BJP man’s wife gang-raped in Howrah; law will take its course, says TMC



HOWRAH: Two among five persons accused of ra the wife of a BJP supporter at Bainan village in Howrah’s Amta on Saturday were arrested on Sunday night. The 34-year-old woman, who is speech impaired, is being treated at Uluberia subdivisional hospital. The gang leaders — Qutubuddin Mullick and Debashis Rana — allegedly owe allegiance to the ruling Trinamool Congress.

豪拉:5人被控于周六在豪拉的Amta banan村强奸一名人民党支持者的妻子,其中两人于周日晚上被捕。这名34岁的女子患有语言障碍,目前正在乌鲁uberia地区医院接受治疗。据称,黑帮头目Qutubuddin Mullick和Debashis Rana效忠于执政的TMC党(基层国大党)。

State minister and Howrah district Trinamool president Arup Ray neither denied nor confirmed the gang rape allegation or the allegiance of the accused, but said the administration was looking into the incident. “Such an incident, if true, will be dealt with strongly. The law will take its own course and the guilty will not be spared. That said, the BJP has the habit of making baseless allegations. We hope it acts as strongly in states governed by it,” Ray said.

邦部长和豪拉县的TMC主席Arup Ray既没有否认也没有证实轮奸指控或被告对该党的忠诚,但表示政府正在调查这一事件。“这样的事件,如果是真的,将会得到严肃处理。法律自有其道,有罪者无法逍遥法外。但印度人民党惯于提出毫无根据的指控。”

The FIR says the attack happened when the woman — who lost her ability to speak three months ago following a cerebral stroke — was at home with her minor son and her husband was away in Kolkata. Mullick, alleged to be the Trinamool’s area president, and “TMC worker” Rana, along with three others, barged in when she answered a knock on the door around midnight.


The son woke up on Sunday morning to find her tied up near his father’s bike. He phoned his father who in turn informed the police. “Trinamool leaders Qutubuddin Mullick, his brother Joynal and Debashis Rana masterminded the attack on my wife while I was away from home,” the complainant said, adding that his family had been a target since the BJP got a lead at Bainan booth during the assembly polls. “It is a political vendetta. We are not safe.”

周日早上,儿子醒来发现她被绑在父亲的自行车旁。他给父亲打了电话,父亲通知了警察。他说:“Trinamool领导人Qutubuddin Mullick,他的兄弟Joynal和Debashis Rana在我不在家的时候策划了对我妻子的性侵”,并补充说,自从人民党在Bainan投票站领先以来,他的家人就一直是被袭击的目标。这是一场政治复仇。我们不安全。

Police confirmed the two arrests and said the accused had been remanded in their custody for six days. Cops have sought a medical report of the woman and will “record statements of persons acquainted with the case”.




President rule is only hope in WB



Chiranjiv Sharma

Had Mamta had an iota of shame, thhese rapes wudnt happen.

Shame on Mamta !!!


Shishir Dash

She is a shameless lady, but what about the other Bengali bhadraloks ? They love to live in fear and spread fear.





This is the TRUE and UGLY face of TMC. Some delusional and Modi-haters think Mamta is the future PM of India. Never in this Lifetime!



Shishir Dash

God save WB.




Bloody hell....What more instances we need to kick this begum out of power?? She has gone literally mad. The people of Bengal are to be blamed for getting her back to power. Spineless idiots




Anil Kumar

Most useless CM of India. Not a single quality possess to be a leader to represent the State. It appears, undue advantage of de ocracy is too high toll in India and is costing the nation.



Ashok Roy

West Bengal has always been politically active; but now politics has taken low roots, gang rape is no longer seen as a heinous crime.



Sanjay Biswas

TMC leader Mr Arup Ray it's my humble request to you to Save Mother and sister of WB. don't play foul game with the life of common people.

TMC党领袖Arup Ray先生,我谦卑地请求你拯救西孟加拉邦的母亲和姐妹们,不要玩弄平民的生命。


Deepak Pillai

BJP from now should not take the opposition lightly and should go for the kill wherever possible. These rogue oppositions should be given their own medicine and a language which they understand.



Santhosh Reddy

WB is turning out to be J &K, very sad



Rambhau Kumar

God forbid, Tomorrow if TMC female worker meets the same fate, will this West Bengal government say same thing??



Mohankumar Venkataramanappa

infact these rapists and goondas are getting emboldened by the silence of judiciary.

shame shame.......



Bianca vadera

is their sympathies with rape victims limited to BJP ruled States



Krishna Tiwary

True face of opposition - Rape , murder , loot, burn and than come to parliament , crying save de ocracy. Shame on Mamta and her thugs.




mamata has lost all credibility in Bengal.



Vishal Palkar

Need to impose president rule and remove these traitors from there




people of Bengal is deserve this



manas kumar

Not only TMC is at fault , but BJP is also responsible for being mute spectator. It has enough constitutional power and reason to implement President rule but not bothered at all


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