that they were from the time when JD(S) was in alliance with Congress (in the state). These videos were gathered (then) and Congress released it during the ongoing polls only after a particular community had voted."





• 5 hours ago

Foreign powers have been pursuing their agenda ie toolkit 24 since long time. Unfortunately Indians or traitors from within are making the job of foreign powers easier. Govt needs to compile a list of these traitors and take strict action against them.




Vedhanta • San Francisco • 12 hours ago

They have entered Media, labour unions, NGOs, Human right groups, Socialites, education Institutes, Politics, film industry, religious places etc and Judiciary too, where they can influence maxmum people. They are like termites, doing their best to attack the history and culture of the country, disturb the social fabric by divide and rule principle by misguiding the Indians and destroying the economy.



• Vedhanta • 12 hours ago

They will oppose everything good being done by the Government of the day.,-Western countries too will not like Bharat to be powerful and prosperous, because weak India only can be exploited them. Hence Khalistan Movement is flourishing in these countries with state's protection and western media too is hostile to our sensitivities.,- It's the fundamental right and responsibility of Bharat to seek and destroy enemies within and abroad.




• 5 hours ago

Only Khalistani and Pakistani people are speaking negative about India as they want Modi to lose but this very fight will give him more attention and sympathy as he is fighting for India and Indians




User • USA • 7 hours ago

Pakistan and Khalistanis must be definitely trying to do it as anyone else would be softer government




• 10 hours ago

Yes - They have influenced the election commission chosen by you, influenced the godi media chosen by you, influenced ED/CBI chosen by you. And after all this you will still lose.




Kaliyug • 10 hours ago

no foreign influencing they should come in person and seen discrimination in Manipur how even police helped to put fire how all channels working on sided how govt staff are working under how no one in own party speaks against wrong going




• 11 hours ago

The reality is even if the foreign powers tried they would nor succeed as 1.4 billion people will write the own destiny and the voters will vote based on performance and trust and look at thee unfulfilled promises . So really Mr Modi , you and your party will be judged on your merits alone. If you have dine a good job you will win by a bigger margin if you win by a lower margin then you know you have dine a poor job and if you lose then you know that you have failed miserably at uniting the people of India by your divisive religious policies




• 11 hours ago

Modi is saying the bitter truth. We must stay united.




• 11 hours ago

Without any doubt that foreign interference is there, especially in the way it is visible through paid media writings. It appears many nations and agencies of Soros, Ford, BBC, etc, are not happy with rising India with vast educated and skilled young human powers to back it. They may be mistaken that rising Bharat means rising Hindus.




• 11 hours ago

Feku only influences are from the two A business house




• 11 hours ago

Modi is wright. Elections 24 toolkit was launched more than a year ago in the west,Pakistan and China, to get rid of Modi/ BJP and replace with their puppet/ agent Rahul Gandhi. These countries cannot digest a powerful and prosperous India under Modi.




Atul • Ind • 12 hours ago

Some political corrupt criminal background uneducated politicians are smart in luring people to have sympathy with them.




Guest • 12 hours ago

The foreign powers can try to influence Indian elections only with the help of Indians




• 12 hours ago

Whatever, voting doesn't happen on news website comment section. Results to be seen on 4th Jun




• 12 hours ago

Foreign powers and so called friends of india don't want us to progress !!




Satish Bhat • 12 hours ago

we know they are our beggar neighbors and western countries who cant reconcile with any Asian or African country standing on their own.




Vinit • 12 hours ago

Who are "some" people trying to "influence polls"? And, do Muslims need to learn from Modi to think about their children? He does not even have any child to "think about".




Jagdish Madan • Unknown • 13 hours ago

The west cannot digest a rising India and it suits Pakistan and China to have the CONgress back in saddle!




• 13 hours ago

War rukwa di paw paw fame, you can’t roko foreign powers trying to influence our polls?




Serf Peters

For the first time since independence Christian,Muslim and Hindu voters feel that Modi offers upliftment and progress for all groups. I say this asa non-Hindu.




Jay Boro16 hours ago

This guy is getting absolutely crazy and terrified of losing power.. what a scumbag of a person!




Bala Srinivasan

They might try all they want but they are also discovering a "CHANGED"INDIA which now is fully convinced of INDIA's destiny&progress





BJP will win at any cost. congress i have said it once and say it again your days are over. Leave india and go reside in italy. the gandhi family are a disgrace to india.




Simply Fact 14 hours ago

Vote for Modi to save the real India, Bharat.




Jose Varghese

I see similarities between Trump and Modiji blaming other when things does not go on their way.




Ashok Kumar

Lie Detector Machine Will Fail If it Will be Used To Examine How Much Truth Feku Speak.





joker is always telling lies, NRIs who have left India for good are only trying to support influence Modi from outside ,they are the ones who are biggest supporter especially gujarati




Manyam Raja Ram

Always coming with new stories rather than telling his achievements and future plans for developments.




Serf Peters

The Americans,Canadians and British should think a million times before bragging. Vote rigging and perversion of congress by lobbying groups, make elections in Bharat look utopian.


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