JCO among 9 soldiers dead in Ladakh road accident


SRINAGAR: A junior commissioned officer (JCO) and eight soldiers lost their lives while a colleague suffered grave injuries when their vehicle skidded off the road and plunged into a deep gorge near Kiari in southern Ladakh’s Nyoma region around 4.45pm on Saturday.


Officials said the military vehicle with 10 personnel was on its way to Nyoma from Leh. The driver lost control and the vehicle tumbled into a gorge with an estimated depth of 50 to 60 feet from the road.


They were part of a convoy carrying around 26 soldiers from a transit camp in Partapur to a forward location in Hanif, an official said.


A rescue operation was initiated promptly following the accident. Eight soldiers were found dead, and two others were injured. They were shifted to an Army medical facility, where one of the injured died. The other injured soldier is undergoing treatment and his condition is stated to be critical.


'Their rich service will always be remembered': PM Modi, others condole death of soldiers in Ladakh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi condoled the death of soldiers who died, saying their rich service to the nation will always be remembered.


The Prime Minister's Office, in a post on X (formerly Twitter), said: "Pained by the mishap near Leh in which we have lost personnel of the Indian Army. Their rich service to the nation will always be remembered. Condolences to the bereaved families. May those who are injured recover at the earliest: PM Narendra Modi."





Unfortunate case, RIP to our braves.



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RIP who lost lives for motherland, me & my family just visited week ago in eastern Ladakh, there are lots of factors when your vehicle getting out of control in hilly roads like less oxygen to brain & lungs due to improper accimilization,Our soldiers live one of the tough conditions on planet in this highlands



Bharat Gauchan

Salute to the brave hearts RIP you will always be remembered



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I wonder how some of our own countrymen comments so negatively ? They have no right to live in India.



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Our braveheart brothers…Laying down their lives every day…It is so very sad…May your find peace the heavens and may your families find strength to bear their loss. I am indeed saddened. The nation should elect only the leaders that take care of our jawans and not the corrupt bunch. You know what I mean.



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Shocking. RIP. May the Almighty grant patience to bereaved family members to bear this affliction.



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So sad. Govt must give strength to the bereaved families by giving equal support to families as of Martyred soldiers. The tragedy is worst than fighting with terrorists or enemies.




My Land , Your land , My Flag , Your Flag. Nations are nothing,but glorified forms of tribalism.Wonder when will humans realise this fundamental darkness . Reap as you sow .



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Army personnel dying in war front and/or on a mission fighting enemies, should be considered as martyrdom. All other deaths, including road or other accidental deaths should be investigated thoroughly to avoid recurrence. Anyway, RIP to the departed soldiers. JAI HIND.



Gyaneshwar Pathak

Rahul Gandhi is in ladakh near China border.



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Sunday started with extreme bad news RIP dear brothers



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while our MPs and MLAs get latest off roading vehicles / SUV's equipped with sophisticated technology and increased security features, our soldiers continue to die in freak accidents due to outdated vehicles not suitable for such mountainous terrain without minimal maintenance bereft of any security or technical features endangering the lives of our brave soldiers.



Satish Bakali

Now days all bad news inflation, death of solders, unemployment....



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India is a Democratic Republic Independent Country run on the constituted Constitution of India. Under such circumstances, the Highly Elected Authorities installing the SENGOL as a prominent symbol in the newly built Indian Parliament House is against Democracy. Hope the SENGOL is removed and the INDIAN CONSTITUTION is installed with great honour, to avert further Bad Things happening in the country. TRUTHS ARE THE SIMPLEST.

印度是一个独立的民 主共和国,以印度宪法为基础。在这种情况下,高度民选的当局在新建的印度议会大厦安装SENGOL作为显著标志是反对民  主的。希望SENGOL被移除,印度宪法被赋予极大的荣誉,以避免国家发生更多的坏事。真理是最简单的。


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God rest the brave souls. Condolences to the bereaved families



Ravi Sunder

Our condolences in their untimely departure to eternal abode. We will not forget their greate services to us. MAY THEIR SOUL REST IN PEACE



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Advanced army vehicles are as important as buying rafale planes. Like air bags in cars, the army vehicle should equipped with big parachute and huge airbag deployed from its tires or from underside of vehicle to minimize impact. It should run on batteries instead of fuel that may cause more hazard due to accidents.




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Very tragic that so many bravehearts lost their lives in a tragic road accident . condolences to families .national loss



Rao Rao

Army also needs to look into Road Worthiness of the Vehicles


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Usually, vehicles in Defence Services are very well maintained with regular upkeep and maintenance.



Sanjoy Pandey

Accidents are always very very unfortunate. More cautious driving is required on such roads.



sanjay s

We dont need a war to lose soldiers, our roads do the job!




What will happen in war if Soldiers dies like this only. Only God knows how they will protect the country when they can't even protect themselves. If you see number of soldiers died in away of battlefield will be much more than those who died in battlefield.


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