Will break 35-year x, return to power in 2022 in Uttar Pradesh, says CM Yogi Adityanath



LUCKNOW: Confident of breaking the x in UP where no chief minister has been ved to power for a second consecutive term in the past over 35 years, Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday declared that he would be back as Uttar Pradesh chief minister in 2022.


“I will come back. I am here to break the record,” Yogi declared, while speaking at the Navbharat Navnirman Manch-Uttar Pradesh, organised by Times Now Navbharat.


“As per the current trend, BJP is not going to get less than 350 seats. The will fight the ion on the agenda of development and nationalism,” the CM said.


Reacting to Sjwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav’s statement that his would win 400 seats, the CM said: “Akhilesh doesn’t know counting. He must have been told by the survey team that SP is behind on 400 seats. However, he said the wrong thing. He knows who is coming to power.”


“UP has benefitted from BJP’s double-engine go nment at the Centre and in the state. Development over the last four-and-a-half years has been more than what was delivered by the Congress, SP and BSP go nments put together. In the coming ion, we should be able to talk about our works like public welfare schemes and employment,” he said.

他说:“北方邦受益于人民党在中央和邦的双引擎政府。过去四年半的发展已经超过了国大党、社会党和社会民 主党政府的总和。在即将到来的选举中,我们应该能够谈论我们的成绩,比如公共福利计划和就业。”

Yogi said ‘rashtra dharma’ was important and one should be dedicated to the country. “We have been successful because our schemes were for all and not aimed at benefiting a caste or community,” he added.




According to My Father Side Relatives UNCLE AUNT BJP govt is Far Far Better than SP or BSP . So No Doubt BJP Will Return to Power . They Say Everyone want BJP

据我父亲那边的亲戚说,人民党政府比社会党或社会民 主党好得多。所以毫无疑问,人民党会重新。他们说每个人都希望人民党。


Laxmi Rani Tipathy to Majhi

Will Never Forget How Yogijiended Deadly Vir s JAPANESE ENCEPHALITIS . At SP & BSP Rule , There was Frequent Communal Riots BJP Ended it . We don't want Mafiaraj of SP.. After BJP Came High Speed Development Started ..

永远不会忘记约吉是如何治愈致命病毒乙脑的。在社会党和社会民 主党的统治下,经常发生社群骚乱,人民党结束了骚乱。我们不想要黑手党…人民党上台后,高速发展开始了…



My Wife got Job in Railway For Modi , High speed Development started After Yogi Become CM . Got rid from frequent Communal Riot & Mafia raj . All people will Ve for BJP



Abdul and Sis la

Me abdul My Friend Farook & our 50 other Mus m Friends wants BJP . They Gave peace ,, development in UP



Kl Narayan

East or West yogi Ji is best




not sure why people are so anti-development. if somebody has done a good job, safron or no safron, he/she must continue.



sushma srivastava

time will tell dead buried on banks on Ganga are still waiting for justice



Yogeesh Pai

True nationalist spirit.Long live Yogiji.Bharat Mathaki Jai




I am just laughing so hard. All parties including BJP in UP are corrupt to core. It's more of choice who is lesser e l




Come to UP to know the fantastic work by YOGI. All criminals of UP now in jail or in haridwar ganga ghat. Rs4000 cr assets of mafia is seized



Nimi Shah

We Need Yogi in Every State. My Ve Goes for Yogi. Yogiji is the best CM of India.




self cmed victory when no et polls said so? haha gone mad or what Mr lobhi




unlike TN the people of UP are intelligent, sensible and less intocated. they had ved for BJP looking at what Modi did for India and shunned SP and BSP last time, but this time they will ve for BJP looking at what Yogi did for them on the last 4 years.

不像泰米尔纳德邦人,北方邦人聪明、理智。看看莫迪为印度做了什么,他们上次投票给了人民党,而避开了社会党和社会民 主党,这次他们还会投票给人民党,看看约吉在过去4年为他们做了什么。


Indian First

100%, I feel safe with CM Yogi Ji.



Dr Vidyadhar Yellutla

UP people first time experienced what is governance, they are not going to waste their ves on non performers like Akhilesh Yadav and Mayavathi.



Kevin Yo

Today he is no more than a cheerleader for Modi, encouraging prests in Maharashtra on new topics everyday.




yogi will be kick out from UP ...nobody forgots covid deaths ..bodies lying in gutters and rivers ..no antim sanskar...no medicines.no oxygens.no medical hospitals..poor management in whole UP during covid...whole world has seen the disastrous deaths of UP during covid ...INDIA ka naam kharab kardiya poori duniya main criminal cm ne....Up people should not ve to bjp again



Satendra Kumar

CM yogi ji . For the sake of Bharat, you will come back as CM and BJP will come back in Govt in next ion.



User R

Comparing all the other current leaders in UP Yogi is the best I feel. He has given good governance from at least what I have heard from my UP friends. He definitely deserves a second chance. But you never know how people ve, its all po itics. Personally, without any bias to any and based on the performance of the UP govt till now I would want Yogiji to become the CM again.




It shows again that Feku and this po itical monk represent the Indian version of Taliban.


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