India objects to Modi remark over Saudi leader Mohammed bin Salman


NEW DELHI India on Thursday made its displeasure public about a remark by a US state department official referring to PM Narendra Modi while defending the immunity to Saudi leader Mohammed bin Salman, who is accused of ordering the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.


Asked about the immunity to the Saudi Crown Prince last week, US state department principal deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel had said this wasn’t the first time that the US had done this and that the same had been applied to a number of heads of state previously, including Modi.


“Frankly, I fail to understand how the comment on PM Modi was either relevant, necessary or contextual,” MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said. “Our two countries enjoy a very special relationship which is growing from strength to strength and we look forward to working with the US to further deepen it.”


Bagchi also said reports about the PM’s visit to the US in December were incorrect. “No proposal for a visit by the Prime Minister to the US in December has been made by our side,” he said.




Alok Asthana•Thane

But it is true that Modi was not allowed to enter the US because of his involvement in the Gujarat massacre.,What a shame!



Mriganka Prahladka

About time....i read thenews and i didn't like it....why make a special reference to anyone....it could have been left at the statement that many state heads have been given immunity....why name a specific person



Kiran Kumar

The Democrats are making it very clear about what they think about our Honorable PMji. But to some extent it was brought upon by Modi himself. First when journalist Kashoggi was beheaded in Paris by Saudis assassins on the behest of Bin Salman the whole world was condemning the Saudi Prince, India gave him a rousing welcome...! Our Govt could have waited some more time to invite him. Next the "Ab kay baar Trump sirkaar " by Modi in Houston. That was a huge political blunder on a foreign country ... Read More

民 主党人非常清楚地表明了他们对我们尊敬的总理的看法。但在某种程度上,这是莫迪自己招致的。首先,当记者卡舒吉在巴黎被本·萨勒曼授意的沙特刺客斩首时,整个世界都在谴责沙特王子,印度则热烈欢迎他!我们的政府可以再等一段时间再邀请他。下一个是莫迪在休斯顿举办的“abkay baar Trump sirkaar”活动,那是在外国犯下的一个重大政治错误……



need to loss more to US to get previous applause and accreditation. Nation and Indias are ready to pay any price for making modi king maker in the world.



Dilip P•Unknown

Though this Patel is right, it was totally unnecessary to make a reference to Modiji....,But the very fact that Modiji was mentioned goes to show that India occupies a very big mindshare in the US.



Subu Subramanian

No country should be allowed to drag the name of our PM Modi or country to unwanted controversies. US leaders are not our forefathers. Patel made a senseless comment.


Dilip P• Subu Subramanian•Unknown

Very true.,How to stop such people from making irresponsible statements?



Pradip Kumar Shome•Chennai

Let us declare this Patel unfriendly and place him in 'No Entry' list.



Monty shark

these are the people who will push their mothers into prostitution if you offer them a green card. History is the evidence such Indian origin scoundrels caused more damage than any invaders.




All Indians living in US should be called back if they wanted nationality of India. We should cut all our ties with US. Return all the loans and equipments by US, We should stop trading with US. Let's make India proud. India is self capable.



Basavaraju Sc•3 hours ago

Its laughable that the US still thinks they are the Policeman of the world.!!! Another 5 to 10 years they will be totally alienated from rest of the world.if they continue with same hangover of being a world's super power.



Jave Xyz

Did Patel say anything wrong??



Nitin Rathod

They shape the rules as per their comfort, now it's time for better reply,



Arjun S

This is what the so-called de ocrats are capable of. Not only are they unapologetic about the blunder. Now they seem to be even gloating over it. Pathetic

这就是所谓的民 主党人所能做的。他们不仅没有为自己的错误道歉。现在,他们似乎还在沾沾自喜。可悲!



I am concerned about HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION in usa.,There are randomly regular shoot out in US.

我很关心美国的人 权侵犯问题。在美国,枪击案随时都有可能发生。


Parichay Gupta

India will have to carry this baggage util and unless this rogue outfit is thrown out of power.

印度将不得不背负这个包袱,除非这个流 氓被赶下台。


Ab Muwahare•Unknown

Let's protest over this and must bring back all Indians from there in support of modi. I think not a single person will respond from there.




U.S State department can just shup up and mind their own business



Narendrababu Gowda•Pune,

Modi is one the greatest leader in world


Arvind Bhatty• Narendrababu Gowda•Pune

Ignorance is bliss. Lol



Shankara Rao T S•Canada

India is G20 president. US diplomatic channels must apologise for irrelevant comments



Shiv Shankar

Truth hurts



Abdul Vakil

Modi has sown seeds of hatred in India..he deserved this



Shankara Rao T S• Abdul Vakil•Canada

Sheer nonsense !



Sanjiv Sarnaik•Thane

Thanks to Patel, world can see proof of US double standards with respect to India and Modiji!



Ravi Sunder

Some of these so called Indian origin US patels think that their origination is in US and can abuse Indian Citizens including our PM MODI. Such people should be taken to task


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