Since NATO wants to invade Russia, ethnically cleanse it and pillage its natural resources, will Russia seek a military alliance with China, India and Pakistan to prevent NATO's genocidal tendencies?



Will Morris

Related Can NATO withstand Russia’s military forces?

Yes, NATO can withstand Russia’s military forces. It depends upon situation and location, but NATO is strong enough to return any Russian army back to Russia.





Eva Visser


Did Russia leave NATO?

No, it didn’t.

You can’t leave something you were never a part of. Since Russia never was a NATO member, there was nothing for them to leave.






Hans Proebsting


Does Russia help NATO?


Russia is giving its neighbouring countries an incentive to apply to join NATO, thereby increasing its strength.






Jay Hawk

Writing your usual load of Ballocks agin. Your question is factually incorrect. Your brain is addled.

It should read, Since Russia wants to invade Ukraine, ethnically cleanse it and pillage its natural resources, will Russia seek a military alliance with China, India and Pakistan to stop its genocidal actions, I think that is wishful thinking. What advantage would there be to any of these countries to form an alliance with a raving nut-case such as Putin and lose the huge western markets. No chance.





Mike Webster


If NATO invaded Russia, could NATO Russian territory exst?

If NATO invaded Russia, the result would be WWIII and an almost certain nuclear exchange. NATO would have no conceivable reason to invade Russia anyway. What could any NATO country expect to gain by such a fool’s errand knowing that the cost would be the nuclear devastation of their own country?





Michael Murugan


Will Russia invade a NATO country?

No, I think Putin is acting irrationally but I also think he is not crazy and to invade a NATO country would invite a confrontation that would not serve him well. It is like a lion surrounded by hyenas. Yes, a lion can defeat a hyena 10 times out of 10 but a group of hyenas will and do kill solitary lions. Russia is no match for NATO.






Jerry Idakabor


How does NATO respond if Putin's Russia starts attacking military supplies on NATO soil?

NATO will respond instantly and take out the military installation from which Russia delivered the missiles. If those, are too close to nuclear power stations or civilians and or are from a Nuclear submarine/ship, since Russia’s attack were not a nuclear strike, NATO will likely chose to hit Russian targets deep inside Ukraine as a firm response and warning and there’s no side of the equation where that favors Russia.

Russia is struggling to hold ground in Ukraine. Hitting NATO country is the literal equivalent of biting more than you can chew.

Putin is not stupid.







A Weiskopf


Could NATO conquer Russia?

In a conventional war without nukes, the US alone could obliterate Russia’s military. But conquering a country is another thing, and I don’t think NATO would have the will to do that, because 1 it would likely be unnecessary 2 be more trouble than its worth and 3 take many years and would probably never end. I mean even Russia conquering Ukraine would be never ending because there would always be insurgencies





Madan G Singh

NATO has no intention to invade Russia because they know that an invasion of Russia will be a catastrophe. One must remember that Napoleon and Hitler tried to invade Russia and were defeated and NATO is not going to risk defeat anf destruction by invading Russia. The question of Russia joining India and Pakistan in a military alliance has no meaning as both countries are not global powers. They already have an alliance with China but it is also not a alliance in the strict sense as China has not joined Russia in the invasion of Ukraine.




Tomaž Vargazon


Does NATO really want to take over Russia?

No. This is a weird fantasy-world Russia created for their own benefit.



With the exception of Moscow and maybe five other urban centers, Russia is a poverty-ridden dump. Prospects of a Russian not born into wealth are nearly non-exstent, you’re born poor, you will live poor an you will die poor. Human capital is poor, infrastructure weak, institutions mainly work to enrich their employees, not provide essential services to the society.

No one wants to deal with a shitshow like that. Russia has natural resources yes, but they’re all in hard to reach areas deep inside the country and securing supply lines to there would be too expensive.






Russia keeps insisting NATO is after them for domestic political reasons. The Kremlin needs a foreign enemy to unite their own people against and claims NATO is after them. Iran uses the same strategy with Israel and USA, North Korea uses the USA and China has also been making strides in this direction lately. That’s all it is, propaganda for domestic purposes, gone overboard and starting to dictate the foreign policy in a losing war in Ukraine.




Ian McNicholls

Even if it were remotely true that NATO wants to invade Russia, (Remember NATO is not actually a country but a defense organisation), it would be interesting to see India in an alliance with Pakistan. Even India in alliance with China would be stretching credulity somewhat. China is distancing itself from Russian bombast and is warning Russia to tone it down. India has also warned Russia against escalation.

Both India and Pakistan abstained in the United Nations General Assembly Resolution ES-11/3 vote.

So to conclude, your notion of such an alliance falls squarely in the realms of Fantasy Land.






Gombo Tsydynzhapov


Why doesn't Russia form an alliance similar to NATO with powerful (militarily) countries like China and Pakistan?

Putin would *love* to form such an alliance, but what are China or Pakistan to gain from it? They do not have common military goals with Russia and Russia do not have any leverage on them to shepherd into it as former-USSR neighbors like Belorussia or Kazakhstan.





Julien Philippe

Well, in a short way, yes.

NATO outlived its goal (containing, then defeating the USSR), and became the formal representation of a neo-imperialist alliance of countries revolving around the USA, practicing military aggression of sovereign State in order to submit them to the Washington consensus and geopolitical Empire, and take both their markets and resources, even if that meant sponsoring massacres and ethnic-cleansing.

Most of the world, Russia included, has experienced first-hand the Western imperial and, at times, genocidal tendencies. Not that Russia isn’t an Empire itself, but its area of predation has always been regional, while the Western area of predation is global, as is its sense of self-entitlement to exert such predation.


北约把对手熬死了(遏制并击败了苏联),成为围绕美国的新帝国主义国家联盟的正式代表,北约对主权国家进行军事侵略,让他们服从华盛顿的意识形态和地缘政治帝国,并夺取他们的市场和资源,即使这意味着大屠 杀和种 族清洗也绝不手软。

世界上大多数国家,包括俄罗斯在内,都亲身经历过西方的帝国主义,甚至种 族灭绝的手段。俄罗斯本身也是个帝国,但它一直在地区内活动,而西方则在全球范围攻城掠地。

For a long time already. Russia is being excluded from the Western club. Thus, it progressively enters in an Asian club it now contributes to shape. And that club, once settled in a few decades on almost the whole Asian landmass, will represent the biggest demographic, territorial, economic, industrial, and commodoties production/consumption cartel of the whole planet.

The old Empire is sick, and on the verge of agony. A new one is forming. Russia will tip the balance toward the wng one. And the West rejected Russia. Hence, comes Asia.



And there’s no amount of Western whining, lecturing, and bullying which will change that. We had a shot at post-Cold-War greatness, forming a block including the whole Europe, including Russia, and the 5 eyes countries. From Yugoslavia to Ukraine, that opportunity has been wasted. And considering the endlessly expending amount of burned bridges between the West and Russia, its not coming back.

Such amount of Western greed, irresponsibly, and to sum it up, sheer stupidity, is absolutely unbelievable, and yet, it’s “the current thing” for decades already.




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