No concrete breakthrough in India-China military talks on resolving Ladakh confrontation


NEW DELHI: There was yet again no concrete breakthrough in resolving the festering troop face-offs at Depsang Plains and Demchok in eastern Ladakh despite the latest round of top-level military talks being held with China after a gap of almost four months.


China did not agree to restore patrolling rights of Indian soldiers at the strategically-located Depsang Plains, towards the crucial Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO) and Karakoram Pass in the north, and the Charding Ninglung Nallah (CNN) track junction near Demchok, sources told TOI.

消息人士告诉《印度时报》,中国不同意恢复印度士兵在具有战略意义的德普桑平原的巡逻权,这些地区包括北部重要的Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO)和喀喇昆仑山口,以及德姆乔克附近的Charding Ninglung Nallah交汇处。

Though there was no immediate headway in the 19th round of corps commander-level dialogue at the Chushul-Moldo border meeting point on Sunday-Monday, sources said the talks were “better than the previous few rounds” with “some amount of agreement to move ahead” in strengthening confidence-building measures and not further increasing force-levels along the 3,488-km Line of Actual Control (LAC).


This was also reflected in the two sides issuing a joint statement on Tuesday, unlike the separate ones after the 18th round on April 23. India and China “agreed to resolve the remaining issues in an expeditious manner and maintain the momentum of dialogue and negotiations through military and diplomatic channels”, the joint statement said.


“In the interim, the two sides agreed to maintain the peace and tranquillity on the ground in the border areas,” it said. The two sides had “a positive, constructive and in-depth discussion on the resolution of the remaining issues” along the LAC in the western sector. In line with “the guidance provided by the leadership, they exchanged views in an open and forward looking manner”, it added.


India has been pressing for troop disengagement at Depsang and Demchok as the essential first step towards the eventual de-escalation and de-induction of the over 50,000 soldiers each forward deployed by the two armies with heavy weapon systems along the frontier in eastern Ladakh for over three years now.




User alishetti

Look at China. China is making India to talk on its bidding negotiating India's land. It is aggressor and enemy no.1 of India. China occupied and holding India to China's bidding, many fronts on protecting Pak terrorists, blocking UN permanent membership and opposing all the Indian interests. India has to be assertive and stop bidding to China's wishes.  Get stronger economically, strategically. Ban Chinese imports. Create anti China sentiment vigorously in India.



Jhn Knws

These talks are useless exercise and a cover for China to increase its infrastructure along the border. We should concentrate on infra building on our side to counter the Chinese.



Rahul Barnwal

Extremely deploraable state of affair at the Eastern ladakh border with China. 1st they take way our positions & the status quo ante of 2020 is lost. And now instead of reverting to old position they have upped their posture further by bullying our armed forces in the Skikkim-Arunachal Pradesh frontier. All this sadly due to inability of the incumbent to be decisive - who 1st to no sully image said no status quo change at border and didn't allow the armed forced to timely act forthright



Sumit Sharma

Keep talking for another 100 years and cry and sit down if can't take your own land back.



Vijayalakshmi Balasubramanian

Offence is the best form of defence.India must match the chinese build up.Dragon will never come to any compromise. They have infiltated all the western industries and companies widening their spy network.India should be one step ahead of the chinese everywhere.They are the most untrustworthy.



Balachandran Nair

As expected, to expect to have good relationship with China and Pakistan is futile, all that we need to do is to have a working relationship so that the tension along the border is kept at minimum, I think that is what we are doing now



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Dog's tail never straightens up....India by counting on peace with China is wasting time....formulate Asian security deterrence with Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam , Philippines and Singapore....only way to answer China is to talk in their language...



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As domestic problems mount for Chinese day by day because of economic problems , to divert the attention, it would trouble all the neighboring countries one way or another. Our country also must be ready to face all types of disturbance from



Patriot Indian

Modi government is doing Trading with China in (Yuan) Chinese currency. I guess this will help China to go stronger and come back stronger on LAC. Modi is selling all government owned company and Airports to Adani & Ambani. Today India is under debt/loan of 155 lakh crores under Modi government, but Media dont provide or debate on all critical information.. 2024 no more Modi





Mohit Goyal

China will not retreat and will not give away strategic advantage it has got. Only way out is to impose restrictions on Chinese imports & hurt its economy hard.



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Capturing of POK is the only solution to counter China. Our power hungry and greedy politicians made our life miserable not thinking about future conflicts with neighbours. It was a good chance for the country to take back POK but every time we compromised. Now the next generation including us are burdened to spend hard earnings on defence of borders rather than improving lives of people.



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indian army knew PLA's salami slice tactics, then why indian army didn't thought about such issues before? could have understood if it had happened for first time in 1962..but there should be no excuse if it happened in 2020..why buffer zone created on indian patrolling side only and previous patrolling zone were allowed to be taken over by PLA? why similar salami slicing not done by india to counter china and forced them to come to mutual agreement? it's obvious that PLA will take away many mor ... Read More








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Indian armed forces are disciplined to the extent to take approval from higher ups for any action. Higher up means PMO means PM.



Yogesh Jain

56 Inchi in front of Pakistan and Opposition and 26 inchi in front of China, do you think China will Honor Requests...!!! Even after Galwan Valley clash Imports from China has increased...!!!



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Go on the border and stand for a few nights to show your 56" chest. Ty negative comments is easy.



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Joint statement itself is a significant breakthrough, though it is more of a feel factor, not concrete breakthrough. In the LAC standoff, China has lost its credibility as a power who can be trusted to adhere to an agreement. This loss of credibility is reflected in its economic downslide; and this downturn is likely to continue for the duration of standoff. The bit of lowering temperature that a joint statement brings, is perhaps seen as a tactical concession to cool it a bit by China to avoid ... Read More






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Chinese have always made a fool of us for the last 10 years since BJP is in power. Not just they have grabbed land but claimed certain parts of their country as theirs. Now did we do anything similar?




In 1962, BJP was not in power..



Yogesh Jain

But our #FakeuramChaupatiya Announced in the Parliamament that no land was lost to China during his time and during Galwang Valley clash. He lied to the whole nation, Why he shouldn't be prosecuted by the Privilege committee..!!! On top he keeps blaming CONgress for gifting land to China and the 70 years rant...



Anil Kumar

Bhakts think Modi has nothing to do with it, he is busy with endless Jumlas on other issues.



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When there are many people in India on Chinese payroll, how can any dispute be resolved.,The Government of India first needs to act against Chinese supporters and book them under treason.


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