Common cold virus saved lives in India



NEW DELHI: One of the biggest mysteries of the Covid-19 infection in India relative to other countries like the US and UK has been the lower mortality recorded in India.


An explanation has been posited in a study carried out by scientists of National Institute of Immunology and AIIMS and published in Frontiers in Immunology, a top-rated medical journal.


The researchers found that 66% of blood and plasma samples collected in pre-Covid times from the individuals with no history of exposure to the coronavirus had high frequency of CD4+T cells that responded robustly to the non-spike domain of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.


More importantly, there were at least 21% samples of unexposed healthy donors that responded to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

更重要的是,至少有21%的未暴露的健康供体样本对SARS-CoV-2 spike蛋白有反应。

“The presence of T cells that are responsive to SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and non-spike protein in persons who have never been exposed to Covid could be because of exposure to other coronaviruses that cause the common cold,” explained Dr Ashok Sharma, associate professor, department of biochemistry, AIIMS.

“从未接触过冠状病毒的人体内存在对SARS-CoV-2spike蛋白和非spike蛋白有反应的T细胞,这可能是因为接触了导致普通感冒的其他冠状病毒,”全科医学生物化学副教授Ashok Sharma博士解释道。

According to Dr Nimesh Gupta, lead author of the study and head of the vaccine immunology division at NII, the cross-reactive T cells from coronaviruses that cause common cold may not protect from Covid infection, but by responding to the SARS-CoV-2 protein, they may limit the severity of the disease.

Nimesh Gupta博士是这项研究的第一作者,也是NII疫苗免疫学部门的负责人。他说,引起普通感冒的冠状病毒的交叉反应T细胞可能无法抵御新冠感染,但通过对SARS-CoV-2蛋白做出反应,或能限制疾病的严重程度。

The authors concluded in the study that the cross-reactive CD4+ T cells might not be implicated in solely terminating the viral infection, but they might limit the virus burden and reduce the course of symptomatic infection leading to lower incidence of severe disease.

作者在该研究中得出结论,交叉反应性CD4+ T细胞可能并不仅仅与终止病毒感染有关,但它们可能限制病毒活性,减少症状性感染的过程,从而降低重症的发生率。

Dr N K Mehra, emeritus scientist and former dean of AIIMS, said that the mortality rate of Covid in India is less than 1.5% when in countries such as the US, it is above 3%.

印度传染病研究所名誉科学家、前院长N K Mehra博士表示,印度的新冠肺炎死亡率低于1.5%,而美国等国家的死亡率高于3%。

“In Mexco, the Covid mortality rate is above 10%,” he added.


Mehra said previous exposure to coronaviruses that cause the common cold was certainly one of the reasons behind the lower mortality rate in India.


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Mahuya Chatterjee

Looks like Maharashtrians and Punjabis don't suffer from the common cold which is why the mortality rate is highest in these two states.



Rohit Panchal

another report to save the government from its real failures



Ramesh Sargam

Most of the Indians prefer home made foods than packed restaurant foods. Home made foods are prepared with care which improves immunity in one. Whereas the packed foods contains 'unwanted' stuff which create more problem to those eat it regularly and such foods have absolutely no immunity strength.



Vincent Rajkumar

We have been dealing with more viruses than all formats put together is one of the reasons, be it viruses in water, air, etc etc.




still there is no scope for any complacency . public must scrupulously follow medical norms .



Hari Kiran

Another reason is under counting. Did the study consider it



avijit hi

Due to the timely alertness of Modiji's Govt.



Baba Vickram

The Indian diet has a lot of tumeric and antioxdants from spices. Compare this to a Western diet devoid of this on a regular basis. This also is a factor.



Chalu Pande

it's art of hiding data.. when my father died there was another more than 10 people died in same hospital. but government was reporting only 5 death in entire city with population of 55 lakh. the real number was more than 100 death that day



Syed Shimar

Mystery: reduced testing which explains the antibodies in many people , Nd reduced reporting Of the death eg: covid patient death reported as death due to cardiac arrest or respiratory failure( which was due to Covid)



Me Ghnad

Lo Mortality . . . Is it directly proportional to under reporting ?!




Earlier they reported it was due to the way modi handled pandemic now they are saying it is due to T cells



Sujay Desai

Here is the mystery. COVID IS A HOAX.



Mike Sheth

Mortality rate may be low but any family hit with covid19'in India faced financial ruin in form of hospital bills, fake treatments!



Sujit Singh

Day to day eating habits which we inherited from our ancestor since ages is better than west.



Anonymous Delhite

This is all because of Modi Ji's policies. Scientists will find a way to explain everything but it is clear that Indians are saved by Modi ji.



Rajesh Srivastava

Some morons have not seen the completely wiped off sections of western cities. Don't laugh India has been very fortunate. Either our DNA or something else has saved us from those scenes. Experts on CNN last July claimed as much as 40-50 million deaths in India.


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