‘Sit with me’: 2 foreigners offloaded from Goa flight after harassing crew


PANAJI: Barely days after reports of flyers misbehaving mid-air emerged, yet another instance has come to light at the newly opened Manohar International Airport at Mopa in Goa. Two foreigners, both men, harassed the flight attendants on board a Goa-Mumbai flight.

The men, whose nationalities have not been revealed by the airline, allegedly misbehaved with two flight attendants on the Go First flight G8 372 on Friday evening, a day after the new airport commenced operations.

According to the complaint filed with the CISF, one of the foreigners asked a flight attendant to sit next to him. The two foreign nationals were offloaded and handed over to CISF personnel and the airline immediately informed the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

“There were a couple of foreigners on flight G8 372. From the time they boarded, they kicked off with lewd remarks and the intensity kept on increasing,” said an airline official.


该航空公司未透露这两名男子的国籍,称他们于周五晚上,也就是新机场开始运营的第二天,在Go First G8 372航班上骚扰两名空姐。


“G8 372航班上有几名外国人。从登机开始,他们就开始发表猥亵言论,而且越来越过分”一位航空公司职员表示。

The other flyers, who felt offended and uncomfortable, demanded that the men should be offloaded. “In the interest of safety, both the customers were offloaded,” said the airline. The passengers reportedly applauded when the two men were deplaned.

“During the briefing, the two customers used offensive language, abused the crew and continuously made fun. The crew politely informed the customer to not use such language. However, the customer continued doing so,” Go First said in a statement.

The harassment occurred while the flight attendants were conducting the safety briefing prior to take off. According to the airline officials and GMR Goa International Airports Limited (GGIAL) officials, no formal police complaint has been filed as yet. One official at Mopa said that the foreigners were Russian nationals, but TOI could not independently confirm this.









• 2 hours ago

Russians should be dealt with firm law… they dont have respect for law




• 2 hours ago

So you take no time to declare if crime was conmitted by Indians but you do not wanna reveal nationality of Foriegners?? Why is that?? Discrimination or you still worship foriegners and mistreat if passenger is Indian, Indian Airlines need some reality check here!




• David Garrow • 2 hours ago

David... report mentions Russians in the last sentence. FYI.




• 3 hours ago

dont give any lienency for these people ,they think they can get away with these acts in india as they think we respect them and not the law, let authorities deport them after serving sentence in our country




Time Pass • Bangalore • 3 hours ago

Swift action for misbehaving with crew but no action for peeing on a passenger. Waah bhai waah!




Balbir Singh Mehndiratta • Unknown • 4 hours ago

Effect of double inebriation - Vodka plus Goa !




• 4 hours ago

Airlines and railways should be strictly instructed to offload any misbehaving drunk or miscreants so that fellow passengers especially woman feel safe . Many a times these unruly passengers harass air hostess and crew by asking something repeatedly. Good action by passengers and crew.




• 5 hours ago

When it comes to their own crew a strict and immidiate action is taken whereas there was no case filed even that idiot urinated on a elderly passenger… shame!!! Hypocricy at its best…




• 5 hours ago

They are from UK




• 5 hours ago

Russian are close allies, they wanted friendly fire.




mmmm • 5 hours ago

What is stop the media to reveal the name and nationality of foreigners? This shows toiitself is a anti-indian and handled by foreign mediaMafias. Shame on Utoi. A Big shame.




• 5 hours ago

seems they wanted to do trial before landing on Goa!!!




User Halai Lohana • 5 hours ago

Why their names are not revealed as they're offenders as the Indian guy whose identity was revealed earlier this week.




• 5 hours ago

Put them into the jail and once their term will over deport from India and black list them forever




Proud Bhakt • India • 5 hours ago

Russians are our closest allies . If they are politely requesting Indian women & airhostess to sit with them & provide them company , they must oblige . Atithi devo bhava - It is our ancient culture . We must consider it an honor to please our Russian guests.




• 6 hours ago

put them in jail till d verdict come & pack them to their own country cancelling their visas & make permanent mark not to make journey to our nation in due course.




Vinod Kumar • 6 hours ago

Both the foreigners have been identified as Pakistani nationals, their name Zakir Andrew Naik and Asauddin Jackson Owaisi. Zakir is wanted in many cases like mine is big, my people are big, my god is big. My everthing is big And best.

这两名外国人是巴基斯坦人,分别叫Zakir Andrew Naik和Asauddin Jackson Owaisi。Zakir犯过不少事了,比如他最了不起,巴基斯坦人最了不起,我们的神也最了不起。我什么都是最了不起,最好的。



• 6 hours ago

Any mis behavior to the crew members or co passenger should not be tolerated ,such mis chief mongers should be of loaded ,and FIR registered against them ,let the journey be sweet and pleasant comfortable to other passengers.!!!




• 6 hours ago

why airport name manohar..why after cm..why not Rajiv ji name..




• Fatima Khan • 6 hours ago

Because Manohar ji's contribution was much much more than Rajiv's zero contribution. Can't you understand even this much?




jaideep • India • 6 hours ago

Maybe these Russian men thought Indian women will be as cheap & easy as Russian women .




• jaideep • 5 hours ago

Russian women would be expensive, I have seen an American YouTuber describing his beautiful Russian girlfriend, how expensive she is to maintain.




Inder • India • 6 hours ago

From the comments here you can infer that most Indians don't like to READ. They just read the headline and make up their own minds. The nationality is mentioned in the article , they are RUSSIAN nationals confirmed by the Mopa airport officials & yet many commenters are speculating on other nationalities based on their fantasies.




• 6 hours ago

Firm and professional handling by the crew members in this instance is highly appreciated. Misbehavour of any passenger regardless of one’s nationality must be dealt with promptly.




User • 6 hours ago

We don't need these super Ego nations from white land ... Deport immediately and ban for life ..




• 6 hours ago

The foreigners knows this country is a lawless country and they know the country were politicians are 80% criminals in parliament they have nothing to fear...





Chacko Mathew

Balancing act, need tourists but they cannot cross line of decency.




Bonny Moraes

During my days in airlines only the elite flew.



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