After a lovely start to our trip in Laos, exploring the city of Luang Prabang, seeing the gorgeous waterfalls and eating delicious local Lao foods - it’s time to head to the capital. We are so excited to be doing this trip on the brand-new Lao-China high-speed railway.


This train actually goes all the way from China, with future plans potentially even involving stations in Singapore. Today, we are simply taking it from Luang Prabang to Vientiane, the capital of Laos. With ticket sales being a bit more confusing than we are used to for this train, and only Chinese or Lao nationals being able to purchase the tickets, we were just happy to get our hands on some! The trip was gorgeous and SO much faster than the other option… taking a 10-hour bus!


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Zimu Li

I hope this new high-speed railway will bring more prosperity to Laos, and long live the friendship between China and Laos!




I think all the tunnels along the railroad is key to Laos problems. Travelling by road or ship goods across country takes so much time that its an adventure. The railroad cuts right through the mountains, so its going to be huge for Laos.



Vince I.

You are not alone saying that Laotian landscape looks like Switzerland . I hope to travel to Laos once again. Enjoy your trip!




we were looking forward to making this journey tomorrow but... a last minute change of plan has led to us staying in Laos for an extra month and do an epic road trip! We cannot wait!



Eugene C

The train is cool. The only regret is nothing much to see on the way apart from mountains. I salute you guys for being brave and adventurous enough to travel in a place you guys don't know much about.



Freddy Ho

As a Chinese, Im so happy to see this progressive relationship between China and Laos.



Louise L. Sger

OMG! That lodging is gorgeous! Great price. I love trains! I SO wish the states had more ALL OVER.



Teerawut Chuchuaysuwan

Lao is fast develop with the high speed train! hope they expand to whole country soon



Sarina Bond

Wow love the green scenery. The train looks awesome, cannot wait to hop on it next year in my visits to Lao




Vientiane is very close to Nongkhai province, north-eastern Thailand ,where the hi speed train will connect to Bangkok Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Enjoy traveling na kha



lim e

Wow! Fantastic train ride and a fantastic hotel you got there.  Welcome to Vientiane and soak in the lovely atmosphere there



jacq danieles

Laos was never on my list, but watching you & Paddy has changed that.




Nice trip with high speed train in Laos very fantastic vibe between the trip.Have a nice trip in the capital of Laos.



Stephen Gunn

Really appreciate the train info. We will be there in February. Was ho to avoid a connecting flight to Hanoi by taking the train to Vientiane. Hopefully ticket purchase requirements will be relaxed in the coming months.




Next time you must be trying Indonesia's Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Train in mid 2023



Steve Richards

Did this train from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang a couple of weeks back. It felt like the staff were ordering the passengers around like school kids.



Tamara Claire

I loved Laos when I went there in the 1990s, so great they have a train now.



Eye Of Venture

It looks like a very nice train. It just looks like everybody is very close to each other and the seats are not as large as I would like to think they would be.



Lucas Bettoni

Thank you for all the tips, great video! I will travel to Laos April, next year, and I was not sure about taking that train to Vientiane, I would like to go to Vang Vieng first, but a two hours trip seems so much better, I think I will change my plans.



Barbara M

That’s so weird, I was in Laos in June and I bought those tickets at the ticket office at the station. No problems at all. In fact in Luang Prabang there’s an official ticket office in the town.



land mark

The bright sunshine in Southeast Asia alone is worth the whole trip, have fun!



duper2021 IDN

Wouw, what a super-nice hotel in Vientiane. It's very cheap also, consider the space and facilities.



Cedric T.

Damn, Lao already has a high speed train while Vietnam still hasn't even had a proper modern metro line in HCM city



Travel Blog

Enjoy your time in Laos



Liu Leo

Why not travel all the way to Kunming, China by the train from Vientiane should it suit you somehow later on? Yunnam province is kind of the paradise for vloggers from all across China and beyond, just for your information.




Why so many people complaining that "160 km/h" is not High-Speed enough? The train is passing through challenging mountain terrain and tunnels, which cannot be compared with routes on flat terrain with 250+ km/h, due to safety reason.



Sye P.

at least there's not only me who don't understand the audio announcement in the waiting hall. Stay safe and have fun in Laos




They need a good online booking system .... and add more trains!



So Lucky Me

One day come to Indonesia and travelling to bandung, usually use car to bandung 3 or 4  hours, but with high speed railway 350 km/hours to bandung only 45 minuts. And this is high speed railway the first in southeast. Laos speed railway 160 km/ hours. And thailand speed railway 250 km/ hours. Thailand speed railway finish on 2027.and Indonesia high speed railway 350 km/ hours  open to public on July 2023


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