What salary is considered rich in India per month?




Faizan Mithani

in India even a person with less salary package lives a good and lavish life coz the cost of living is less and tax on salary is low as compared to foreign countries


My one of the friend in America having a package of 80,000$ that means 66.4lakhs in Indian rupees is not living a rich life as out of 66.4 lakhs he pays 19.92lakh tax that lefts him on =46 lakhs out of that he pays 1.5 per month rent that equals to 18L a year as the cost of living is high that left him with =28lakhs less his P.F Pension,Provident funds 12 lakhs a year =16 lakh -less his three times food and travelling expenses 8lakh = 8 lakh though the lifestyle there is better than India but he expenses are quite high


A person making 18LPA can even look after the family of four people easily in India saves much more and is rich as the tax ,cost of living ,daily expenses are quite low as compared to other countries





Nikhil Kizhakkedath

A household income of above 30 LPA is generally considered rich in India as per many studies in this field.

There are roughly several categories of rich in India

30 LPA to 50 LPA will be generally called well -to-do or near-rich Indian household

50 LPA to 1 CrPA - will be moderately rich Indian household








Amar Bhamare

There are different opinions in terms of relative income. That simply means a person A earning ₹1000 compared to a person B earning ₹800 will be considered rich in terms of comparison. But what if the person A has monthly expense of nearly ₹1000 and is unable to save anyting at the end of the month. On the other hand, person B has monthly expense of only ₹500 and is able to save and invest from the rest of ₹300 will soon outgrow person A. So being relatively rich in this case would be useless.


And as you were asking, what salary is considered to be rich, the answer would rely on other circumstances. For example, in metro-cities, the amount would be around 60–70k per month for sustaining your family. And in tier-II cities that amount would be around 40–50K per month.

And talking about India as a whole, any amount above 80k per month would be considered rich that would provide you a good quality of lifestyle.

Thanks for reading!

正如你所问的,多少工资才算富呢,答案取决于其他情况。比如在大都市,维持家庭生计大约需要每月6-7万卢比。但在二线城市,这个数字可能只需要每月4 - 5万卢比了。






Jack Parker

In India, a monthly salary of around INR 1 lakh (100,000 Indian Rupees) or more is often considered to be relatively high and can be seen as an indicator of wealth. Keep in mind that this is a broad estimation, and perceptions of wealth can differ significantly based on factors such as the city or region, cost of living, and personal financial goals.

It's important to note that economic conditions and income standards can change over time.






Rakesh Patil

The concept of what is considered "rich" can vary greatly depending on the location, individual perspectives, and the overall economic conditions of a country. In India, a monthly salary of around INR 1 lakh (100,000 Indian Rupees) or more is often considered as an indicator of being relatively affluent or well-off.


It's important to note that India has a wide income disparity, and what might be considered rich in one region or city may not hold the same status in another. Additionally, the cost of living varies significantly across different areas of the country.

Keep in mind that economic conditions and perceptions of wealth can change over time, so the notion of being "rich" in India






Rohit Arora


What is a good salary in India?

The question is incomplete, my friend. We must also explore ‘for whom’ and ‘where’ to understand the meaning of ‘good salary’.



For one of my friends’ girlfriend, 1 lakh per month in Bangalore wasn’t good enough, for another friend’s wife, 60K is more than sufficient, alas, for him, it is not. He thinks 60K is peanuts. (That’s how it goes, I guess).

For a very close friend 25K in Mumbai was good enough (she worked for an NGO), for another acquaintance, 50K in Meerut (a small town in UP) was nothing. The guy got a government job and was already figuring out ways to make some Upar Ki Kamaai or extra money.


我有一个非常亲密的朋友在孟买,2.5万就已经很不错了(她在一家非政府组织工作),另一个熟人说在密鲁特(北方邦的一个小镇) 5万根本不够花。这家伙在政府部门工作,已经在想办法赚外快了。

For me personally, I’ve lived on a salary of more than 1 lakh per month in Bangalore and close to 25K per month in Ghaziabad (UP). And I found life to be much better in the latter case, because at that time I was living with my family in our home, was in a job that I loved and had a lot of other personal things absolutely sorted and in order.


When I was working in Bangalore as a Supply Chain Consultant, in the purchase unit of my client, there were many people who were making anywhere between 25–35K, and I am not talking about young people at the start of their career, I am talking about seasoned professionals with 10+ years of experience, and they were all living perfectly happy life, probably better than I was, even though I was a bachelor and had the whole of 1+ Lakhs for me while they were married people with kids. But almost all of them lived in their home with their family (including parents).


So, it’s a matter of personal preference and life style, I guess. Some people like to stay with family, some like to stay away. Some like to live in small towns and some metro cities. Some are content with a Realme phone and some find faults even in Apple. Don’t go by generic figures floating around in the market. See what your needs are, how many people depend on you for financial assistance and what your minimum expenditure is going to be. Calculate for yourself.





Paraskumar Shahu


How much income is considered good salary in India?

A good income is that which takes care of necessary living expenses and still gives good amount of saving every month. Ideally, considering average retirement age as 55 yrs, you should save around Rs. 30000 every month from your salary so that you and your spouse can live a comfortable life with dignity till death.



Now coming to expenses, in metro city like Pune, average expenses for a family of 3 are as following:

Rent - Rs 18000 - 20000 for 2 BHK Apartment

Grocery: Rs 8000

Dining out / Movies : Rs 3000

Maid: Rs 2000

Electricity + Internet + Mobile : Rs 2500

Car / Bike EMI + Fuel + Maintenance: Rs 6000

School Fee: Rs 100000 per year - - > Rs 8000 per Month

School bus : Rs 2000


房租: 2居公寓的租金约18000 - 20000卢比





汽车/自行车EMI +油钱+保养:6000卢比



So, summing up these mandatory expenses gives us around Rs 50000.

Then you invest money in life and health insurance which is also necessary and gives tax benifit under 80CCC. That comes around Rs. 15000 per month on average.

You go for vacation once in a year which could cost Rs 1 lakh per year or around Rs 10000 per month.




So, to live a comfortable life you need 50000 (Mandatory) + 15000 (Policy Premiums) + 10000 (Vacation) + 30000 (Saving). = Rs 105000 per month meaning around Rs 13 lakh per year after Tax is good salary in India.

If your CTC is around Rs 18 lakh per annum then it is really good salary.

所以想要过上舒适的生活,你需要50000(刚性消费)+ 15000(保单保费)+ 10000(度假)+ 30000(储蓄)=每月10.5万卢比,也就是说税后每年约130万卢比在印度就算是不错的薪水。





Arnav Arora

The definition of "rich" can vary widely depending on factors such as location, lifestyle, and personal priorities. In India, the concept of "rich" is also subjective and varies depending on the individual's circumstances and the city they live in.

According to a survey conducted by Economic Times in 2021, a monthly salary of Rs. 1 lakh or above is considered to be a rich salary in India. This translates to an annual salary of Rs. 12 lakhs or more. However, it's important to note that this is just a generalization and what is considered a "rich" salary can vary depending on various factors such as the cost of living in a particular city, lifestyle choices, and individual circumstances.



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